So, this is for you personal trainers
that want to be able to earn a six-figure, multiple six-figure or even a
seven-figure fitness busines. Because we just reviewed the responses of over
12,300 coaches and the answer was absolutely
overwhelming: confusion. The biggest question was what do I need to do to be
able to build my fitness business to earn more. And you could be feeling the
same right now and that’s why in this episode I’m going to show you exactly
how to pinpoint what you need to be able to do to build a business that you want If you’re like the other coaches then you’re
probably looking for more leads or you want more clients or you want to be able
to earn more or you want to be able to have more freedom or like most coaches you
probably actually want all four of those things as well. I’m going to show you
how to do that right now by actually using what we use inside the coaches
cartel called The Success Curve. And I get it, there’s a lot of PT
business coaches or gurus telling you what it is that you need to do it’s all
over social media and you’re probably sick and tired of seeing it because a
lot of people are saying well maybe you’ve got to be posting on Instagram
multiple times a day maybe you need to be running Facebook Ads maybe you need a
fancy sales funnel maybe you need to be doing the high-ticket coaching maybe you
need a website and the answer really is we don’t know what it is you need to do
until we know two things : 1. Where are you right now? How is your business
actually set up? What’s the situation that you’re in? and 2. Where is it that you actually want to go and that’s why we use this The Success Curve to figure that out. So when looking at the success curve on the left-hand side we’ve got, money. How much do you want to be earning and on the bottom what we’ve got is your time so let’s say you’re starting down here and obviously you want to be able to get up here. Now the thing is, it’s never a straight line. That never happens like that and what The Success Curve really is, is it’s going to take time for you to be able to get there. This is what your progress is
going to look like. And what we’ve done is we’re able to break this into three sections so let’s first actually talk about the
money because you might be between 0 to let’s say $6,000 a month. The next level is what is between 6000 and $25,000 a month and then the top level above that is 25,000 a month to you becoming a $1,000,000 coach. So now we’ve got the money segments broken down now we need to look at time where it is you actually are
along this path and there’s really three key sections that we need to look at. And
we’ve broken this down into three critical stages of you and your fitness business The first is, Ignition. We need to be able
to get everything started so we ignite the flame we get everything with you and
your business rocking and rolling and launch to start off with. The next is really important and this is where most coaches go wrong. and we call this Acceleration. And then finally the next steps beyond this is what most coaches are wanting is Domination. You want to be able to get to the stage where you are dominating where it is that you’re at and your business is earning the money
do you want, doing the work that you really love and it’s giving you the
freedom that you want as well. So now let’s go through the key projects that
you need to work on depending on which. stage you’re actually in. So let’s start
with the Ignition stage because there’s three key projects you need to start
with and the first one is the content start-up. This is where you’re going to be able to start attracting in the right type of people that you want as your clientele and really importantly getting you set up as the authority. So they see you as you go to coach and the person that they are actually going to
take interest in and not just all the other people that are really your
competitors. And then this the second key project project which is The Appointment Funnel. This is where so many coaches just don’t even have. The appointment funnel is all about having a very clear pipeline. Think about someone that doesn’t know you, and then coming on board is your client right now. What we need is the actual set of steps
the automation the process the system that is actually going to get people
from not knowing you to becoming your client. And we start with the appointment
funnel so that you have that system. And then thirdly the key project is what you
need to be able to get your clients really good results but we start off
with what’s called: The Hero Program. This is to make sure that you have an online
coaching program that does three things 1. It gets your clients the best
possible results. 2. It minimizes your time input so you’re not just stuck behind the computer 24/7 and you’re actually enjoying life but 3. It’s maximizing your profits as well. Now let’s look at The Acceleration Phase because this is
where so many coaches just can’t get past they’re wanting to break into
really this is now this six-figure range and we need three key projects in place
for this to be able to happen. And we start off with what we call The Snake. (The Snake) really simply is the process for us to be able to actually have paid traffic to get people that don’t know you to then coming into your sales pipeline now here’s the thing if you’re just posting on social media, whether it’s Linked In, whether it’s Instagram whether it’s
Facebook whether it’s YouTube, organically it’s really slow! And it’s
tough for you to be able to build a big audience. The faster that we can actually
effectively build an audience to get you to be seen as you go-to coach and then
into the sales pipeline the faster you’re going to grow your business and
this is where it’s not just trying to make it up this is where we have it down
to a science and we can use paid traffic to drive people to you and into your
sales pipeline with The Snake. Then the second system is what we call: The Pipeline Plug As let’s be perfectly honest, you can have a lot of people that maybe know who you are, that you’re a great coach, you do great things but they’re not signing on with you. And this is where we can have a pipeline but it’s
leaky you’re losing people along the pipeline and this is where we need to
plug those holes so when we do have people entering your pipeline
we’re being able to maximize the amount of sales you’re making so that we can
see that your income is building month to month and you’re not stressed about money. And then again we come to the third project in The Accelerator and
this is about you actually having a Signature System The Signature System is about you actually having a program that is able to scale beyond you being in a
