[ Groans ] Guys, look! I woke up with a body — a big
sexy rock ‘n’ roll commando one! My wish came true! [ All gasp ]
-It’s a miracle! Are you sure that’s
regulation ball size? Who cares? His body’s
mucho macho excellence is only exceeded by my own
consummate masculine hubris! Right?
I’m a somebody with a buff body! Whoo! Look at this! I can punch and crush
with my mighty arms and fists! All: Yeah! Stomp and smash their skulls
into concrete with my sexy legs and feet! All: Yeah! I can — I can — Whoa. I can give you all
the biggest, tightest, warmest hugs
I’ve always longed to give! -Wait, what?
-Whoa! You first, Leto!
Come here, you big softie! This is a good hug. [ Laughs ]
Thank you, Baby Ball. I love it. Harder! Harder! This is foreign,
yet welcome. ♪♪

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