I believe that a couple of smaller currencies, which we see today in the market, will spike heavily because of their network design. They will become the Bitcoins, Blockchains Ethereums of the future. This episode, we go on a journey into the world of ICOs and find out just what it takes to make an impact as a digital currency. This is spotlight Welcome to Istanbul – one of the many stops on Spotcoin’s global journey to attract investors and partners for their April 10 private sale and May 1 ICO. Turkey is very important to us. Turkey is the largest trade partner for Georgia, and as a Georgian company with a focus on the Black Sea region, it’s extremely important to find strategic partners here. The whirlwind tour has taken them across Asia, North America and Europe promoting financial transparency and agility – what Spotcoin believes in. We are a serious company. We do serious business. We have serious auditing. We have serious results, and this is big money. At the Istanbul blockchain venture summit, Andrew will take the stage again. But he’s only got a 5-minute slot to make an impact. Listen, on a 5-minute speech it’s not a lot of time. You want to get across energy, You, want to get across value So i’m going to be talking specifically about our dividend And the immediate value that it gives to investors. One of the big investors here is Stefan Hielmann from IEG, a bank that invests in game-changing technologies of the future. One of the biggest trends that we will be hybrid individuals between human and machines. So I think that’s probably going to be the biggest game-changer followed by Blockchain. I think Blockchain will change our way of interacting, communicating, doing business in the future. But Stefan says he’s sceptical about the current top 5 coins in the market. The Ethereums, the Bitcoins, what you call the proof of work models, i think have to find a solution to really reduce their energy spending and efficiency to process more transactions per second. By my personal view is that anything which has an underlying view of proof of stake, that’s probably going to be the future, so you said NEO, Stellar, that’s for me the future. Hearing from investors like this gives Andrew confidence it was the right choice to base the Spot token on NEO’s NEP5 platform – and build strong relationships with them on this road trip. And just like on earlier legs of the tour, Spotcoin had a big team here in Istanbul too. It’s always wonderful being around innovators – people on this journey, Approaching this very complex uncertain environment, but still, nonetheless pushing forward. There’s risks but the rewards are enormous. We are a young group of people, who are enthusiastic to learn more and to share our experiences in this sphere. After three weeks on the road together, what do Andrews colleagues think of him. First thing that comes to my mind about Andrew is charisma. But there’s one thing that’s challenging about working with Andrew. Andrew is a very busy person and sometimes it’s hard to get in touch with him. But maybe it’s not a weakness, it’s just life. Your colleagues say you are too busy. Oh that is 100 percent true. Man, running an ICO is near infinitely harder than I thought. It’s very difficult. I feel responsible for the people that have given a part of their life to be part of that. And I want to make sure I’ve done everything I can to be successful. It’s time to take the stage. Hi everyone, how are you guys doing? My name is Andrew Thornhill and in 2016 my 3 friends and I established Spotcoin. We believe in transparency, we’re paying a 51% dividend weekly for our exchange fees. We’re paying a 12% net profit quarterly. Andrew, how did you go? I think it went pretty well, yeah it was on target. I feel good about it. We’ll see. Alright, bye guys! After a successful event, the team grab some dinner with Spotcoin’s new potential partners. We are the first crypto cash-point in Turkey. It’s very difficult in a lot of countries to make cryptocurrency, to turn that into cash again. And I think that in one point, turning into liquidity, Spotcoin can help in many different countries. Especially in Turkey. After 3 solid weeks of travelling, the team finally gets to return home to Georgia. I think it has been very successful – everyone made their flights, every event was attended No one went missing, which is good. We met some very good contacts, very good partnerships. I’m very happy. It was the right decision. And we’re very well positioned for the next steps. In the next episode of Spotlight, we head to Amsterdam – for Europe’s biggest ever NEO event. From everyone at Spotlight by Spotcoin, thank you for watching.

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  1. Damn, awesome interview with Stefan Heilmann! Big name in the investment world and backs NEO from what it sounds https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefanheilmann/

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