Hello everyone this is Richard with
first-class Gardens welcome into our grow bench and I’ve got another exciting
video for you guys today I got a lot of positive feedback on a rose and potato
video so we’re going to try a lemon tree today one regret I do have on that video
that I did not show you guys the cinnamon or honey method to to rooting a
cutting so we’re going to do the all-natural way and we’re going to do
the chemical way with the clone X that way you get two in one and all we’re
going to do is we’re going to peel off some of these older leaves and get rid
of this older stem this is just a couple suckers that were growing up right off
my lemon tree it needed pruned anyways so these are great to try in in route
because it’s new growth and they’re ready to just start to grow so got a lot
of energy there and these are the ones that you want to try it to get to root
you can have a lot success if you’re using newer growth rather than older
growth so snip this old green part off here there we go again
make sure that all your utensils are washed down with alcohol and I’m going
to actually drill them to the potato with a drill bit again today just make
sure that your drill bits are oil free alcohol just weight them down cotton
swab or whatever just clean those up alright so I’ve got my drill bit today a
little bit smaller than the rose cuttings that were using the other day
and that looks like about the right size we want to match up the the width of the
stem with the size of the drill bit that looks like it’s going to do there
alright now we just gotta put a little bit the nose drill and the key is on the
potato you don’t want to go all the way through it you’re gonna go about 3/4 of
the way down there we go oh it’s therapeutic I love I could do
this all day drilling into potatoes alright so all I do is just kind of
measure this up make sure it’s going to fit down in there and that looks like
it’s going to do perfect all right that one’s set and we reduce dab a little bit
of the honey down into the potato into our hole there kind of let sit for about
30 seconds so it starts to seep down in there alright and we’re going to use the
ground cinnamon kind of like a rooting powder if you guys ever use rooting
powder that’s all we’re going to do with the stem of the cutting first thing is
we want to cut off of these leaves here they’re too big that’s where all our
moisture is going to be released from so by cutting the leaves in half that’s
going to actually help keep moisture in the cutting and at the base is where we
want most of the moisture to stay so all right we’re going to take our ground
center we’re going to dab it into the ground cinnamon just like we would a
rooting a hormone powder and there it is that’s all that’s needed let’s take our
potato and then we’re gonna go ahead and we’re going to go ahead just insert it
in our hole there you can move around the honey it hasn’t gotten down in there
yet what’s going to happen it’s going to seep down into the hole it’s going to
create a seal and it’s going to be nice and moist down there that’s that potato
decomposes it will feed your new lemon tree all right that one’s set happy with
that now you things can go right out into the
garden but right now in northern Ohio it’s January we’ve got five gallon
buckets repaired we’ll just use some potting soil in the meantime keep it in
a warm environment and should be just fine we’re think our second potato we do
the same thing here we go my favorite part oK we’ve drilled down into a potato
about three-quarters of the way down take our second cutting here and this is
going to be the clone x method again we’re going to trim up these leaves
we’re trying to keep and retain moisture in our cutting and so that way it can
concentrate on building roots go we don’t need so much energy from the roots
or from the leaves right now we need it to concentrate on making
roots so that’s going to help in our process and we’re going to take the
clone x guys and they do not like to get the stuff on my fingers if you guys do
get on your hands make sure you wash right away working with the cap here it
makes it a little easier to apply that’s what I do is pour a little in the cap
there spread it around on the cut and you know 10-15 seconds should be long
enough for it to kind of sit in there it’s kind of soak in a little bit more
once it gets into the potato I’m going to slide it in there and that’s actually
fitting really good just like our all-natural one this one fit in really
really good pretty happy with that alright guys there you go you got your
natural way and then you got your clone x way the natural way was of course with
the honey in the cinnamon and then we’ve just got regular clone X I’ll leave a
link down below in the description if you guys want to go out and try the
clone x it works great I’m a lot of different plants yeah it really helps
promote roots so I’ve got a white tag and I’m grab a yellow tag remark the
white tag with the honey and cinnamon we’re going to wrap it around the base
and we’ll mark the yellow one with clone x and wrap it around the base of that
cutting that way kind of keep track and which one does better if they do both
make it will have a follow-up video to that so there it is just going to wrap
these around the base again and then we’ll go ahead and stick them in our
five-gallon buckets and make sure you do check back in about three four weeks
we’ll have a follow-up video to this if you guys try something else or you try
this or if you got some suggestions you want me to try in another video let me
know down below in the description appreciate you guys stopping back make
sure you leave a little feedback and thumbs up share always helps my channel
well thanks again guys we’ll see you in the next video

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100 thoughts on “Put A Lemon Cutting In A Potato And Watch It GROW!!!”

  1. This is annoying – dragging this out over 3 videos, geez. Beyond that I can't find the final results. The 2nd one had 10 days, that doesn't do anything. I'm getting the feeling from watching this vid and some other people, that the host is more interested in just hearing the sound of his voice rather than bringing the thing to a conclusion. Has anyone heard of editing? If you can't say something in a couple of minutes I'm moving on.

  2. Why do people keep shoving things into defenseless potatoes? Wires, clocks, lemon cuttings, megalomaniacal AIs who experiment on humans for entertainment, etc. Leave the poor potatoes in peace.

  3. Why are you all so annoying. No, the lemon tree doesnt root inside the potato. The lemon tree is grafted into the potato.

  4. one thing I dont understan, all people like you teaching these stuff and grafting etc. why nobody say what time of the year is to do each one, planting in potato, and grafting or planting certain vegetables. without knowing what time for what kind of tree?

  5. ok, my question is: will rooting hormone cause cancer in humans that use it to propagate edible plants like lemons or oranges? That is, eats the fruits when the trees produce. I recently read not to use clone x for edibles. Do you get good results from the honey/cinnamon technique?

  6. Thank you. Though there were some pretty ungrateful and rude comments below so I thank you for taking the time to provide us with an alternate method to try growing lemons. I'm in Australia and will certainly update you if I get them growing.

  7. What are my chances of growing a dwarf Orange tree if I stick a branch in the regular garden soil without any cutting, honey, cinnamon, rooting mix or any thing. I came on this site cause I accidently broke a branch and then I simply poaked it in the ground.

  8. This is absolute bullshit, putting a plant in another plant will not make it grow, it will take nutrients away from the plant you’re tying to grow. Either way, I doubt the potato would have the nutrients to suit a plant

  9. Try going a lemon cutting into a potato but grow the potato and the lemon cutting in the potato or sprout a coconut and plant bamboo seeds in the spouting coconut

  10. Just found this video can't wait to try it when i put it into the patio do i put it straight into the ground?

  11. what part of Ohio are y'all ? Grafton here, love your videos, your making me what to get the planting bug tho lol

  12. Where is the lemon from you first image?
    You are a scammer looking for wiews to get paid by youtube.
    Go and take a sleep

  13. Amazing what you find here on youtube. Looking forward to seeing if they grew. Never ever would have thought of doing this. Thank you 🇦🇺🇺🇸👍


  15. I have tried it many of times and has never worked but i have tried it a different way with no potato is using aloe Vera and have grown about 5 trees from it now so yeah just a heads up.

  16. 2 years ago I made a gif if this guy drilling into a potato and now it's just a gif thats a meme in my discord lol

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