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100 thoughts on “Steve Says: America first in the Middle East”

  1. Just hit them with robots from afar and protect our borders from them attacking on our homelands. Good time to practice with new weaponry

  2. The problem with this channel and the people that watch it exclusively is this:We just saw a clip of trump saying that getting into The Iraqis war was the worst thing we , The US , ever did..Well I'll bet you 90 percent of the people watching this channel now were 100 percent behind Bush when he invaded..idiots- most of them thought the Iraqis slaughter was Gawd's will-idiots!!Call it like it is the conservatives were flat out WRONG!

  3. Steve , when you say the British, be more specific ! Do you mean the Boris Johnson leadership, the Conservatives Party, the Labour Party or the British establishment. The British people are not feint of heart, scared or, even, worried about our precious supply of oil; most of us, in truth, want the same as you ! Think on !

  4. What a moron! Trump passes Syria to Russia, Iraq given to Iran, forces Iran to restart its nuclear program and has lost all European allies, the incompetence is breath taking. If Putin doesn’t have a pee pee tape it’s hard to know what more he could have given him anyway.

  5. Sign up Baron Trump and all the other kids of politicians to fight this stupid war and see how quickly their tones change.

  6. Steve Hilton has a point that should have more attention from Americans,
    the Left and ALL the world.
    America First is only the start. It is America first, not the last. Pay good and careful attention to this.
    Getting us out of war is more dangerous than staying where our troops are exposed to extreme harm by these enemies.
    Once we take control of what is ours in the Middle East the real trouble starts. Since President Trump has broken our
    need for only Middle East oil we can increase surcharges that would virtually keep them in their place. No wars.
    Seriously we do not need their oil as in the past. If they give our troops flak then the current administration has full rights
    to use whatever necessary to keep them at bay. President Trump obviously does not want war but naturally the Left will
    have criticism. This criticism comes from those who've done nothing but supplied our enemies more profits to eventually
    use against Americans. Don't forget before the 2016 election we undoubtfully were headed towards war. The Swamp has
    been cashing in on all these financial exchanges for decades. So here's what we have; The Left & those of the Middle East
    are desperate not to loose even one part of their cash cow. Taking America back is never going to be a simple piece of cake.
    It means owning the most unpopular position none of our previous presidents ever wanted to have over their heads. Today
    we have a president who cares more about America than his own financial position. Donald J. Trump has made his billions.
    Now he is turning his skills towards advancing America financially. The only skills we've been shown for oh so many decades
    is greed and more greed. Not one penny to produce a better skyline for our country. Taxes going up, lifestyles going down.
    When Leaders of the Left use their positions for self gain of course they will undermine all that is done to turn the negatives
    they've dumped on us to a more positive financial position for Americans. Financial gain for American working class was
    totally out of the equation. Now along came Trump. In his first 3 years he's unraveling plans of thirty years or more of what
    was in store for us. This fight taken on by one man and now most all of his administration is no small feat. There will
    undoubtedly be more and louder criticism along the way. President Trump is an arrow, sticking to his target and promises.
    The Left never expected such a force in one person when they mocked his entrance into the presidential race 2016. They
    planned on impeachment from the start only to find that was not going to be a certainty. Nor did they expect Americans to
    be astute as to their petty & embarrassing attempts to oust the man. Abraham Lincoln said it correct: " ….You can fool some
    of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time." (Look up his complete speech,)
    Big brother may be trying to watch us but we are watching back. Thank you Mr. President.

  7. Thank you so much Uncle Steve
    I lllllllllove the way you explain everything
    please keep taking your vitamins
    so you keep going

  8. It’s AMERICA FIRST concerning anything and everything. The rest of the world needs to learn to take care of themselves.

  9. America may have the most powerful military in the world at the time but when china starts ramping up their military production america cant keep up anymore

  10. Look at all the fear and negativity constantly spewing from the Democrats.
    Here's the reality, President Trump is taking action effectively.
    We don't need lectures from people that can't even serve their purpose in congress or from power in previous administrations.

  11. How many times does the Democrat chicken little have to scream that the sky is falling, without people just ignoring them.

  12. How come with the Dems it's not a costly war when American lives are being taken, but when something happens in which no American lives are at risk, all of a sudden it's costly? And since when do Dems have the right to complain since they happily usurp power and abuse their office, and exploit tax payer dollars for their endless wars, endless coup, and endless money laundering?

  13. Nancy Pelosi has brought a bill to the House for a vote making it illegal to be Donald Trump. "It is totally legal and constitutional" opined the House Speaker, during a rare moment of lucidity. "There isn't anything in the constitution giving anyone the right to be Donald Trump." She says that a majority of the House has already promised to back the bill. Chuck Schumer has already complained that the Senate has refused to vote for the bill. "Once again, the Senate Republicans blindly fall in behind the President, no matter how absurd his position is!" Supreme Court Justice Roberts declined to comment, claiming he couldn't keep a straight face long enough to finish the sentence.

  14. The more enemies you take out the sooner the war will be over. The DS will have to recruit new leaders and get caught in the meantime. Justice is coming.

  15. Thank you for such a clear summary of the idiocies of the left in USA. Similarly, we too have these loony left politicians in UK who seek to marginalise our country and worse of all from within our government n it institutions. They merely hand over our country to those who want to islamise out country. Wish Boris will be as strong n courageous to get our country back n most certainly out of the evil clutches of the EU.

