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35 thoughts on “President Trump Officially On Trial As Impeachment Proceedings Kick Off | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Trump is trying to prove that he's innocent of obstruction of justice, by obstructing justice.
    Trump: " I did nothing wrong, and I have nothing to hide. And to prove it, I'm going to hide everything.

  2. The circus is finally in town to start off 2020. To bad lawyer Algonquin J. Calhoun is not on Trump's defense team. If Calhoun was good enough for Amos 'n Andy, he is good enough for Trump.

  3. Dr. Fiona Hill, and Lt.Col Vindman twice told a superior of their concerns about Trump’s efforts to force  Ukraine for the investigation in exchange for military aid. The White House lawyer John Eisenberg had the full transcript of Trump's phone call moved to the highly classified White House server, which is usually reserved for code-word level intelligence but not transcripts of diplomatic discussions.

    Bolton tells Dr. Fiona Hill to deliver a message from him to the White House counsel;: “I am not part of whatever drug deal Sondland and Mulvaney are cooking up.”

    The American people demand to hear from Mulvaney, Bolton, the White House counsel John Eisenberg, and the American people demand to see the full transcript of Trump's so called "perfect" phone call. Anything less would be a clear and brazen cover-up on the part of Trump and republicans.

  4. IT IS NOT A TRIAL without witnesses or evidence which the republican't and mush mouth mitch not allowing it. COVER UP

  5. Trump is clearly guilty of both counts but Mitch & Lindsey are in cover up mode. Hope they both lose their 💺 in November.

  6. More like…. This is a Cover Up Impeachment Trial of president Trump…no eyewitnesses, no evidence and its imperative that Trump remain president of the U.S

  7. Watch as, 'like the water of separation', the truth, enters down into the bowels… Now, all that he owns, is a sin against his mortal soul, which is now, a body, he can no longer habitate.. For this, he is now, at a complete loss of life.. Now forced out,like a Holyman, a Sadhu….. WIthout time, place, clothing, food, he is 'not'…….

    Now, rotteness has filled all his bones, as they clatter and rattle, like the bones of an old, skeleton…The 'Kingdom of heaven, is no longer inside of him"…. The flesh has rotted away from his bones… He is just a pile of bones, eat up with rottenness………

    "The slings and arrows….or to die, moral man………."

  8. This is why I burned my Bible.. So I could never get 'mixed up', in all of this Holiness.. All of this 'Goodness and their Ministry…. '………

    This is why I am not a Holyman……..

    Why I worship the ways of the Nicolaitan… The Hindu……. The Buddhist….

    Not this Holiness of God… But it is amazing when the Cicle is complete….. When they all fall.

    The Verdict will be a Ruling in the 'Name of Jesus'…….. And his Immaculate Conception………….. Praise be to God.

  9. Dems sure do want to keep Sanders in DC leading up to Iowa. Two or three well timed attacks from Warren, now Clinton all at the same time. Unreal.

  10. It’s really scary to see how blatantly trump’s defense team lies – there is no honor or truth in the GOP anymore – McConell is as corrupt as they come and and he is their mob boss – these senators are not representing their states but putting themselves and their party over this country and our democracy

  11. how about a survey?? thumbs up or down? impeach & remove?
    no email boxes, no donate to ???
    no phone #'s
    just 👍 or 👎
    let's just see what the American people think!!!

  12. Their argument is why didn’t the house subpoena Bolton but the house said they did so, but it would take longer to do so, and republicans are want impeachment speedy trial!

  13. Schiff & Co kept talking ( and talking) about things NOT related to the articles of impeachment.
    Btw: IF the DEMS believe they have strong case… Why ask for more documents and witnesses?

  14. Its amazing to me how they are doing it right in your face and they still defend him. The whole Trump family is corrupt. People please don't let your hatred of others (non-white) lead you down the wrong path. Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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