Well here we are again we’re going to do
an experiment illustrate the difference between linear growth an exponential growth we’re going to a
topping exercise it’s gonna be initiated by I mean a
means going to top Peter on Peters right shoulder and then he
will stand up then Peter will pass the top down the
role and we’ll see how long it takes for the tap the swing all the way
through the rows ending with ground arc out 321 grabs gonna time you’ll be the point now 3 21 goal how much time crap that great sit down everybody’s okay we’re going to
try it now differently to illustrate exponential
growth this time armies gun attack Peters now stop and
Wilson’s death thought behind that me and stand up and then when you get your
def pop-top you tap to desktops and stand up grass gonna time are you
ready 3 to why goal all along except alright now we’re going to do it again this time we’re going to initiate it
from the center so Sebastian you’re going to be the
person who leads of camera-ready 3 to one go route how law reset alright question for you what happened
in the first case in terms of people standing up what happened now the red the Raider people standing up
was costner it was about a half a second per person
standing up roughly now we’ve ended to tax so I’ll to for a 16 32 64 six generations that tapping at a half a
second that tap six times a half is 3 so we see the exponential growth the
fact and that’s what we see when there’s a
virus spreading you can see for example if Sebastian was in fact that this is a
crude my love a virus pass it on to the two neighbours and the
for neighbors and the eight neighbor sold some while for the spreading of a play an epidemic
and it’s also a model as we saw earlier for a chain reaction and vision
thanks all for participating top

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3 thoughts on “Student Simulation of Exponential Growth”

  1. Guys this is exactly how we humans are progressing, and soon either we have to stop growing or move into the space.

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