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100 thoughts on “Republicans Starting To Crack After Trump’s Ukraine Conversation? | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Thank you Mitt, please run for President. Old man Mitch needs to go. Same with Graham and the rest of the party liners. I’m leaving the party and voting for Bernie or whoever is left of him 😜😂🍺

  2. Didn't Hillary do that to Trump, by purchasing a dosier which was put together by former Russian spies? Hillary was using the Steele dossier to discredit Trump as the elections approached. Is MSNBC on the same planet that we are?

  3. Meaning that when Trump asked the president of Ukraine to help
    investigate the crimes that may have been committed by Joe Biden and his
    son Hunter, he was simply abiding by a treaty that we have with
    Ukraine, promising such mutual cooperation. Trump was not in violation
    of law. In fact, Trump was behaving according to the letter of the law.

  4. The whistleblower complaint alleged that officials in Kiev knew military
    aid was at stake, but the whistleblower admitted not knowing how or
    when — the whistleblower doesn’t know jack. The whistleblower didn’t
    hear the phone call. The whistleblower got thirdhand — the whistleblower
    is a phony.

  5. No Moscow Mitch, what is regrettable is that an as*** like you is allowed to be a major player in the government of our country.

  6. Support Hong Kong support Pelosi support Democratic Party! Hong Kongers support Pelosi to be elected as president! Democratic is the true hero to speak out for HK, true friend of freedom & justice! Thanks Pelosi to stand out for Hong Kongers of the constructive, peaceful & revolutionary HK protest. All Hong Kongers bless Pelosi & Democratic in 2020 & together with HK shape a peaceful world with freedom!

  7. Sarah Suckabee, speaking to Faux News Republican cult zombies, "Impeachment is a winning strategy for the GOP in 2020!"  Wiping up the beverage sputtered out inadvertently in the spontaneous, uncontrolled outburst of hilarity that ensued, got to thinking; Is it any wonder how we got here?

  8. Republican Cult Club Rule #1: Cloak yourself in victimhood while victimizing others.
    Republican Cult Club Rule #2: Wrap yourself in the flag while betraying the Constitution and destroying the nation.
    Republican Cult Club Rule #3: When striking low blows, your two principle means of defense must be Whataboutism and Projectionism.
    Republican Cult Club Rule #4: Truth is strictly prohibited, and must be avoided at all cost. The sole exception permitted is when capable of inflicting harm upon your opponent. Otherwise, truth shall result in automatic disqualification, and/or summary rejection.
    Republican Cult Club Rule #5: Points awarded proportionate to size of lies. Bonus points awarded for accrued prevarication accumulations. Chief Justice Lucifer will settle all disputes involving points in arbitrary arbitration, whose decisions shall be binding and final for willing souls.
    Pervasive and PERVERSE! All part of the Republican cult dupes indoctrination, Doc! Deferred payment plan is a HOT seller with them fools! They think they can pull one over on the Devil, having no soul left to collect!!! Oh, boy!


  10. What the Republicans are saying is that a president can do just about anything he wants to without worrying about being removed from office. They're essentially saying the rule of law is dead in America.

  11. It is time for the Speaker to initiate Impeachment proceedings! I don't care for Pence much, but I would feel much better if He were in the White House right now. At least until the Election. I don't care for Pences, Ideology, but I can live with it at least until the Election, but I don't care about anything concerning Trump, He is a beacon of sheer lunacy, and a textbook example of someone that has no understanding or regard
    For the US Constitution!

  12. Moscow Mitch does not do his job so should not criticize others who ARE doing their jobs. Leningrad Lindsay has 0 credibility.

  13. “Reckless, day trading chode”!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹
    I’m dying!!
    I’ll bet that poor Rick never thought he’d grow up to call a (Republican!) president “a chode” on national TV. Strange days indeed. Most peculiar.

  14. All together now, "We hate Moscow Mitch McConnell, and his unfathomably blatant HYPOCRISY!" How do these f***ers live with themselves?!?! Yes, thanks Rick Wilson for the wonderful phrase, 'Everything tRump Touches Dies'. We can apply that to Moscow Mitch, too… and it's his self-proclaimed master strategy as Senate Leader. No person in the entire United States should hold that kind of power. We need real legislative change, ASAP!

  15. politicize it? it is political & we have a right to know. this isn't an insignificant act done by a senator, this is an act of a serious breach in our constitution by the presi-dain't in the oval office that puts us at a vulnerable position with putin & the other bullies of the world. this has everything to do with every single last american & i resent your saying that it's none of our business, essentially. you need to go down with him. you have shown nothing but disregard & contempt for us citizens for decades. like don, you are vindictive & petty, refusing to even consider countless bills brought before you, simply because they come the democrat side. shame on you. you don't serve anyone but your own miserable old self.

  16. do these republicans realize how dumb they look saying stuff like…well I don't know what was said…I don't know if its true…IF its true, etc…They sound like they are clueless..I know obviously they all know full well that its true and they also know that it is wrong. This clueless act is really making them look stupid. Grow a backbone.

  17. I am blown away by the thickness of his skin… so blown away to the point that I ask myself "am I dreaming"? Is this real? Or maybe I'm in a different universe…

  18. Moscow Mitch must be drunk … What he said sounds exactly like Republican tactics, NOT Dems – living in Trump's shadow for too long n eating too much of his poop.

