The popular press lately has been
full of reports regarding a couple of important topics within the
field of cannabis regulation. One of which is the differentiation
between federal level of compliance and state-to-state level of
compliance. And you know, if you take or enroll in our On Demand
module we’ll teach you the difference between how Canada regulates
use of cannabis and United
States regulates the use of cannabis. And you know, there are a number of
different fundamental things
in regulatory policy that are similar between the two countries
and a number that are different. So some similarities include, you know, regulation from an advanced manufacturing
perspective what excipients and what active pharmaceutical ingredients are
in cannabis and cannabinoid derivative formulations as well as
traceability, complaint handling, and other potential adverse events
associated with use of cannabis and cannabinoid derivatives both for health
indications like pediatric epileptic seizures in the United States all the
way through to the other end of the extreme to the adult and
recreational use population. So this module will cover
all of those aspects. We’ll give you readings and
some on demand lecture content, delivered by myself, and potentially other faculty members
as well to teach you about what the cannabis regulation
field looks like today: it’s current status, where
it’s likely to be going. We’re going to include a little bit of
scientific content because it would be important for you to understand
if you take a cannabis plant, what the active ingredients in that plant
actually are as well as other aspects of against state versus
federal regulation.

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