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100 thoughts on “Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump | Day 1 | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)”

  1. taxpayers are wondering why the democrats didn't pursue it in court? LOL- the evidence is overwhelming- but need more witnesses = Democrat scandal sham investigation.


  3. It doesn't matter if Trump is guilty or innocent, what matters is that it's wrong for the Senate to deny him a fair trial.

  4. "President Trump is a man of his word…." B😂AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😫💀💀💀👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

  5. The more Schiff talks the Sillier his argument sounds. He wants the Government to clear all policies with him so he can decide what is best for you and America. How lame is this impeachment.

  6. The actual footage taken down, due to hacking of Russian MOB, again…… Leave us alone! if you want trump as potus so bad take him to your own country and make him all yours.

  7. Trump as prez is top law enforsement officer in the country. He has a right to investagate crimes. The Biden crime family committed

  8. Even if trump walked out in the middle the street and killed somebody we would all still like him and support trump 110% kick those dumymrats out of the country and let's clean this country up once and for all and really keep the trump train moving even better make our country great forever!

  9. This situation happened because America keeps choosing righteousness over peace.

    Power instead of Justice And Profit over People.     

    This Country .. The United States we don't learn from our mistakes  historically
    We repackage them
    Repeat them over and over… and over..
    Nothing Changes but the time the date the month.
    Republicans right now are showing there hypocrisy there is know one there with any honor for America. 🇺🇸
    Trump Must Go I say This Not A Republican or a Democrat as A American Citizens

  10. NBC is obviously another Communist news network reading the same scripts as the CNN news propaganda Clinton cartel network to deceive all of you wonderful American citizens! And dethrone a duly elected president! I am so sick of this hateful garbage coming out of the mouths of these people! I wish they were no longer a news network! Americans know they'll have more of a job to do to then just clean out the swamp in Washington! but after the swamp is cleaned out , then clean out the news medias in America! And find out which ones are lying to us, obviously this is one of them!
    Just an extra tip off to all you wonderful people in America,
    if you really want to know the truth about what's going on in the impeachment trial you should look at C-SPAN because C-SPAN is a direct line into the White House impeachment trials! A direct line that is not bias nor changed to suit somebody's particular interest like these fake news media's Who are brainwashing all of America with the same script! There's so stupid they can't even come up with their own story,
    That they've got a feed off each other!
    If you want the truth right for me those who are doing the impeachment trial and not those who are watching the impeachment trial while they give you their own hopeful bias information hoping to change the 2020 election to give us all over into a communist movement and destroy our freedoms so that all America will no longer have a first and second amendment left in the constitution!
    What is it again C-SPAN is the way to go for a direct line into the White House bypassing these Clinton news network propaganda machine's!😎👍👍

  11. La France aurait d’un président comme Monsieur Trump, le seul à obtenir des résultats économiques sans brader la culture de son pays.

  12. I’m a 60 yr old man and I’m for the first time voting Republican. In all my years I have never thought all these leaders in the Democratic Party in government could be so hateful. It’s scary to listen to what they want and they do nothing to help America.
    Trump is making History, and to stop that would be stupid. I’m not going to let what the media is trying to put out is hate , fear, bias and why because is nothing like them. Lol change is good and healthy.

  13. The democrats have become the enemy of the citizens of the United States of America that the founders warned the future about.

  14. If you watched day 1 your not missing anything on day 2, Dem's still have no case, still can't prove anything, all he said she said, I assumed. What a waste of tax payers money.

  15. It's funny that CBS, NBC and the others are covering this. And all they do is say how the senate is against Dems. My question is and has been. When is Biden and son be put on trial for what they did? Aid was stopped before the call. and had nothing to do with the call. There was coruption in that country. And this is a step the goverment does before aid is given.

  16. If every God fearing American doesn't reregister to make sure their vote will count to vote this evil corrupt joke for a president, we deserve this circus that we are in. Donald is an embarrassment for the American people. This is not a Red or Blue issue, donkey or elephant issue, this is a human issue of survival because we are burning up like a match and we will continue to do so. He has rolled back the fight against Global warming and has not turned in his taxes, he's a crook from the word go and we must STAND UP AGAINST THIS KIND OF EVIL AND CURRUPTION IN AMERICA.

