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51 thoughts on “Sanders: ‘Congress Can Walk And Chew Bubblegum At The Same Time’ | MSNBC”

  1. "Above all, we should bear in mind that our liberty is not an end in itself; it is a means to win respect for human dignity for all classes of our society.
    Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, Father of the US Nuclear Navy

  2. Well, to be fair… I don't think Gaetz and Nunez could walk & chew bubble gum simultaneously .

    They aren't that evolved.

  3. Bernie is 100% correct. Trump is not the ONLY problem, he is a symptom of a much bigger problem that has been taking place in both the Republican and Democratic parties for the last 30 years. Corrupt Wall Street and corporate Big money influencing our economic and political system.BERNIE 2020! #EndCitizensUnited #NotMeUs #WorkingClassAmericans

  4. The like:dislike ratio on this video compared to the one where Kamala is attacking Tulsi Gabbard is hilarious #Bernie2020

  5. To MSNBC: your obvious anti-Bernie bias is having the opposite effect from what you intend. Maybe you should stop it now.

  6. #BERNIEisBEST, and that being said, I HOPE you have given him equal coverage with the other candidates here.
    You know I'll be checking.

  7. This is the only video to have Bernie on the title during this debate. Everything else is Biden or Harris. This just proves MSNBC is full on biased againts Bernie.

  8. Bernie is right you can do two things at the same time, why the duck the media is so hung up on impeachment it’s not like republicans going to do anything about trump claims.

  9. MSNBC drops 20 clips of Biden, Warren, Buttigueg and multiple clips even of Kamala Harris(??!!) – and yet only one of Bernie Sanders?????
    What the!(?)

  10. Why is it that MSNBC only has this video about Bernie in this debate, I refuse to believe this is his only standout moment. I watch MSNBC because I feel like they're reliable but their lack of Bernie coverage is pretty blatant. I hope this changes! #Bernie2020

  11. If Sanders ends up the Dem nominee, I'll definitely vote for him in the general election. But it will be a bit depressing (as confirmed once again by so many of the comments here) to know that we'd be potentially replacing one cult of personality with another.

  12. I hate msnbc. How many Pete videos and Kamala videos can you have? Literally SO FAR this is the only video I have been able to find of Bernie from tonight on YouTube.

  13. 24 videos of other candidates and only 1 video of Bernie Sanders. Mainstream media bias against Bernie in the form of media silence/blackout.

  14. Media black out on Bernie conitnues. Notice how MSNBC give us ONE clip of Bernie from the debate.
    1 clip.
    Mayor "corporate" Pete – on 6% nationality – has 4 clips PLUS an after debate interview.

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