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79 thoughts on “S&P, Nasdaq hit all-time highs”

  1. Yet 40% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck on less than a living wage. When is this windfall going to benefit them?

  2. The rug is about to be pulled out from under you. They are pumping it up to take it away. People don't play this GAME. Rich get richer.

  3. Economic crash is coming just a matter of time the bubble going to burst get money in bonds avoid stocks at all cost

  4. Notice the Keynesian geniuses won’t even mention the Fed manipulating rates down and printing more QE then even 2009. Once again it’s republican inflationary bubble vs. Democrat inflationary bubble.

  5. I'm confused. Medicare is usually for people 65 and older, right? When the liberals say MEDICARE FOR ALL PLAN, does it mean everyone 65 and older, or the whole country? If the democratics win, and medicare for all does take effect, does that mean Warren, Sanders, Binden and majority in capitol hill will be on the same plan or are they exempt?

  6. This is all Donald Trump's fault for our economy doing so well for unemployment being so low it's all his fault darn it LOL please lol

  7. Trump is doing everything he promised . Whatever the evil democrats haven't tried to derail ; they just hate progress because they won't have an excuse to draw from the government anymore.

  8. And then why are the Democrats hell bent in toppling Trump and his administration?. Can they improve on Trump's America. Looks like they need Trump's America to fund for their excesses and squadering policies.

  9. Everyone that didn’t buy a house between 2009 – 2014 is screwed. I predict house prices will increase to infinity and beyond unless the mortgage rates rise.

  10. Your money? He must be talking to millionaires and billionaires ONLY.
    Revenue is up 13.69% BUT, net income is DOWN 7.98%. Net profit margin is down 19%!!
    So yeah, billionaire are doing well! The rest of us…hmm, better tighten those belts lil' chick-a-dees!!
    What happens to these wonderful numbers when season employees are laid off again or yet another strike or huge layoff happens?

  11. With economy running high, how can u beat Trump? Its the economy STUPID. The dems do not have even ideas to debate ags.

  12. There are a lot country,s in Europe Where Medicare for All is normal and they can pay and do a lot other things as well. Where is your money leak that the US can,t pay this? Said and i am from 🇳🇱🍎🧀

  13. And the poisonous venom snakes on the left want to impeach the best president this country has ever had just one of the reasons I say that is how many times has the market broke records in the three almost years Trump has been our president🤷‍♀️

  14. …and this just in…CNN reports a recession is happening and impeachment on Trump is a guaranteed win…over to you Mel

  15. Hate to dash great news but the higher stock market goes the harder the FALL. Fake printed money equals future hard times collapse.

  16. Best President ever and the disaster Dems want to impeach over a friendly phone call??? I know who I will be voting for.

  17. IT' TRUMPS FAULT!!!           Oh wait, this is good news   THIS IS LEFTOVER FROM OBAMA. Just wait till next time the market corrects itself, the it will really be Trumps fault.

  18. I’ve been trading and investing in stocks since 2011 and I can proudly say I’ve made more money since Trump’s inauguration than I have made in the previous 5 years

  19. This is why Trump must be impeached!
    The Country has never seen an Economy like this.
    It must be due to Russian influence!
    And those Facebook ads!

  20. And still, according to the polls, 50% of Americans want Trump to be impeached, sad!
    So either polls are garbage or Americans are dumber and less informed than many think.
    Trump 2020

  21. MSNBC said today: pay attention to the manufacturing jobs and employment data today caution!
    I did…as I watched the sp500 go higher. Some there,and CNN on a whole,because they are holes,have been trashing the markets for months on end..funny.

  22. But the yield inversion says…
    Rates, especially in Europe, were higher last time. Cannot ever make decisions based on history,because a lot is different now vs then.

  23. The Fed lowered the rates again!!! Main reason: businesses going in debt and job losses increasing. When the Fed cuts, be aware!!! Oh, murky repo operations continuing in the quiet.

  24. Hear is a fair question for the people gullible enough to believe ANY of these leftists will follow through on their socialist plans. What happens when the rich flee the country? And they will flee the country. Who picks up the bill? Think about it.

  25. I was hoping we could impeach Trump and Warren could get Obama's all welfare economy back on track to fuwq the sh!t out of America.

  26. The SUN is out and the market is up.
    And no body wants the SUN. Humans WANT ONLY money and real estate's. As the humans wish and I SHALL MAKE THEM to repay USD $100,000,000,000,000,000 (quadrillion USD) times by their real estate business they used as false witness against HOLY SON OF GOD YAHWEH. And Lucifer makes them repay and from around the world. It ain't going easy humans!😡😠

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