Stability or stagnation? How does economic stability differ from stagnation? This is very simple. Economic stability is the foundation for development. Overall, stability is always the foundation for development, while stagnation is basically backpedaling without any development. That is the main difference. Look, during the first decade of your tenure, everything was booming. Yes.

Andrei Vandenko: Then, around 2008, we set off on bolstering our health by jogging in place. Great. Then, around 2008, we set off on bolstering our health by jogging in place. Well, firstly, it is very healthy. I will get to that – it is important. Secondly, the question is what benchmark we started from in 1999 and 2000. It was minimal, in fact, a pittance. Because then, if we begin with the key issue here, 42 million people lived below the poverty line. A third of the country’s population. Nowadays this number is still high at 13.5 million. But this is not a third, not 42 million. Nevertheless, it is still a lot. And we must combat this. Back then, the gold and forex reserves stood at $12.5 billion, and the national debt came to 145 billion. There was no end in sight; it was unclear how to sort it out. Since then and until now – as I say this, people may start having doubts, but this is a fact – real wages have grown by 4.2 per cent. Pensions have almost tripled (2.9 times). Real incomes have jumped 2.4 times. Do you mean since 2000? Yes, since 2000. Those are definitely real things. Now, this does not mean that everything is fine today. Not at all. On the contrary. Moreover, people do not make comparisons with what it was like before, when it was bad, but rather with how good it is supposed to be in the future. When they see that their desires are not met, they feel let down. Frankly speaking, I agree with this perspective. Especially since you made a promise. In 2008, we heard that by 2020 the average wage would be around $2,700. A family of three would have a 100-square-meter flat… Well, this is not quite correct. Those were preliminary plans. Yes, plans. The so-called 2020 Concept. We planned to double our GDP by 2008 and based on this we compiled our social plans accordingly. In 2008, we had practically reached our goals. Then, the global financial crisis struck, not by any fault of ours, it came from beyond our borders. As a result, a far more urgent task appeared that we had to tackle. I want to remind everybody that here it was essential to prevent the economy from collapsing and the public’s savings from being wiped out. This was in 2008. I became Prime Minister then and had to publicly announce – this was a huge risk, frankly speaking – I announced that… The risk was you being Prime Minister? No, it was what I said. What I said was this. I stated that I would prevent a repeat of the 1998 crisis, when all of the public’s savings had been wiped out. And we prevented that. But, indeed, it had a negative impact on our development. Honestly, we were not to blame for it. That global financial meltdown and the economic crisis that followed came from the outside. I see. But incomes, real incomes have been on the decline in recent years. True. We are concerned about this; I am deeply concerned that this sort of stagnation has hit real incomes. There is an explanation. First and foremost, it is connected with a drastic drop in energy prices. Everything kept growing as long as oil was at $100 per barrel or higher. Now it is $60. Do you see the difference? It has practically halved. This explains why we launched these National Projects with the aim of changing the economy’s structure and promoting self-sustaining development. But people cannot afford to wait for years, I understand this perfectly. I certainly understand that this is one of today’s key social issues. We need to do something about this. The government is obliged to do something to give it a boost. There are many ways. Does anyone bear personal responsibility for the falling revenues and the rise in poverty? The latest figures show that the number has been on the rebound. Well, there were 13.4 million, now there are 13.5 million. The difference is not very big, but it does exist. These are real people. What can we say about personal responsibility at a time when world oil prices have slumped? What can we say about personal responsibility, if…? But we wanted to wean ourselves off oil dependency. We wanted to do that, and we are gradually doing it, by the way. We are really moving away from it, because the share of non-oil and gas revenue is growing. But this requires time, and it cannot be done at the drop of a hat. There has been a lot of talk about inflation; it is reducing, but people are more concerned about what they see in their refrigerators. – True.
– Macroeconomic figures may look good, but… Try to see my point. Low inflation means that prices go up very slowly or do not grow at all. But they do go up. But slowly. Since the 2000s that you started from… – You did.
– Well, the 20 questions, that is where you started. – Well, yes. We had an inflation rate of 20.5 percent, I believe. And in 1999, when I became Prime Minister, it was 36 percent, or 35 percent, I believe. And in 1992, inflation was 2,600 percent. Now it is hovering around 3.4 to 3.5 percent. And that covers food prices. And people feel the bite of rising inflation since prices go up, taking a toll on people’s wallets. It is another thing that along with targeting inflation, the public’s disposable incomes need to be raised. This is obvious. It is quite obvious. In the context of our economic structure, it is not that simple. But the Government is certainly obliged to make additional efforts. This is precisely what we are discussing.