  17. If every God fearing American doesn't reregister to make sure their vote will count to vote this evil corrupt joke for a president, we deserve this circus that we are in. Donald is an embarrassment for the American people. This is not a Red or Blue issue, donkey or elephant issue, this is a human issue of survival because we are burning up like a match and we will continue to do so. He has rolled back the fight against Global warming and has not turned in his taxes, he's a crook from the word go and we must STAND UP AGAINST THIS KIND OF EVIL AND CURRUPTION IN AMERICA.

  18. all the young people of the United States needs to fight back against this clown Donald Trump because he has rolled back our efforts to stop global warming and this President does not have the young people's back for them to have a better future

  19. باختصار شديد الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية عليها الإستسلام لروسيا وعليها عقد إتفاقيات وتعهدات معهم وبشروط روسيا

  20. Why is it no one is taking about an Arabe it’s up in the polls to become president in the Dominican Republic to close to the USA.
    Why an Arabe it’s using a Spanish first and last name ?
    Not cool
    People need to smell the coffee.
    I’m taking about presidential candidate In the Dominican Republic (Caribbean )
    Luiz Abinader

  21. I find it interesting that the House of Representatives didn't follow with a legal claim through judiciary channels?? (It would take too long…hmm) So, why would POTUS participate or allow his staff to testify in their TOTALLY PARTISAN WITCH-HUNT??? The articles for impeachment submitted should be voted as is, with merit.

  22. The Democrats, in clamoring for open borders and giving illegal immigrants free healthcare, drivers licences, and the right to vote, promoting hoax investigations (witch hunts) against Pres. Trump since he took office, spreading hateful speech and violent protests, supporting socialism, declaring sanctuary cities for criminal aliens, ripping off babies from their mothers' wombs, and practically staging a COUP against Pres. Trump by pushing a purely partisan articles of impeachment without any valid crime committed by POTUS, are the real DOMESTIC THREAT that the late Gen. Douglas MacArthur warned Americans about when he said: "I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within." The corrupt and treasonous Democrats should be REJECTED and should be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.

  23. 🌐The Democratic Fake News Media Complex's Praise of Adam Schiff Is Downright Nauseating. Adam Schiff is a pathological liar 🤥

  24. If one type in Trump on youtube search, then why is it that preference is given to the Liberal Media ? Youtube is being bias on the search results.

  25. Psalm 12 Christian Standard Bible (CSB)
    I speak these words over King Cyrus / Trump

    Psalm 12

    1 Help, YAHUAH, for no faithful one remains; the loyal have disappeared from the human race.

    2 They lie to one another;
    they speak with flattering lips and deceptive hearts.

    3 May YAHUAH cut off all flattering lips and the tongue that speaks boastfully.

    4 They say, “Through our tongues we have power; our lips are our own—who can be our master?”

    5 “Because of the devastation of the needy and the groaning of the poor, I will now rise up,” says YAHUAH. “I will provide safety for the one who longs for it.”

    6 The words of the YAH are pure words, like silver refined in an earthen furnace, Be purified seven times.

    7 You, YAH, will guard us;
    you will protect us from this generation forever.

    8 The wicked prowl all around,
    and what is worthless is exalted by the human race.

    Almighty Father YAH, ELOHIM AINEEL! Grant that all conspiracies against me be set as naught; turn away from me all danger and injury, and thine is the kingdom and power. Amen – Selah!

  26. Didn't Democrats rush to start the impeachment only to slow it down to a screeching halt? Allowing plenty of time to get their evidence in order, however now they are throwing a tantrum because they've basically came unprepared.

