(upbeat music) – This is Premium Economy, where I’m gonna be spending
the next 10 hours or so. (people talking in background) It’s looking festive
’cause it’s Christmas. Each seat has its own reading
light and it also has power. You can see there, there’s
a USB power for each one and then also a three-pronged plug. That’s for the headphones, obviously. Then underneath, at
the bottom of the seat, each seat in Premium Economy
has its own power point. You can see, that’s US, EU, or UK plugs. (upbeat music) This is how the tray table
comes out of the arm. It’s actually far easier
to do if you’re not trying to hold a camera at the same time. There you are. Decent strength. There’s also USBs under the
in-flight entertainment screen. It’s about 13, just over 13
inches, I think, this screen. And it’s got a USB underneath
for powering items. (upbeat music) Economy Class cabin. The first of two. (upbeat music) This is the second of
the Economy Class cabins. (upbeat music)

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