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61 thoughts on “Putin Challenged By The State Media Journo About Russian Economy, Incomes Growth & Oil Dependence!”

  1. … even with unnecessary sanctions, Russia has continued to make steady progress, thanks to Putin's effective and resourceful leadership.❤🇷🇺

  2. The most sane and rational of people in irrational times, are wrongly accused by the irrational themselves of that which they are guilty of.

  3. TASS used to be the foremost newspaper of the USSR. But we see the quality dived to the bottom. More stupid questions to come up with. And the leader, asking … Megan Keolly, come back with your stupid question.

  4. Pres Putin gave some very intelligent answers on the Russian economy. This is very educational going back to 2008 with the Global economy experiencing a downturn resulting in my view of the US Mortgage and Banking crisis. I applaud Pres Putin and his Adm for all their progress beneficial for the Russian people. Great show very educational.

  5. Debt to GDP ratio Russia 12%
    Debt to GDP ratio U.S. 130%
    Debt per cspita U.S. $64,000
    Debt per capita Russia $6000
    Forex Reserves U.S. $120billion
    Forex Reserves Russia $560billion.
    U.S. runs a trade deficit of $640billion.
    Russia runs a trade surplus of a $150billion.
    U.S. debt is increasing by $1.2trillion per year.
    Russian debt is decreasing by $10biion per year.
    U.S. doesnt have Universal healthcare.
    Russia has universal healthcare.
    Let that sink in…

  6. All things going wrong in the nation's, economy, families, governments and the world are are rooted in terrible unGodliness- sin, lies, injustice, greed, abuse, foolishness, unprayerfulness, arrogance, selfishness, immorality, etc. Godliness always produces excellance. God save us now..

  7. Kolshi va prosse .
    Le puple veulent seulment l'argents .
    La gerre va etes en tout les pays du monde .

  8. Notice, this is under international sanctions. The United States buys gas and oil from us. We are the first to export wheat. Soon we will be leaders in sugar. It is beetroot, not reed. Vegetables and fruits. We want to move Canada in peas. Little by little = little by little we are doing our job.

    Machine-building, steel, nuclear energy, we are leaders already.

    But we are not enough. We're few. And we are not enough.

    Why not pick up soy?

    We have Live products without nitrates and GMOs.

    Again to blame for something, but we do not care.

    "Walking Road Overpowered" Saying.

  9. Throw in the oligarchs' STOLEN BILLIONS AND OWNERSHIPS and even more improvement would be made all over the world.

  10. The only thing Russia needs is gradually liberalisation of their economy and an independent judicial system

  11. i think then Putin say "real wages grown by 4.2 percent" he mean x4.2 times. if he say from 2000-2020 year.

  12. Sorry
    Try mentioning the Chabad Lubivich influence.
    Oops.. Funny the U.S. has the 1st. Amendment with that subject here as well.
    That God the majority of Jewish people agree with me here.

  13. There is NO other and smarter President on planet earth then Putin. If there is point one / name one. Anybody?

  14. I wanted to congratulate all all the handed men. Serbian girls of all the mothers of the girl who decided on the aunt, mothers and all the beautiful women on the holiday. Give your beloved, mother, mother-in-law, she will be nice.

  15. I'm surprised. I thought that the economy was thriving but I'm pleased to hear Vladimir Putin talk about its failures with such honesty.

  16. Excellent signal lingo Lord putin ..God above..left symbol hsnd circle my son wrote this technology in kids hand's keep peace..Mother Russia safe*

  17. How about we stop empowering governments to control the markets? Oh but wait that is why we have oligarchs, pretend presidents and puppets of israhelli Zionism

  18. Message for all Russian from someone who understands economy and finance: without Vladimiromic not only economy would be lower but I believe even Russia shouldn't exist now…

  19. That's your idea of tough questions? That's a bit of a joke, the journalist looked a bit scared, he was not nearly as aggressive as what one would expect. So don't try and sell this point, because it looks ridiculous. Even Fox news askes tougher questions of Donald Trump than this softball interview.

    What is respectable is the Russia is lucky to have a leader that confronts issues head on in an intelligent and mature manner. Putin is serious, highly competent, and doesn't try to patronize his people with ridiculous lies like we are subjected to by our leaders in the West. The only western leader that truly seems to respond to his voters demands is Trump, the rest all appear to owned by their wealthy election donors.

    Putin doesn't appear to bullshit like the typical western politician like Trudeau, Boris Kemal Johnson, all the useless idiots in the EU (except for Macron, who tries to be a real leader), or the idiot lying bimbo, Arden, that heads New Zealand etc.