  27. Sorry sarcasm tends to fall out of my mouth, as much as stupidity seems to fall out of the democraps!! Trump Train!!

  28. Had Hillary Clinton “done her job” as secretary of state, the four Americans killed in Benghazi in September 2012 would still be alive, two members of the security team said Monday during their speech before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

  29. funny obama did that, he has ever right.. do your research, no laws were broken.. However Hillary destroyed drives with hammers/ obstruction/ treason, and her husband sodomized a young girl while president while in the white house.. additionally the bidens were under investigation by the NObama administration previously for the same thing.. so again.. the president has every right to investigate corruption before he spends millions of my tax dollars. He is cleaning up the swamp, thats how stupid you are..

  30. Last week they told you that we would be at war with iran,this week it is russia.Liberals are intelligent but very easy to manipulate.

  31. This is no different than the Russian hoax, who's FISA warrants were never valid in the first place and all the media and the democrats knew it from the get go https://www.theepochtimes.com/doj-determines-2-fisa-spy-warrants-on-trump-campaign-adviser-were-not-valid_3214221.html

  32. In traditional education, a pure free market is idealized as self-regulating, without the need for outside interference, such as government regulation, touting unobstructed trade between "voluntary" parties, with prices determined through supply and demand.

    But "pure" fully autonomous, self-regulating market economy is actually not possible in real life, even though many are still convinced that it could be.

    Simply put, such self-regulatory market forces have a limited range of effect and once factors of fraud, desperation, irrationality, and the host of detrimental EXTERNALITIES come into play, the whole thing falls apart into disorder and abuse, much like how the global world market is today.

    This is where infinite and endless debate occurs over how much interference government should impose. In fact, most of the major economic schools divide themselves along these lines.

    Terms such as "neoliberal," "laissez faire," "deregulation," or "nonintervention" are common to those who feel the market should be more "free" in order to be more economically efficient.

    Conversely, those who argue for increased regulation/state controls, unions, welfare, and increased safeguards tend to be categorized along the slippery slope of derided pejorative bowels of market "socialism."

    At the epicenter of the debate is the degree of faith in MARKET SELF-REGULATION. Adam Smith, the 18th century philosopher largely considered the father of this worldview, coined the now famous term INVISIBLE HAND to suggest that people, acting selfishly in their economic behavior, will paradoxically produce outcomes that improve society as a whole, with what laid the foundation for GENERAL EQUILIBRIUM THEORY.

    This theory sought to explain the functioning of the market as a whole in terms of supply, demand, prices, and argued for a resulting balance to some acceptable degree without intervention, preventing things like banking failures, extreme wage differentials, goods shortages, and other imbalances that have ironically been long constituents and constants in capitalist societies.

    A notable example was the 1999 financial deregulation of US banks through the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, introduced after the Great Depression in 1933 to help ensure commercial banks would no longer get involved with investment banks, pursuing risky speculation with their customers' assets. However, once repealed, after about $300 million in lobbying efforts, commercial banks turned around and engaged in credit-default swaps and other high-risk derivatives, paving the way for the 2008 global financial crisis.

    Not only did the 2008 financial crisis trigger millions of home foreclosures, but an estimated 10,000 suicides between 2008 and 2010 have also been linked to the related "Great Recession" across America and Europe, along with 500,000 deaths worldwide from cancer due to lack of medical attention as a result of financial loss, unemployment, and/or loss of public healthcare benefits.


    It is a system that paints the illusion of a non-totalitarian social order that engages in no real coercion or violence against the population.



    While there are political, religious, and other social aspects to the broadest definition of structural violence, one only needs to look at only the aspects linked to the market economy's organization structure and its derived incentives to see massive SOCIAL POLLUTION.

    Social pollution, or the socioeconomic form of structural violence that correlates to millions of deaths a year through poverty and suffering while arguably being completely unnecessary, with the conclusion that this form of violence kills and harms more than all wars, dictators, genocides, and other direct kinds of violence put together.

    In the words of scholar Joel Kovel, poetically encapsulating the procedural nature of this ongoing yet rather silent tragedy:


    To explain the outline and flow of causality, I'll start by restating that a social system based on property, exchange, labor-for-income, competitive self-regulation, and the capacity to profit from scarcity and suffering, sets in motion this predictable array of outcomes.

