[Upbeat music playing] Hi everbody, so I wanted to do a quick review on our washer dryer combo that we got
and I absolutely love Okay, so, we have a watt meter
William is going to hook that up I’m going to do a wash and dry cycle We will see how much kilo watt hours it uses And then we are going to do a wash cycle
– see how much that uses and then a dry cycle
– see how much that uses Alright, let’s do some laundry! [Music] If you have tiny socks like this,
sometimes when I have smaller items it will come right here like under the door
and so it doesn’t get fully washed and dried so, that is one small downfall, but I have
a garment bag that has a zipper on it
and it’s been fine Alright guys, so this is the kilowatt meter
that we got so, as this thing runs, you can
see it’s set to zero right now As it runs, it’s going to measure exactly
how many watts this machine pulls out of it through one wash and dry cycle You can figure out if this is
something that is viable to have and use off of a battery system And then hit ‘start’
So, see you guys after this load is done Okay, back in the laundry room.
Washer just did its little jingle saying that it was done and it used
one point two eight kilo watts I don’t know a lot about that stuff,
but I’m told that that’s good!
Emmett and I will see you guys
again soon! Alright, so this is the second test
This washing machine, on just
the wash cycle used zero point one one kilowatt hours.
Zero point one one kilowatt hours
That’s actually really good
As far as a battery bank is concerned you could run a wash cycle over
and over and over again We’re going to run the dry cycle now
and let that go and we’ll bring you back when we’re ready Okay so the dryer ran its cycle
and we came up with the conclusion for the dryer cycle by itself
which is actually more than both cycles put together
I don’t know if that That may just have something to do with the
type of clothes that were used in this dry cycle Like, maybe there were more towels in this
one than there were in the last one Which are a little more difficult to dry But this dry cycle was one point three nine
kilowatt hours only by itself, no wash cycle So, that’s still, I mean, much much better
than a conventional dryer which uses like four or five kilowatt hours per dry cycle But at the same time, you’re drying
K – This is also ventless
It’s ventless and, how much of a load?
Right, this is our old dryer It’s about half the capacity of that and
it uses about a fourth? a fifth? Two ninths – it uses about two ninths of the
electricity that this thing does Overall I’m really happy with this washer
dryer combo I’m glad that I have gotten used to it now
so that when get in the bus it will be a breeze And with these numbers that we are providing you
We will probably do a couple more loads and post those numbers in the description
so check that out and just so you can get more of an idea of an average of how much
electricity this thing uses per, I think it’s
two cubic feet (yes) and a normal washer
dryer is four cubic feet So you can get an idea of how much power
that’s going to use In my opinion, you’ll probably want to use
the washing cycle if you’re going off-grid Use the washing cycle and then just save
the drying cycle for when you can plug in to a power source or run a generator or
something like that, but the washing cycle is only point one kilowatt hours, that’s
so that’s one hundred watt hours which is barely any drain
I mean, that’s like running a lightbulb for an hour So, you can definitely run the washing machine
off-grid, even if you have a small battery bank You can possibly run the dryer off-grid if
you’re only running it once a day and you’re only doing the load of laundry
like your load of clothes that you wore for the day for a small family, you could
probably wash that and dry that whole thing once a day and generate enough power on
an off-grid system – a modern off-grid system battery bank system. And it’s good because you don’t have to take
the wash, the clothes, out in-between cycles and start the dryer. You just press the button –
you throw your stuff in there, you put the soap in press the button, and then it washes, and
then dries the clothes one after the other which I already showed them that It’s awesome…
I really like that… I think that’s smart… Alright, there you go
Go ahead and fold some laundry Fold za yandry
Yanry Mommy
Uh, fold ya yan-ye
Yan-yee – yan yan yanye I’m going to show you how I do my loads In here is where you put your soap, fabric
softener, and like a pre-wash detergent I don’t have a pre-wash detergent You have all your settings on here
When you turn this knob, it changes This is the amount of time it takes
So I’m just going to do it on the normal heavy (oops) cotton.
When you see these little suns, that means that you can do the wash and dry cycle together I’m going to do the temperature to cold
I have the spin cycle on high, soil is light, and then dry level – I do mine here on just
the regular. It says it will take about two and a half hours. So, this washer dryer combo we have set up
in our house so that I could get used to using it, I could figure out the quirks, figure
out I wanted to make sure it could wash our sheets,
possibly our comforter, our towels, I wanted to see how much it would load, or like how
much it would hold per load and also, cloth diapers, because Emmett – I’ll be cloth
diapering him pretty soon because he’s growing
really fast. So just a little information about this washer
dryer. It’s a Magic Chef – this is the little energy guide that comes with it. It’s a Magic Chef and here is the model number
for if you are interested in this exact washer dryer We got it from Walmart online (link in description) Okay, so this is the manual that comes
with it. One thing that I find really helpful is this breakdown; it’s a time breakdown. What I do personally whenever I do my laundry
is most of my stuff I do on cold Sometimes sheets I’ll do on warm, but
cold actually takes the longest for some reason, I believe it’s about fifty-two
minutes. I’m going to do a load and kind of show you how I program it.
You can have a favorite setting where all you do is set it to ‘My Cycle’.
So you just turn this knob to ‘My Cycle’
and it has everything preset for you so
all you have to do is push start. It’s very handy and it’s a time saver. So this load of laundry right here,
all of this stuff, I just did in one load and it is – it washed it, it dried it,
it took about two and a half hours. Sometimes it will feel a little damp,
but all you do is take out an item one at a time, and I give it a good shake,
and then you can feel it – it’s totally dry It doesn’t stink, it doesn’t smell mildewy We know with bus conversions that being
off-grid is important and you want to know how much energy this uses, how much water
this uses per cycle. So you can plan accordingly I don’t want to have to rely on going to a
laundromat so often. With this, we don’t have to at all. It washed
and dried my king-size comforter It totally dried it. It washes our mattress
pad – everything. So it’s been – it’s really really done well. [soap dispenser opening & closing noise] [Jingle of machine being turned on] [Door locks & start jingle chimes] [Low noises of machine running] Alright everybody, I hope this video is
helpful if any of you are thinking about getting one of these washer dryer combos
for your bus As far as the power consumption thing goes
if you have any more ideas for what we can test, for us to know how much power certain
things use that you might want to put in your bus, or you might not if it uses too
much, let me know in the comments. And we’ll see if we can do more of these
power consumption videos in the future. Anyways, (Will yells, “Bless you, Daddy!”)
Thanks If you enjoyed this video leave us a like,
don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay up-to-date with our bus build. We will see
you in the next video. [Dance Party!] BYE!!!