  19. Boy, all his henchmen are using every trick in the book to distract, lie n cover that Orange POS, aren't they? Wonder which crappy playboo they're using.

  20. Oh how a few days have changed this conversation. Cracks are showing not so much with individuals? But under the feet of the Republican Party…….”jumping” is going to be forced in the weeks to come as further revelations come to light (that strip their sugar coating off this man’s mental fit, in holding the office of POTUS).

  21. Lol! Trump isnt going anywhere. His supporters are not going anywhere. In fact, the crazier the Dems get the stronger and larger his base becomes. Anyone taking ANYTHING on MSNBC seriously is an uninformed fool

  22. Lindsey Graham was, for once, correct!
    I was "Blown Away" by Trump's transparancy & willingness to confess to putting his own interests before those of the USA!! 👌🏾

  23. Trump why are you hiding everything you need to go to jail if it's not true you would not have it Trump is still working for Vladimir Putin of Russia Trump is not working for the United States of America We the People

  24. S teven Miller! What would you think of Trump saying he would shoot. the whistleblower if it.was up to him!And the private lawyer. taking a trip that he had no. Business"doing!He is up to no good!he will turn ôn anyone He does not get along with any'of.the people that work for him!He has never told the truth hardly !Not since day one! He has a problem with lying !And he plays at being a President!golf,tweeter,TV,traveling with. Militarypersonel,to his different Trump Hotels inMilitaryplanes all over the. World!Not okay!Congress gave (391mill)toTrump for. Ukrane)did not give to them.!???$$$$?

  25. Mitch McConnell you as bad as trump. You try to shield criminal trump. You are lost your mind. You and trump may need to check into metal hospital.


  27. Look Moscow Mitch you have no credibility you have been stealing from the government for a long time your wife has been stealing from the government for a long time Donald Trump admitted he said he did it you can't change that so stop trying to cover him up it's too late you need to worry about your own self because Kentucky going to get rid of you

  28. Republicans and corporate Dems are responsible for how far we've fallen down this rabbit hole. Thanks to money and their "politics" we will be added to the great countries of the past that have fallen…

  29. This frog him and his wife is crooked he got to cover his butt it's a lot of crooked stuff going on in Congress all these con mens it's a shame let one of US citizen had to did something like that this country is so corrupt from the top to the bottom

  30. Every Repub everywhere need to be voted out. Then everyone will see a rigged Election if he wins. The full disclosure needs the actual phone call. And they say there isn't one. That's B/S

  31. Pence wants presidency BAD, he thought that trump would have been Impeached by now, that is the only reason he agreed to Vice-President in hopes he would be able to 'slip right in' to the Presidency knowing he would never win a regular election because he views are so far out there, so he felt God will do the deed so he can do some major things while in there, but he won't have that much power, too many against his views

  32. Its the job of our president to investigate political corruption by obama,biden and their corrupt cronies in the intel communitity,fbi and doj.Fake dossiers,fisa warrants and investigations that ignore clinton obama malfeasance is a joke.Being a political opponent doesnt excuse corruption with foreign govt's.


  34. First – He did NOT ask for an INVESTIGATION – If you believe this site – you are a moron – AND – LMAO – Yea "the People" Have given more to his campaign now than ever. He has BLOWN away all DEMS – Because you ask?? THE PEOPLE are starting to hate DEMS – wake up.

  35. John McCain would have agreed to impeach Donald trump ,John McCain was a man of great integrity ,l liked his point of view in politics in deed a great patriot

  36. Trump wins in 2020.This is a different kind of Truth and people this kind of Truth always prevails its way beyond any type of controlling.

  37. Welll if the Republicans want to be members of “The Bad Boys Club”, it is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! you buffoons!
    We have dutiful, patriotic Democrats that love our country and true Democracy! They have red, white and blue standards and they are going work their butts off to put your lazy, Amoral souls in the slammer! Since you all rich bad boys and girls perhaps they will empty your bank accounts and give it to those who love and cherish our nation for what it was before anyone named truMp, Pence, mulveny, Pompeo, and Barr were ever heard of,

  38. Trump is not good for the country to be president ether you like him are not like him he needs to be impeached because he is unfit and unhenge unstable lying dictator that doesn't understand that he is not above the law and the repubilican got to hold him accountable for his criminal action before he destroy ours demarcacy and country because if you like someone you don't let them destroy you and your country you would not let your child destroy you if you know what he are she doing are planning to do you will try to stop them for their own good and save them because you care about them and if they care about you they will love you more for saving them but trump is not worth saving because he doesn't like to be told what he can't do and what not to do something that is not right for the country and the American people's and he does it anyway when he is told it is not a good thing to do

  39. Hahahahaha, these guys are such a joke! Live on my righteous Mr. Donald Trump, Mr. President and leader  of the free world!

  40. He doesn't know the law. He has never been in politics. That's the problem. When the football coach substitutes for the French teacher, nobody learns anything about speaking french. That's just the truth.

  41. Funny face Mitch McConnell is corrupt as his boss Donald Trump, These unpatriotic greedy people don’t give a dime if America burns or sinks, It is all about money and power, America is being governed by greedy human beings and not politicians.

  42. Any Republican can look right at Chuck Todd, or any other member of the media for that matter, and ask "There was never a conservative lie, no matter how ridiculous, that you would never legitimize for us for us in the past, so what is going now.

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