    The cyclical consumption needed to keep employment up, along with the need for economic growth to recover from previous contractions, powers the machine's structure. Earthly resources are inventory to be exploited, along with human labor. At the same time, negative externalities flourish, and increasingly so, as our technological capacity grows, often being used for the wrong purposes such as war.

    This is all embodied in the market structure, like the tiny seed that sprouts a towering tree.

    Again, it is often argued that capitalism is a specific mode of market behavior, separate from other forms of market economies. This is a false distinction. While economists often talk about true "free markets" or differentiate between "state capitalism," merchant capitalism," and even "market socialism," these are all variations on a core, foundational theme.

    The tiny seed that grew to a towering tree may produce various fruits, but no matter how diverse they seem, the genetics of that tree remain the same, stuck in monetary exchange and scarcity.

    The system can only produce a limited range of societal variation, along with a limited range of resulting social psychology — such as deprivation, stratification, prejudice, mental illness, violence, and exploitation and oppression.

  33. He done obstruction through Mueller investigation , through the house ,now the Senate, what isn't fair. Lord u people.

  34. We need to get this President out of office no rich guy is going to have the best interest of the poor people and the middle class. All they're doing is in reaching their own pockets and giving us a bunch of fake news and using our hard earned tax dollars to do it

  35. Adam Schiff – confirmed lies:

    1) Remember, this is the guy who said, ‘We have more than circumstantial evidence that there was coordination between Trump and Russia, and Russia influenced the election.’ That turned out to be false.

    2) Adam Schiff said that the Nunes memo was false. Michael Horowitz told us no it wasn’t; it was exactly right.

    3) Adam Schiff said you can trust the FISA court. Michael Horowitz said last month that no, you can’t; they lied to the FISA court 17 times.

    4) Adam Schiff told us we look forward to hearing from the whistleblower. Adam Schiff said we’ve had no contact with the whistleblower. Turns out to be a lie.

    5) Then just yesterday, the story where he misrepresents to all that Mr. Z is Mr. Zelensky, when in fact it was Mr. Zlochevsky.

    6) Schiff sent a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler last week summarizing a trove of evidence from Lev Parnas, an indicted former associate of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. In one section of the letter, Schiff claims that Parnas ‘continued to try to arrange a meeting with President Zelensky,’ citing a specific text message exchange where Parnas tells Giuliani: ‘trying to get us mr Z.’ The remainder of the exchange — which was attached to Schiff’s letter — was redacted. But the evidence strongly suggests “mr Z” was not Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky but rather Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma.

    7) So, yeah, when Adam Schiff talks about (Ambassador Gordon) Sondland, he doesn’t tell you that was all presumption. Mr. Sondland terstified to that, when Congressman [Mike] Turner asked him, under oath, at the hearing

    But now we’re supposed to believe him, in spite of that history, where seven important things he had exactly wrong?

    It would help if the American people were exposed to the full truth. Alas, the biased media act like such propagandists for the Democrat Party that all many Americans are hearing is whatever the Democrat Party wants them to believe, regardless of whether it’s fact or fiction.

  36. The facts are coming to light that the democrat party has been Americas enemy ever since they lost their right to own human beings as property, they have been responsible for horrific crimes against American and Americans since the Civil War, they started the KKK, they directly influenced the Nazis in Germany, not one democrat voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it was passed, even though they brought a huge resergence of the KKK to help them squash it by intimidating everyone who voted for it, they are actively working with the UN to take away you American rights like free speech and guns, etc, they are directly responsibe for Antifa and are currently trying to overthown a duly elected President. Trump threw a huge kink in the last election. Their plan was for obama to rule the world thru the UN and hillary was to rule America. Not one of these things is an action of a friend of America, but our worst enemies.

  37. Spread this Education Lesson around. Watch "Mark Levin Delivers His Opening Statement on Impeachment to Senate | LevinTV" on YouTube

  38. OMG this insufferable, they don't get it this is all a total filibuster of this presidency, this is a cue from the left, they are corrupt massively fascist.
    This has to stop please this Shift guy need to be removed. a total fascist.

