that’s where we start with our
newsmaker segment our guest is the new mayor of Kansas city
Missouri Quinton Lucas he won a landslide victory in last
year’s election and took office in early August we are pleased
to welcome back to ruckus mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas city
Missouri thank you for joining us Sir it is good to be with
him Mike and good to be back on Ruckus you’ve been mayor now
for several months is it like you thought it was going to be
it is like what I thought it would be just with ten times
the work and the pressure there is a lot going on in Kansas
city that’s a good thing but there’s certainly a lot we need
to get done so we hit the ground running and we look
forward to doing that over the years ahead and you got some
criticism mild criticism I would add but you had some
criticism for being too involved and too active too
early usually political leaders are criticized for not doing
enough you’re being criticized for trying to do too much you
know I think perhaps my training in life in the way I
was raised was that we’re supposed to actually work hard
and I think the people of Kansas city saw during my
campaign I was an energetic campaigner frankly on the city
council I was the same way I said many times we’re a city
that can walk and chew gum we
can do big transformative projects but
we also need to make sure we’re taking care of basic services
and longstanding issues like violent crime so I’m proud of
our efforts so far and the progress we’ve made I was going
to say you’ve made no secret of the fact that your top priority
is reducing violent crime and reducing the very large
homicide rate in Kansas city Missouri obviously that
involves the police department have you given any thought to
the possibility that your efforts might be easier if the
police department were under
local and not state control you know I
think philosophically it’s it’s interesting to have local
versus state control conversations but in some of my
work so far as mayor I’ve talked
to the mayor of Saint Louis where a
few years ago they got local control and they
continue to have a significant number of homicides frankly I
don’t know if the department is in anyway better run so my
biggest priority is how to actually save lives in Kansas
city make people safer and that’s my day to day focus
right now you made it very clear that reducing the violent
crime rate in homicides that’s priority number one but one are
number two and three well number two a I think it’s
simply this how do we deliver the services that our
constituents deserve in Kansas city I think people want to say
that it’s a place where you can live where you can work and
where you can play and frankly
where you’re actually getting
services that are comparable with cities all around our
region so a big focus of mine and as we look for a new city
manager is making sure we’re doing just that making sure
that were solvent in our budget long term but also making sure
doing things like filling potholes like actually carrying
through on our promises on zero fare transit and that’s the
kind of basic perhaps not the most exciting but that’s the
work that our constituents deserve speaking of city
managers Troy Schulte was in that job for about a decade is
and decided to retire about a month after you took office did
you play a role in engineering that I I did not I
think Troy said that he had a good time with ten years that’s
a position that takes a lot of stress a lot of energy and I
think he was ready for different change I would say
his new one also may have a lot of stress and take a lot of
energy he’s become the Jackson
County administrator were you
surprised by that were you involved in that you know I I
not much I mean I certainly have talked to the Jackson
County executive and others I think they made a great choice
with city manager Schulte who knows the region but then also
knows a lot of the challenges that exist in Jackson County
certainly no shortage of challenges in Jackson County
well that that’s the truth and I think they’ve got some good
folks to help now will this facilitate better city County
relations I I think we have always it varies in some ways
actually relies on the personalities you know from the
moment I was elected I started meeting with people not
just in Kansas city but throughout our region and I’m
proud of that and so frankly I’ve been meeting with Frank
White meeting with the Jackson County sheriff and others well
we all don’t agree on everything we all we also make
sure we do have some respect between each other and that’s
the best way we can work on all
these during your campaign you
talked about reducing tax benefits more economic
development for businesses locating in Kansas city
Missouri especially downtown any progress in that regard
well I I think there is despite what may be editorialized
I’d come with his basic view Mike and you’ve been studying
Kansas city for years there is someone who can be between the
Mark Funkhouser approach which is just ban them all and
perhaps a Kay Barnes approach which was very aggressive and I
think there is a middle path we can use which says yes we will
still have economic development in Kansas city it doesn’t need
to be at the same level that it’s been for years which of
these twenty three year one hundred percent property tax
breaks we can continue to push more of that development east
and importantly it’s something
I’m very proud of we’ve appointed a
number of folks who frankly are skeptical on incentives to our
boards and commissions the Port Authority has the superintendant
from the Hickman mills schools former mayoral candidate Alissia
Canaday is the TIF commission chair Phil Glenn a mayoral
candidate is on the Port Authority I’m proud of the fact
that we have people that’ll ask tough questions and not just be
a rubber stamp Mister mayor gotta stop it there thank you
very much for your time congratulations again on your
victory good luck in what you’re doing and come back and
see us well thank you and go
chiefs alright thank you sir Kansas
city Missouri mayor Quinton Lucas now let’s meet the panel
and start a Ruckus

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