– Staff are very intentional
to take care of themselves, to be aware of their own triggers, their own nervous system,
so that when they come in they can be available to hold space for the students that are coming in in a hyper-aroused state and they, as a staff too we know we
need to collect the students, so it’s kind of a parenting technique, that you wanna collect your adolescent, so before you ask them about
homework or where they’ve been, or why they missed this
event or what have you, we bring them in with our tone of voices, our body language, with intention to create a warm, nurturing safe place, so it’s never where have you been? It’s always, it’s so nice to see you, I’m so glad you’re here,
thanks for coming today, what do you feel like doing? And giving them as much choice as possible and empowering them to
make any decision possible, so if there’s a choice
to be given, we offer it, and then they can build on
their own self-determination and confidence and be more successful.

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