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38 thoughts on “SKOOLIE LAUNDRY TIME! | WASHER/DRYER COMBO TEST AND REVIEW! w/Power consumption test”

  1. Wow. I didn't know the combo all in one existed. I've just checked on canadian website and those just arrived on the market. Great space saver. But I'm wondering, ventless, where all the humidity goes? Well keep up the good work and has always, very inspiring. Keep up the good work.

  2. I appreciated that video, it was informative, thanks. How about a power draw vs handiness of that machine and the dinky 18 pound RV washer/spinner that some folks are getting? Thanks for the video brother, take care and YHVH bless y'all.

  3. Lol, never seen someone so happy to be doing washing. Couple of questions, was that using a hot water supply? And ventless washers vent down the drain, on an RV you have a grey water tank, presumably that doesn't vent the same?

  4. I did the same for all my appliances with a similar device (wanted the kill-a-watt but it’s not available in the U.K. so got an alternative).

    If you’re running entirely off solar and an inverter, One thing to make sure you record as well as the kWh is the MAX current and/or Max Watts. This is because an appliance may only consume a small amount in total, but it may peak at start up which could be more than the inverter can handle. For example the dryer when it kicks may be a high amount then settle, depending how long that peak is, it could be too much for the inverter. For example you may have a 1000W inverter that can handle up to 1000W but can handle a peak spike of 1500W for 30 seconds. Now if the dryer peaks at, say, 1600W for 45 seconds the inverter will cut out.

    So my main piece of advice when using these great power meters is make sure you’re recording the Max amounts too then you can use that in calculating your solar and battery system – or if you are getting someone else to spec your solar system for you, they’ll need those to figure out what size inverter you’ll need.

    Hope that helps. I probably waffled too much but yeah.

  5. We're thinking about buying this for our tiny house, how is it holding up? There are so many complaints about these not drying well or breaking easily! It's actually on sale today at home depot for $620 so I'm wondering if we should order it because it's such a deal?!? So nervous about stuff like this that you can't usually see in stores! :/

  6. Hey I looked this washer/dryer up and the reviews are so polar. Either people loved it or it broke and they returned it. After 6months+ how are you guys still liking it?

  7. This video was very good!! I just got my Magic Chef all in one black. The only thing I have not been able to figure out is How you can get it to be all the cycle in 2 hours 32 minutes? I read the manual and tried doing exactly what you guys did, Normal/Cotton cycle, temperature cold, and dry cycle in regular and it always gets me to 4 hours 15 minutes. Is there some advice you can give to get it in less time?

  8. I come to youtube to watch reviews on items all of the time, and I have never left a comment for anyone because they are always missing one thing or another or whats worse music in the video rather than speaking to us in their so called review. But not you, your video is hands down the BEST REVIEW OF AN ITEM I HAVE EVER SEEN, you even included the things that I had not thought of to ask!! Bravo AWESOME REVIEW! Very highly informative!

  9. Thanks Guys, that was really helpful. I'll be sure to use your link if I order one of these… think I might!

  10. Just bought one of these I am thankful for your review because I needed to see all of this lol I am a single mom that works a lot and bought this because I don’t have time to change loads all day I want to set it and get the dry load when I get home I can’t wait til it arrives!!

  11. Thank god ours in the uk have Internal water heaters and run on 240 volts. I couldn’t think of anything worse ( laundry wise ) than washing in cold water. I wash colours at 40 degrees ( 104 degrees USA )
    Whites and bedding get washed at 60 degrees ( 140 degrees USA ) and my towels and kitchen cloths get done at 90 degrees (194 degrees USA ) this is known as a boil wash. And because we have internal heaters in our machines if used properly you won’t get mould or smells. I’ve never understood why American machines don’t heat the water internally. It produces much better results and you have no need for bleach or stain removers

  12. Thanks ! Considering this brand. How about installation, as far as where the water leaves out? I see where and how to hook up the hot & cold.

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