  20. I watch the whole interview and there were harder questions than this, I even found this interviewer to be a @#$% but Putin managed to avoid 99% of the unfair or intentional hits by this journalist.

  21. Russia is self efficient don’t really need food from Europe or even America ,, lucky Russians to have one president like Putin to keep Russia united . We’ll done mr, Putin for now 🤨

  22. Russia should take the lead in the refinement and promotion of Thorium Molten Salt Reactors. This cheap energy source that will last for a thousand years is slowly getting out of the bag. Russia will either be a leader and exporter of this technology or it will be it's victim and find itself on the dust bins of history. This technology would also enable Russia to be the world's largest food supplier.

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  25. Mr Putin is certainly a leader to be admired. It's obvious how much he cares for his people, culture and country.

  26. Never challenge a WISE man, like President Putin !!! Cause he always has the right answer !!!! I've noticed that in every President Putin video I watch..I watch President Putin videos so I can SEE HIM !!!! And I also really like they way he thinks too…

  27. Western democracy is an illusion in totality our politicians are nothing but lying, corrupt, self serving conmen in service to the global elite being the corporate oligarchs. Almost all our media through out the western world is owned by only five multinational corporations. They keep the vegetables feed on constant diet fabricated facts, distorted histories and outright lies I.e “false news” once known as propaganda. it’s an example of “doublespeak” by George Orwell and the dumbing down of the masses by our ruling oligarchs. They destroy our ability to unit against them by making us all self serving individuals following the carrot to our own un-achievable dreams. We are no freer than the Russians. P.s Have you decided your gender yet or isn’t there a calcification that suits you and they call that freedom!!!!!!!

  28. “If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward.”― Mikhail Gorbachev

    President Putin is definitely moving forward.

  29. Beware past his point.A clown called ‘Aussie Jim’ is going to express his cunt-worthless opinion to everyone.

  30. One thing that stands out in this interview is how Putin refers to the effect the economy has on average citizens. In the US, it does not matter if it is the president, a congressperson , a spokesperson for the Federal Reserve or a local banker , giving an interview about the economy, they NEVER voice concern or even mention the effect it has on citizens. It is always about Wallstreet and stocks.
    The more I research and learn about the history of and current actions of the USG, the more shameful it appears.

  31. Russian media is nothing more than state propaganda. Putin is a dictator trying to increase the empathy of unhappy people.

  32. When it comes to economy mistakes, learn from the US. I have watched the US go from a self sufficient country to a begging country.
    While AI and computer skills/jobs are needed, so are basic skills. You need plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, welders, etc.
    The backbone of any country is the farmers. Never….ever…allow only a couple of farmers to become a monopoly. You need family farms. Many. Do not allow corporations to run farms. This is what happened here. As you can see, it is a disaster.
    Teach the young people how to grow gardens so they can eat and to have small animals for food and milk. Industry is good but make sure it is family oriented.
    Craftmanship is extremely important. For too long the world has demanded cheap goods, lacking in quality. Quality must be stressed. Pride in what one makes is essential.
    If you create a safe and happy environment for the worker, pay a decent living wage, give the worker something to be proud of accomplishing, your economy will start to rebound. If only they would do this in the states.
    Start community gardens for those in the cities. Open up greenhouses so they can raise food in the winter time. Once a person feels useful and proud of accomplishing something with their own hands it transfers over to everyday situations in their lives.
    There is a movement going on here in the US. It is a good thing to see happen. People are starting to raise their own food. They are starting to take pride in their accomplishments. Average people are starting to use their own hands to make products which they use themselves and/or sell.
    Industry in the way of corporations is needed to provide jobs for the masses but so is personal family industry. It is essential for a healthy economy. Rocket scientists are nice but not everyone is cut out to be a rocket scientist. The average person needs to feel useful and needed. Then you will see pride in Craftmanship

  33. What do the average ruskies russian person make a years ? and the cost of there home and do they have a second home like a summer cabin and how many car do they own or is buying and there bank account and stock and there credit score and where do they vacation at each year ? that let me know your economy is doing good because peoples got money to spend or blow.

  34. My God this is a true and honest LEADER , open and concerned about real problems of life and his people.

    Fact easily forgotten is WHO put Russia in this financial crisis in the past and is still doing their utmost best to keep Russia in state of " SANCTIONS " ?


    WHY ?


    A jealous person sees himself as ' inferior ' to the one he's digging the hole to fall in .
    Greed because he doesn't know GOD but rather has his own ' Money God ' !

  35. I see a lot of hate in journo's eyes. He truly hates his president and Russia as well. Something tells me he's a liberal.

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