Over the last few weeks, we have seen multiple
different food recalls here in the United States. We’ve got romaine lettuce, ground turkey,
ground beef, cake mixes, whatever it is, we seem to be going through a massive amount
of food recalls for containing Salmonella, E. coli, and other harmful bacteria and diseases. Joining me now to talk about some of these
recalls is Scott Hardy from topclassactions.com. Scott, we’re in the time of year right now
where getting together with lots of people, eating lots and lots of food, is kind of what’s
going to be happening for the next month or so right now. What an awful time to have so much of our
food, the food supply contaminated with things like Salmonella and E. coli. Especially we just came off Thanksgiving a
week ago. This, this is really bad for American consumers,
isn’t it? Yes, it is. And it’s, it’s funny, as I’m sure you’ve seen
on Facebook the running joke of, oh my gosh, now I can’t even eat romaine lettuce, but
at least my cake won’t give me E. coli, so I’m just going to have to stick to a pie and
sweet treats this Christmas vacation and Hanukkah rather than risk eating anything that’s meat
related. You know, we’ve, we’ve had romaine lettuce
that’s come out. We had Jenny-O ground turkey that says that
could have E. coli And Salmonella. We had beef that says that it could have E.
Coli, Salmonella. You know, these meat processing facilities
are having major issues in trying to, you know, give us a product that, that we could
actually eat safely. And it is quite scary that we’re seeing these
recalls at least once a week right now. And it’s nice that the FDA is on top of things
and finding these problems and getting it recalled. But you have to wonder, especially when we’re
seeing these massive recalls of hundreds of thousands of pounds of meat products is how
many more out there that haven’t been recalled yet. And what exactly is causing this contamination? Why aren’t the meat packers and meat processors
actually tracking it down so that this holiday season, we don’t have to worry about getting
stuck in the bathroom from Salmonella or worse having to go to the hospital and having major
problems because it can land you in the hospital. Right, and so far I believe one woman out
in California has actually died as a result of this contaminated meat. And here’s the thing, I actually learned this
not long before you and I sat down here. The industry, the meat industry specifically
when you’re talking about the ground turkey and the ground beef, they have saved $12 million
dollars because this administration that we have in power today rolled back some of the
safety regulations so that companies could save $12 million. So they didn’t have to test all the food. They didn’t have to properly wash equipment. So saving $12 million is what has helped to
put us in this situation today. People need to understand one simple fact
about the US government and that is, regulations save lives. When we cut those regulations, we the people
do not benefit one bit from it. We haven’t saved money on our meat since they
cut these regulations like they told us it would. They haven’t created new jobs from cutting
these regulations. The only thing that’s changed is that we have
deadlier food and corporations. The meat packing corporations have an additional
$12 million in the bank right now. Right, and it’s, as you mentioned, a woman’s
already died because of this contamination. And $12 million might go ahead and give a
penny or two to a stock price for these corporations and help the top executives, but they don’t
help the average consumer who’s actually consuming these products and even if they’re following
instructions could still get sick. So it’s really disheartening and sad that
the Almighty dollar is causing these companies to try to shave off a few bucks, save some
money, but it’s hurting consumers. It’s making people get sick. It’s helping cause these massive recalls when
in fact they could just go ahead and keep on testing. My gosh, clean your equipment more often and
we might not see these kinds of recalls and Salmonella outbreaks like we are. Right, and you know, corporations are so happy
to save that $12 million, but how much of a hit are they going to take now that people
are afraid to buy ground turkey and rightfully so. Afraid to buy ground beef and rightfully so. I mean afraid to buy romaine lettuce or cake
mixes from Duncan Hines, I believe it was that had them a recalled. They’re going to lose so much more money than
they saved just because they wanted to take the shortcuts and that’s what we always see
with these corporations. They want to take whatever shortcut they can
because it’s going to save them money in the immediate future, in the immediate future,
but over the long run, which corporations don’t even seem to look at anymore, this is
going to cost them so much more in both litigation and lost sales because people have lost faith
in their products. Yeah, and when you’re looking at these lawsuits
that are being filed, and I know there’s another beef recall which just happened today, don’t
even have the data in front of me yet, I just saw it right before we went live and we’re
seeing more and more of these recalls for us. You mentioned everything from the Duncan Hines
cake mix from months ago to the romaine lettuce now to the ground turkey and ground beef when
the government should be adding additional regulations, not cutting them. These are things that the corporations may
say it’s going to cause price increases, but as you stated, the Trump administration has
gone ahead and cut back on regulation for the meat industry. It may have cost this woman in her life. It only saved $12 million and for a billion
dollar company, $12 million is a drop in the bucket, but a person’s life is worth much
more than that. And frankly for me, I want my family to be
safe, so add more regulations to make sure that the meat and the products that me and
my family are consuming is safe. Double check it, triple check it, make sure
that that equipment has to be cleaned, do what you have to do to keep us safe. That’s what we require and depend on the government
to do. Don’t start rolling back these controls which
can make us sick. Right, and a lot of people, you know, they
could get Salmonella or they could get E. coli, they’re going to have a very bad couple
of days, but they’re going to walk away just fine. This is not, you know, a massive death sentence
or hospital stay for the average person out there. But if you take a child, an elderly citizen
or anyone with a weakened immune system of any kind and suddenly you’re looking at a
life threatening condition because you decided to have a taco night or because you decided
to have burgers. That shouldn’t be a death sentence for anyone
in this country and unfortunately I’m afraid that’s where we are today with the lack of
proper regulations with these industries. Yeah, it’s sad and I’m hoping that we can
see that the administration will stop cutting these rules which are hurting their constituents. They’re hurting people out there and start
leaning on these corporations to take better care and make sure and enforce it because
while they’re cutting these regulations, while they’re laying off employees, that should
be doing more tests because I know that the FDA is actually understaffed for enforcement
of these regulations. We need to be taking care of the American
people and making sure that what they’re eating, what they’re consuming is safe. Absolutely. There are several links in the description
of this video. You go to topclassactions.com through those
links, they have full lists of some of the items that have already been recalled. As Scott has mentioned, those are going to
be updated as more and more different products get recalled, but please check out those links. Make sure you do not have any of those products
in your home, and if you do dispose of them immediately. Scott Hardy, topclassactions.com. Thank you very much for talking with us here. Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

