The Regulatory Reporting Hub has gone
live and supports our clients in meeting the new EMIR revised technical standards
reporting obligations, which took effect on 1 November.
The Regulatory Reporting Hub has all relevant features for EMIR reporting: entering and
processing of transactions, positions, valuations and portfolio-based collaterals. The Hub is connected to a trade repository,
REGIS-TR, and live operation is running very well. We are on our way to finalising the
Regulatory Reporting Hub’s offering for MiFID II/MiFIR. The MiFIR transaction
reporting release in November offers additional functionality to enrich
transaction records with data provided via the OTC trade reporting service. We
will launch the commodity derivatives position reporting service, enabling our clients to fulfill reporting obligations according to
Article 58 MiFID. And we will add additional services for
systematic internalisers including the ANNA DSB ISIN service. Everyone is talking about 3 January 2018. And with good reason. The launch of MiFID II/MiFIR will be quite
a challenge for all of us. But there is more to the Hub
than EMIR and MiFID II/MiFIR. The Regulatory Reporting Hub will be
a true one-stop solution for regulatory reporting requirements. That means that we will expand our services
to cover additional regulations such as SFTR and FinfraG. We will enhance
multiple usage of data allowing clients to submit the data once but use it for
different regulations. And we will add a rules engine which applies additional
validations and eligibility checks and we will continue to work closely with
our clients to get their feedback and evolve the
Regulatory Reporting Hub together.

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