  16. The democrats are useless worthless and pathetic they are corrupt and don’t care about America or her people or her soldiers Trump is willing to do what he must do to protect us and this great land trump 2020

  17. Ooo, yes am glad that was set straight because this things I hear they are trying to do to stop the president from doing it again is obstruction .

  18. The situation in Iraq, at least at the Embassy was settling down. It didn't call for this response and Stone is right again about the markets crashing.

    Would be interesting to find out who has been pulling out of certain stocks and who has been speculating on oil.

  19. First timer here, coherent, impassioned, logical! What can I say, but go, man go. Pelosi is my Congressperson, a total failure, after 50 years I fled SF for Norway. Whose team is she on? Theirs.

  20. Fox News trying to cut off are freedom of speech 🖕🏽cause they don’t like what people got to say can’t even comment on the latest video of 3 American killed they disabled the comment bunch of 🐱

  21. Oh yes the radical left .. they want people to come before corporations.
    To the Fox news the concept of people over corporations is socialism!
    How dumb do you think we are…..Steve?

  22. This is a bit misleading because the US is not really dependent on OPEC oil at all in fact only imports scout 15% from the region. It’s more about control. I can’t wait for nuclear fusion to become financially viable it will end the Middle East hold on global oils prices almost completely!

  23. Well, if you can't resolve conflict with "highly sofisticated professionals" for decades, it might need a one hillbilly to do it.

  24. Democrats are never satisfied, dam if you do dam if you dont, democrats are nothing but hypocrites, and think they know whats best for America democrats needs to be abolished for good.

  25. anything everyone on media says now in days is based on the bias they have with the other side nothing is true its all one sided or is said to benefit the side they are on I for one dont trust ether side they both have BS to say and only spew hate

  26. Pelosi even said she knew that weren't any wmd. In Iraq. Even the intelligence said so. But Pelosi said that wasn't a impeachable offense. Wow just wow

  27. This man has daddy issues. No father since he was five has made him desperate for a sense of strength, so he slithers to America and barks orders on another nations actions. Go home and give orders, you bald headed BRITISH knob.

  28. Perhaps, the world needs another world war, but the problem is liberals. They make us entirely vulnerable. They would be hurting morale, and perhaps doing much more than that to hurt us. They also wouldn't be the ones fighting, so afterwards they will have a insuperable majority.

  29. Remember there are things they are no cleared to know, so their knowledge is incomplete for the welfare of this Nation
    The greatest and freest in the history of the World. Their "knowledge may be true To Them, but in reality it is merely an opinion based on their knowledge they are allowed to know:however incomplete, but still incomplete. Remember, they know less than the President of the United States & logic knows it as does the intention of the Construction: from it's very Inception! All politicians are required to Know & Respect this, but their utter lunicy shown to the World is proof beyond the shadow of a doubt: They are what they are & Who they are and unfit for leadership or just intentionally Pure unmitigated Evil with not only destruction on their mind but Utter Desolation, and must be Isolated with their like, in every degree they find themselves within it!
    S A D …… BUT …..T R U E!

  30. All he is worried about is the cost of the airbase and pissing away Dollars in the Middle East, and I thought he was used to losing money!

  31. This is what no leadership sounds like in the democrats own mouths ! Do nothing party ! No courage just appeasement party

  32. Think your right about the middle east and our policies. Wrong about the real problem and solution. You seem to spin the truth in Trumps favor.. Educate yourselves on Social Democracy. That's what's gonna clean the swamp.

  33. Why wouldn’t Boris ban fracking? Let the yanks run the ball. Then if there proves to be no long term negative effects we can access the resource.

  34. Watch it. The dems will say President Trump is asking 4 a quid pro thing again 4 leaving. I can hear them now;;"" impeach 45""

  35. Trump is being belligerent in the middle East pushing Iran and others into the hands of China. Israel is all ready working with China on the one belt one road program for communist world domination. America's not in the middle East. America first means taking care of business at home and setting a good example for the world.

  36. THE Democrat party is in a mess. Everything Trump does they’re against, if he’s against something the Democrats are for it. They have no core of principles!

  37. If you've seen The Irishman, and know the story of Jimmy Hoffa, you could see it's possible Suleimani refused to retire when asked by Rouhani and Putin as necessary for a real peace deal with the USA. They couldn't assassinate him themselves like the mafia liquidated their erstwhile hero, Hoffa. Trump would have to do it if this is what happened. You see, no respectable great power can ever forgive someone who ordered the deaths of its soldiers by ambush in the past as a member of another country not fighting for his own country and after the real battles were over. That's a war crime. That's real terrorism.

    A peace agreement with Iran was probably just not possible with Soleimani still in uniform or even publicly hobknobbing and celebrated for his killings. It may be that we just saw the obstacle for peace removed. Maybe it was demanded by too many US military vets for Trump to be politically allowed to make a peace deal. Maybe a peace deal with Soleimani still there would have caused the US media to denounce the deal.

    Trump may be playing 4D chess again here.

  38. All these fu**ing dems are losing their piggy banks. Sure hope they will soon be hung for their treason! They are Americas worse enemies!

  39. "Democrats and their stooges in the ruling-class state media"? Just hearing this guy say this kind of nonsense in his bright, reasonable British voice is so weird and dissonant.

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