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7 thoughts on “Stock market rout deepens on virus worries; indexes lose 4%”

  1. Burn, Baby Burn! The sooner the better that Wall Street is totally obliterated and the oligarchs have their necks treated the way we enjoyed during the French Revolution!
    Viva La Revolution!
    Bernie 2020 & 2024!
    AOC 2028 & 2032!

  2. The markets are significantly over valued and have been for a few years (aka bubble), the markets where always going to 30%+ correct / crash, the coronavirus is simply the trigger. I am only surprised that this "expert" is surprised, get better experts.

  3. This is a start of downward trend , it is just beginning . Why? Becuase economy is going to be impacted by the spead of virus & valuation had been very expensive.

  4. The people are on the herions ya see this shit .. digital money. Second moon from China is a doomsday device.. no middle class .. no jobs .. ww3 .. Russia military drills on east coast .. tactical nukes …….. it goes on in detail we ain’t worried about corona the average standard flu killed more ! Wtf?????

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