time for money trap. As let’s be perfectly honest so many trainers, so many coaches are stuck in the time for money trap which is you not being able to build anything beyond your time and this is where we can create a signature
system your product your program you’re offering your service that is going to
be able to expand to so many more people so you’re not just being a one-to-one
trainer anymore. Now let’s talk about The Domination Stage. And this is where we
have to get really serious and this is where it becomes very different to the
other things that you’ve been able to do because this is talking about scale growth really expanding so you can have a business that is what I call
future-proof and who’s what it’s not going to be relying just on you so the
three projects that we need to be able to do is firstly a sales pipeline. We need to make sure that you’re consistently week-in week-out making more sales building your actual business having cash flow coming in which then goes into the second project that is Team and Systems At this stage is no longer you being a one-man band the whole time you need systems, you need a team, you need automations in place to make sure that you’re not trying to do
all the work and really you can step back because you’re now in this stage
you’re able to have a great income but you’re also really enjoying the work
that you’re doing at the same time. But now comes to the real key third project
and that is Multiple Revenue Streams This is really making sure that you
actually have income coming from multiple places and what’s really
important that I’ll actually add to this is that you build recurring income at
the end of the day recurring income means that you’re going to know month in month out then your income is actually growing it’s at least coming along and it’s giving you the money you want because the biggest problem most coaches have is that there’s stress financially on the month or month income. Maybe so many clients go on holidays, maybe they drop off and you need to get more
clients. No longer you’re going to have those problems. So to give you some
actual real-life examples of coaches just like you and how they’ve been able
to use The Success Curve as we’ve gotten started is let’s use Adam for example. So with Adam he started at the very beginning. He was starting right here at the bottom absolutely from scratch with his fitness and coaching business and
the thing is he was able to sell over $12,000 in just his first launch and then being able to sell out these high ticket programs because
he was able to be able to do three things and that is he had content that
was able to attract the right type of people the people that are actually
going and be willing to buy his programs he was able to have an appointment funnel so that he was able to actually have the ability to get people into the sales pipeline and then close them as new clients and then importantly he actually had his high ticket programs in place so he could deliver great results and then be able to scale it and continually sell it. And then you use
another example the other side of the pendulum we’ve got
Aaron that did over $137,000 just last month so now we’re talking that we’re in The Domination Stage. And he’s able to do it because three key things are in place, number one there’s a sales pipeline to be able to do that sort of income month in month out you need to make sure that people are coming in and they’re staying in and you’ve got a fresh flow of cash flow. Number two, there’s team and systems in place. You need to make sure that what is actually working is continually going to work the entire time and it’s not
just Aaron and it’s not just you trying to do all of that work by yourself. and then number three, there’s multiple revenue streams you have a recurring income so 137 thousand last month next month can be a hundred fifty thousand then it can be a hundred eighty thousand then you can continue to see it grow so
you can build the business is ultimately going to give you what you want. So there’s two key pivot points when it comes to using the success curve and
that is personally at the very start this is where you’ve got to make sure that you actually get started and you’re doing what it is that you need to be doing because let’s be perfectly honest there’s a hundred one things that you
could be doing to try and set up your business but if you try to do all of
them, well, it’s really not going to work you’re going to end up in frustration
but the second key point is actually at this chasm is between Ignition and Acceleration and this is what happens with most coaches firstly they might
give up because they might got to a little bit of a point but they don’t
know actually how to get them there the things that work in the ignition don’t
work in acceleration and this is where people usually give up and you see them
kind of like pitter-patter around and they’ll actually fall away there’s next
thing is you can kind of cruise along at this point you’ll see that this happens
and a lot of coaches get to an income point and they kind of just stay there
and they’re not going to that next level because that’s why the next key point is
actually leveling up and taking it all the way through but again that’s why you
need to know where it is that you are at where are you in this success code what projects do you need to be working on and this is how we diagnose what it is
that you need to be able to work on as well so what I’ll do is I’ll pop a link down below for you to be able to book in the easiest next and that’s a strategy session. So there’s three things that we need to do inside
of your strategy session number one is we need to figure out where is it that
you are. Are you starting from scratch? Have you
been in the fitness game for years? The second thing is where is it that you
actually want to go? What does success look like to you? how much money do you want to be earning? Where is it that you want to be working? What’s
the type of work that you want to be doing and then the third thing is we need to go what’s a straightest line to actually
get. you. there. What’s the business model that you need to be doing? Where is it
that the projects that you need to be able to work on from today to get you
moving fast. So booking your strategy session and then we’ll see you on the
other side. Now this is where I want to make sure that you get the most out of being here. I want to hear from you so if you’ve enjoyed this episode click like
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get all the episodes as well. So thank you so much for being here and joining
us I’m really looking forward to seeing you in the next episode you

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