  39. McConnell omits a key difference between the Clinton impeachment and this one: In Clinton's case, the Senate (as well as the House) was held by a GOP majority, ie the other tribe from the person being impeached.
    So it is eminently relaxing and understandable (from a GOP perspective) to make the rules halfway through the Senate process, because they knew they could make them to their own notions of fairness.
    The burden of fairness is much heavier when a Senate is trying (and desperate to acquit) one of their own, and a pre-agreed process is a bastion against unfairness in such situations.

    It's also notable that significant numbers of Senators from both sides voted against their party line in the Clinton case. The presumption of bi-partisanship was already a stretch (largely thanks to the best part of a decade of Gingrich systematically kneecapping all its proponents from his side) but it was still a possibility, back closer to that golden time when steam engines and dinosaurs roamed the earth….

  40. Schumer implies at 29:38 that Trump seeks to turn the clock back to claim the privileges the US fought the War of Independence to prevent the Head of State claiming in the days of King George III.
    I submit Trump wants to go FURTHER back, to the absolute immunity overthrown in England the previous century, in 1688, when it became the first nation on earth to force its monarch to submit to the rule of law. Trump's obstruction of justice would have been considered the illegal actions of a tyrant in 1776 England. And interestingly, King Geo III was several times sidelined from the throne for mental health issues which in the context of Trump, do not look particularly disqualifying.

  41. Thank you YouTube for hosting the entire streaming of this historical event. I am absolutely discusted with the House not doing their job. This is going to take way longer than than it should if we should even be here. #CommanderAndChief

  42. Trial evedince being allowed is the only way to be a trial in America… "New" evidence??? If the House impeached President Trump what ever evidence was available at the time used to move US this direction is all that should be used… How is the President supposed to defend himself??? How are we supposed to defend ourselves???
    #FairTrial 🗽🗽🗽🧐🧐🧐🗽🗽🗽

  43. President Trump was in Switzerland… 🤔🤔🤔 The Swiss supporting US financially when the colonization by European descendants began … I have been curious about how involved the Swiss are in OUR politics and I am guessing I will never learn the answer to my curiosity… 🤔🤔🤔🗽🗽🗽🧐🧐🧐🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  44. Oh my friggin LORD … This Adam Shiff guy is in opposition because ??? I hear him say one thing while what is actually in place is exactly what he says is not… This guy and any others who decided to impeach President either need to show US why … If they are wrong they are guilty very possibly guilty of TREASON…

  45. IF PRESIDENT TRUMP IS INNOCENT THOSE WHO VOTED IN FAVOR OF IMPEACHMENT SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE HOUSE … Like would be the case if the Impeachment is upheld… Seems like the person pointing fingers are the ones guilty of high crime's… Do we still hang for treason?

  46. An hour and 30 minutes in dude said everyone was in the friggin LOOP who is relevant so WHY are WE in court???!!!???

  47. Awesome Turn out of Facts of No Quid Pro Quo and without that one cannot obstruct whats not there!!! Looks Like Once Again and Still Trump 2020!!!

  48. If it is not already set as rule it should be. If the House isn't in order stay away from the Senate until you have your stuff in order. In the former Impeachment trials we didn't have the ability to exchange information as freely… I am not hearing or seeing anything impeachable yet.

  49. I do not support the death penalty but if ever it is appropriate Adam Shiff is a perfect example of where and when the death penalty should be used sure and swift! I am discusted !!! Oh my Lord help US all!!!

  50. What does the President say that is not true or incriminating??? I'm sorry but the Commander in Chief of America can do anything they want while in office … I want it that way as long as HE IS TRANSPARENT WITH THOSE CLOSEST TO HIM … We have checks and balances I am waiting to hear how we are here… 🤔🤔🤔🗽🗽🗽

  51. I am so upset. Our law's are in place to get warrants to get the documents sought after. I am confused as to how Shiff has not been arrested because he is talking out of both sides of his mouth… This is serious. What the actual fk?!?!?

  52. There are things that are NOT OUR BUSINESS IN REGARDS TO SECURITY.
    Has anyone ever been held responsible for the fake accident of them 16 year olds in Arkansas when Clinton was the Govorner???

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