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50 thoughts on “Regulatory Agencies Keep Letting Deadly Food Products On The Market”

  1. It doesn't matter, we closed down inspection groups and saved millions. More Trump policies to help America save money. Those that die from poisoning won't need healthcare any longer. Thanks Don…….

  2. Cooperation is really pathetic. They got a huge tax break from the president which puts more money in their pocket, now to find out they're cutting back on certain procedures that could have saved the lives of many people who died from Ecoli and salmonella..
    shame on corporate America.

  3. Welcome to the world of deregulation. Without all those burdensome regulations companies don't have to waste money doing all that testing. It is easy enough to find out the food is bad when people die.

  4. This is what happens when you think cut backs will make things cheaper
    Went to Mc d. Only 2 workers.
    Cheaper to stay home.
    Cost more money to go to work.
    Imma on a $1 meal budget.

  5. Corporations in the hands of good people could do great things.

    BUT, AMERICAN CORPORATIONS, are nothing but a slimy cowards fitting for the bottom line. Human life means nothing to these corporations.
    The recalls are only to drive up profit margins.


  7. This pathetic money grubbing corrupt administration is removing all kinds of safety regulations, because he loves America! Make America Gag Again!

  8. Trump has gutted the EPA and deregulated everything that would force companies to comply with testing and ensuring no illegal dumping . No oversight . Who suffer ? The poor people living in those areas . Think Michiganโ€™s water ??

  9. I wonder what a Trump supporter is gonna think or say when they are screwed over by one of these corporations after Trump cut regulations on that industry and then takes it to court where a Trump appointed judge or cabinet official spits in their face and throws their case out leaving them with no hope of taking back what they lost

  10. You can only hope that someone in the ELITE loses a son or daughter because then the regs. will come back quickly.

  11. Don't forget about the people that's picking your food or working in the food processing plants,,,. Remember they're not sending the best,,. Hahaha,,, and they are pissed off at the US,,. They have no problem,, shiting ,,pissing or spitting in your food,,,. ???

