Though better than the dogs used for dog fight gambling, the plight of the many dogs being raised and distributed for consumption is appalling. With no legal groundwork for restrictions regarding the trade, authorities have given up. Bae Yeong-jin reports. This is a makeshift kennel covered in plastic in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do province. Upon entering, we can see about 300 dogs locked in metal cages. This is an illegal dog farm that captures stray dogs, then breeds and sells them for meat. Starting from the entrance, there is a horrible stench and the floor is covered in feces and old trash. It is estimated that there are close to 20,000 dog farms across the country just like this one, but with most operating secretly it is impossible to get an accurate picture of the situation. Kim Hye-ran, Director of Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA)’s Animal Protection Education Center says, “Let’s say the dogs can live for at least 15 years, 5 to 6 of those years are spent being forcibly impregnated and giving birth.” An even larger issue is that these dogs that are raised in unhygienic environments are illegally being slaughtered, and then distributed for dog meat. Saying that there no laws governing the trade, local authorities are doing little to control the situation. Kim Hae-jin, Official of Sasang-gu Office of Busan states, “As there are no provisions that governs the trade of dogs for meat in the auction laws, we cannot provide a definitive answer to your question.” Despite being the animal closest to our lives, their treatment is left in a legal blind spot because they are not legally categorized as livestock. The enactment of pertinent laws and measures are desperately needed. This is Bae Yeong-jin with Joseon TV.

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4 thoughts on “South Korea – “Living Hell” Dog meat farm distributes dogs for consumption”

  1. A filthy, stinking, vile country inhabited by equally filthy, stinking vile masses. I hope ALL dog (and cat) killers, dog-meat eaters AND their families catch rabies or other diseases from eating contaminated meat, all suffer very, very, long, lingering, painful, agonizing deaths and then rot in hell. If diseases don't kill them then I hope Karma visits them and pays them back tenfold for their cruel, brutal treatment of these animals, inflicting as much torture, agony and pain onto them as possible in the belief that this meat will cure all their ailments. Unfortunately no amount of 'tortured meat' can fix stupidity and brainless cretins.

  2. cana they not eat some other form off food like grow vegetables eat fish they all seem to be breeding the poor dogs for food must be making money torturing- the dogs-

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