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11 thoughts on “Reverend Billy Freakstorm: The Consumers Consumed The Consumer”

  1. …..joining the animals Rev Billy? Is that why you're at BURNING MAN?…You're so opened minded Rev. ……. Maybe buy a little sumpin' sumpin' there huh?

  2. Question-
    Does Monsanto make Apple's Apples?
    Just wait until they send out Johnny "Bioengineering" Crapple-Seed…that will be a horticultural hoot…they make an app for that.

  3. The End Times are such a great show! The tsunamis and heat-waves and flash floods and volcanoes bounce on the horizon like Loony Tunes. Soon we will download a mile-wide tornado dropping into a city and marvel at it, like watching Lady Gaga doing the splits in a dress made of T-bone steaks.

  4. Sitting in the Dulles airport after putting in some mountaintop removal time, the memorial of Earth-Hero Larry Gibson in Charleston. Now reading your hilarious comments. Yes "Televisionsux" I'm still looking for the animals. Its mid Octobor, the burners are back in their power suits…

  5. Amen Reverend Billy! The staypuff marshmallow man took over! I live in the woods too, cultural chaos isn't the answer;. Clarity is. Back to the garden giving homespun gifts and 🍊 for Christmas, peat for New Year's!

  6. How can we be asleep at a time like this? Centripetal bumble puppy? Addictions to excitement and detachment from reality, because so far reality hasn't bit us hard enough to wake us from our collective delusions? Fantasy life is more exciting than real, so to stay lost in the bubble we go to any extreme? I suppose this will all sort itself out, somehow, as eventually we find our way back to homespun reality…

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