  12. I think the executives of these food handlers have no souls. They are cold as ice, it matters not that their products might sicken or kill the consumer/ victim. I canโ€™t believe that not a single Republican lawmaker had the fucking balls to stand up and say โ€˜this is one step to farโ€™. Stand up to Trump because they had to know that the whole Trump/Pence admin is smoke and mirrors. And how for fucks sake, now I Trump doesnโ€™t even try to hide his inappropriate speech or Tweets (lord help us) or his actions, his intent, his immense number of lies. Lies that were captured on video that proved he was lying. I think heโ€™s a total disgrace.
    ๐ŸŒธ Annie B. Namastรจ
    Peace ๐Ÿ™

  13. Geez, do we have to start irradiating everything now? I mean, it would work. Now if only the public would get over their irrational fears of radiation.

  14. Why doesn't the mainstream media cover important topics like this ? They need to show the negative consequences of this heinous administration's policies.

  15. Our (UK) useless government has been talking about trade with the US, including food. We are fighting this as the food hygiene standards here are much stronger than yours. And by the way, Farron, salmonella is not a couple of days โ€” at least a week of misery and then I could not return to work until I was completely clear. Four weeks! Thank goodness for statuary sick pay.

  16. Trump and his family and republican cronies are nothing more than a bunch of greedy slobs who don't give a rat's ass about any constituents, at all! Deregulation is meant to benefit corporations and not the consumers/citizens!

  17. Now you know why Trump and cronies want to appoint as many judges as they can and Trump wanting to change libel laws in top of it…Because Trump and family and the republican cronies love greedy, dirty, slobbish corporate money….

  18. Conspiracy theorists are out today. There are those corporate heads that absolutely only care about the bottom line such as the president of Odwalla back in '93 that superseded the order given by Odwalla's own quality control to throw out a lot of apples because of their condition. Those apples were used to make their refrigerated apple juice that made a lot of people sick and killed a young child. This was the last incident of outbreaks associated with untreated juice that put regulations in place that juice must be treated to destroy pathogens. Or the past president of Peanut Corporation of America, who along with several upper management are sitting in jail because they shipped peanut butter that they knew was contaminated and ended up killing multiple people.

    However, most companies do care to put out a safe product and abide by regulations to do so. But the American people just think all you need is a sponge and some bleach to clean thousands of feet of conveyors and piping, huge hundred gallon vats, thousands of square footage of floors, hundreds of tables. I hate to break it to you America, your kitchens are filthy, breeding grounds for plenty of pathogens, too. Your toilet is cleaner than your kitchen. Pathogens are evolving and surviving and becoming more pathogenic. What earlier methods of sanitation accomplished now is insufficient. Technology is trying to catch up. Our immune systems are becoming weaker. Diseases that normally would kill someone are being treated so that person survives with poorer immune systems incapable of fighting the pathogens taken in. Kids no longer develop healthy immune systems by going outside to play in the dirt.

    Take a look at all recalls and you will see many recalls happened without anyone becoming sick. The products were recalled because of a breakdown somewhere left the product with the potential to make someone sick.

  19. 7:25 unfortunately republicans only give a fuck about you if you are part of the 1% and/or a corporation and any republican administration tends to spend their entire time in power attempting to undo all the good any democrats have done that preceded said republican administration

  20. my grandma said in her time time they used to spray bad things on the food so that simply means they never did care. adlest in are times they are warning people. I bet in the olden days they give no warning and a lot of people died and people was just uniware.

  21. Well are the trump supporters happy with their decisions now when trump doesnโ€™t care about regulations? And now itโ€™s actually killing us off?

  22. not long before the G0P says dying from contaminated food is a hoax and Trumpers rally behind no regs. We cant wait on coward dems and evil G0P. Protest

  23. one thing you forgot that the companies lose money on is the dam recalls themselves, it costs money to pull your food from the shelves and throw that product away

  24. People forgot why regulations were enacted, only saw regulations as needless "red tape" and donnie dumbass said he'd get rid of the "red tape." Now people are waking up and realizing why the "red tape" was necessary, but it's too late and more children and immune compromised people will die before this country can rid ourselves of donnie dumbass and his entire grifter family!

  25. Trump wants the U.K. to lower their 'unfair' EU safety standards before he signs a food trade deal with them. May will oblige him.

  26. This "let the corporations run wild and free" has got to stop. They already make a bunch of cash for their stockholders. Once confidence in their products falls they will feel the sting of loss and might change their ways. But after how many deaths?

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