this Friday marks one year since South
Korea began its drive toward a hydrogen economy from becoming environmentally
friendly to dominating the global hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle market so
hydrogen journey has gotten off to a smooth start our Kim Dhabi tells us more one year honor from the start of South
Korea’s a 320 million u.s. dollar hydrogen economy drive last year
Korea’s hydrogen cars have swept in global hydrogen vehicle markets during
the January to October period last year Korea’s Hyundai Motor accounted for 60%
of global sales of hydrogen vehicles surpassing Japan’s a Toyota Motor in
Honda Motor as well as being exported to in 19 countries around the world last
year Hyundai is a popular at hydrogen cars have also been seen on the streets
of Seoul since the last September hydrogen taxis have taken over 20,000
people to their destinations and old police buses will soon be replaced with
hydrogen buses currently there are 34 hydrogen charging stations in the
country for fewer than Japan and Germany but Korea did build 20 charting stations
in just one year the most in the world South Korea also accounts for a 40
percent of the world’s largest power generation markets fuel cells the future
of South Korea’s hydrogen economy is expected to get only brighter on the
back of government support and research and development
last year the South Korean government enacted the hydrogen economy promotion
and hydrogen safety management act the world’s first act to related to the
hydrogen economy to further create an economically valuable hydrogen ecosystem
key materials for hydrogen cars and charging stations while continued to be
a localized at cheaper prices with a goal of increasing economic feasibility
Korea will actively carry out large-scale R&D and cooperate with a
potential global partners in the hydrogen economy such as Australia and
the UAE Kim dami Arirang news

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