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100 thoughts on “Rep. Collins: Pelosi is leaving a sad legacy”

  1. What are you going to do about all the state's That promise their electoral college votes to the winner of the popular vote? That is a real threat to our country.

  2. What legacy? She’s going to be leaving in handcuffs. Declass is coming, she’s trying to buy some time before the house of cards collapses on her head.

    It’s alright, she can have some more time to walk and pretend she’s a free bird.

    The Alliance still needs some time to appoint 80 new judges in preparation for this mass arrest.

    Time is ticking… I’ll be busting out the popcorn to enjoy the show.

  3. Not worth the paper it's written on…and they know it. I was independent, but have decided that the Democrats are absolutely coo coo.

  4. These people act as if all our problems started last month. They didn't – EVERYONE in our legislative branch hasn't done their job in decades. Not that I agree with Pelosi, but ALL of you are leaving a sad legacy.

  5. I'm very happy that this debacle will be what Nancy Pelosi will be remembered for. President Trump couldn't have planned this outcome for her any better.

  6. Exactly right wasting American dollars on this. Trickle down affect. System is broken with people like her in our govt

  7. I shamefully admit I am not deeply knowledgeable about our government but I feel like there are whiny toddlers running it.

  8. Some republicans lost decency & civility as seen during the congressional hearing. American forefathers don't speak this way.

  9. Pelosi sent John Kerry to meet with Soleimani just prior to the embassy attack. Pelosi used Kerry to manipulate Iran, a hostile nation, into attacking us to force the POTUS' hand into retaliating then turns around and uses the events she created as ammunition in her vendetta against the POTUS. Travel logs, flight records and photo evidence corraborates Kerry's position in the recent weeks. The DNC is indirectly responsible for this. American lives used as pawns for her sick game against the POTUS. She must be stopped.

  10. Why do you seem to have to scream each word out of your mouth. I can't stand watching you anymore. I can't stand the sight of you because I know your going to scream and yell your words Maria. Get another job you are a loser.

  11. When will anything happen?! We hear over and over that this one did wrong or that one should be investigated but no one has done anything. I am a republican but someone must do something soon. I am about ready to sweep it all out and start over!

  12. Comrade Trump should have ALREADY been placed in JAIL, for the ELECTION FRAUD he and his republiCON cronies committed in November, 2016!

  13. Plzzzzzzffffftttt! Absolute nonsense. I enjoy watching Faux Noise occasionally just for the laugh. It's too bad, though, that there are some people who don't watch, read or listen to any real new, just this propaganda. Go ahead and watch this tripe, but also watch some factual news, too. You'll be surprised what you'll learn!

  14. He is saying that we are the leaders of the world; How? by making wars every few years? If that is the case then any country can say ; we are the leaders of the world. ; 18 years of stupid war in Vietnam which damage the dollar value too.. about 20 years in Afghanistan.. many open years in Iraq..all this money can protect the Americans inside America; millions with no health insurance living in nightmare..millions of homeless.. students killed every year in their schools…

  15. Remember when the demarcates said Hilary was up front in the polls 2016….lies….always manipulating people and demarcates were the only slave owners…even today..but all colors and religions

  16. Hey Nasty Nancy. Trump will not be impeached, and he will be reelected, and YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK. LOLOLOLOL!

  17. Nancy to the Iranians……………………I am doing my best! I’ll provide aid and comfort to the Iranian people. Perhaps she will pull a “Jane Fonda” media moment!

  18. Trump and the criminalistic republicans have completely destroyed our government. How do I know this?? I was a republican. I watched our people vote in money grabbing, lying, racist, xenophobic assholes. From this day on every American life lost is on the heads of the republicans. You are as guilty as Donald Trump. RESEARCH the next president dont vote for him because he makes your racist pride swell. Rebuild us as America and not Russian loving criminals.

  19. Nancy Pelosi doesn't know what to do anymore. Trump is a splinter in her throat that she can't swallow or vomit and its killing her and oh boy I love the show!

  20. ms. polosi is just straight out rootin for the devil: as well as the rest of her tinderonies. she needs to get out of office

  21. Poor Doug, his legacy will be the champion of ignorance and deception at the cost of American integrity and honor.

  22. Could it be that the house is holding up impeachment paper work hoping to take the senate next year then release the impeachment to the Senate, when they control it ?

  23. Follow the money – they get millions in kickbacks on aid – votes – family hiring to cover all CORRUPTION. Millionaires in congress after a few years . Theyre not making it – — its stolen from us.

  24. Then was 9:18 to bring in the newed year. 10×2. 2020. We are here yet look at Proverbs 9:18. These are years. The Proverbs of Solomon. Also there is a Song of Songs written for territory prophecy so is the Cherry Chair of creek. Bruins! Or BREW in

  25. Don't worry about Nancy pelosi God's going to take care of her lies you are doing a wonderful job for our president

  26. Hey if all the DEMOS done illegal on TRUMP then why wait for the papers ,time up dismissed arrest all of them for everything we can .

  27. Is there any truth to the rumor that Pelosi wants to open an Italian restaurant and call it “Mama Scumbaggies”?

  28. Di Nancy Pelosi take the oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution of America? Then why is she still in office. She not only violated her oath of office, she has been stomping it in the mud!!!

  29. The Democrats have single handed re elected Trump for 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 no one in their right mind would vote for that Socialist Party. Thx Pelosi

  30. How sad, imagine when she gets older. All she will get from people is hate, because that's all she gives.. If she is really a Catholic, the gates to heaven are going to be closed and only a big sign pointing down will appear. No sympathy will she get from the citizens of this great COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Just today, a House Representative addressed the House from the House floor to enforce rule (I think number, 3939b) that requirs when the Speaker becomes unable to do it's funtions/duty (such as sent onto the Senate the "Articles of Impeachment), for the House to temporarily put-in a Acting person to carry-out that funtion/duty that Speaker Nasty Nancy refuse to do, pursuant to Due Process of Law required by the 9th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the USA.
    I Remain,
    9JAN20; 21:05 H.H.

  32. All this for what,upon recieving the documents,have the Senate vote, game over now let's raise a glass to Nancy and Chuckie cheese head for taking away all the undesieded votes and putting them in Trump's corner,no need to rub there face in it, November of 2020 will be enuff, can't wait to see her face at the swearing into office ceremonies in early 2021,headlines could read Nancy has to eat at Chuckie cheese,because she was denied entrance

  33. Don't be fooled. She is strategically planning the release to coincide with her Bill Maher interview. She is a player. Violating her oath of office and obstructing our constitutional process. She needs to be removed. She has a bad case of self importance. It looks like the beginning of Parkinsons when she speaks in public. Seriously.

  34. Over 75,000 ppl alone in UK protested against Trump, other world leaders laugh at him, and all while a 73 yr old man 27 yrs away from 100 tweets racists insults, belittle Americans and divide the USA spineless Americans put their soul on the line to support a coward and prolific liar. 330 million ppl here.. 22 million imprisoned which is the most on the planet… Over 70% of America is white roughly 12% is black or just a lil over but yet out 22 million ppl imprisoned here Black ppl make up almost half of that number even after slavery theres no freedom here just racism from cowards in high positions and we're watching a president who has 6 or 7 of his buddies who so call respect the constitution all end up with felonies.. Im black from the hood hood blessed to be here and proud to say I don't have a felony 33 yrs old and have friends from every race I met and could befriend. Being brave is having can be having not a single doubts when you love ppl and willing to die for your family not Trump!

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