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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Shifts Explanation For Withholding Ukraine Aid | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. When has the orange incompetent fuckwit ever told the truth about anything….never! Just look at the catalogue of lies this fraud of a president has told for decades before the pile of festering scum became president and the tens of thousands of lies he has told since. Who would have thought that the US would elect such an immoral, incompetent, criminally corrupt moron and disgusting example of just how low a morally bankrupt can stoop.

  2. The reason Biden asked that the Ukrainian prosecution be fired was because he was corrupt and not investigating deep enough according to The NY Times.

  3. This chart is about development assistance: That is what most countries do: The US sends Military, they have to sell their waeponery; total hypocrisy

  4. Trump is so stupid that he wants to look like a person who has a lot of ball's to bad he doesn't even have half of one. He incriminates himself when he gets caught in a lie his expression gives him away when he lies he tries to cover the first lie with a second lie he lies so much he doesn't make any sense cause he believes his own fairy tales and his lawyer Rudy is the same a person can only lie so much after s while all that lies it'll catch up to you that is called CARMA

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  6. William P. Barr – Donald Trump – Judge(??) Kavanaugh ALL ELIGIBLE FOR IMPEACHMENT
    stonewall – soundbites won't cut it – the lies are worn out – DELAY – and deny everything you want the EVIDENCE SAYS IT ALL……trade wars are easy – ask the farmers? Mexico will pay for the WALL? -AND THE DEFENSE FUNDING?? WHERE ARE HIS TAXES – WHERE IS THE HEALTHCARE – CUTS TO FOOD STAMPS? CUTS TO SCHOOL LUNCHES? prescription drug plans? infrastructure? jobs, jobs, jobs, where CHINA?? Immigrants with crops rotting on the ground – but they work on his golf courses? don't forget he's making money with his Chinese trademarks – 81 million dollars EMOLUMENTS…..BUT NO TAXES?? and costing the taxpayers over 100 million dollars to play golf??? HANG HIM never mind the out to dry part – Hang him

  7. Pelosi's lack of leadership has been startlingly pathetic! I've been a lifelong Democratic supporter, but if there were a viable alternative I'd switch in a second. The country and the world will being paying for her lack of leadership for a very long time.

  8. Melania looks ridiculous with that frowny face…she should be worried, her sugar daddy is going to jail…in disgrace, and the stain will be on her forever…same with Mrs. Pence

  9. Ha this hasn't aged well in 4 days. Fake news lying again! Fake news edits the transcript of what Trump released. Proves how dirty media is, pro commie. If it wasn't for double standards the media and their demon rats would have no standards at all. Show the full transcript you liars, you can't can you. Media fears truth. Sick. Trump derangement syndrome  24/7 Same tactics FBI/spy leak and media lie as Mueller probe beginnings.

  10. Biden held up a billion in loan guarantees to protect his 'bag nan' son's gig. That is on tape. The was no mention 8 times of anything even in Schift's 'parody!!" There was no withholding of weapons systems or anything. Crowd Strike, Fusion GPS? Fake news  blinding dumbocrats year 3.

  11. Need to quit being nice! He needs money!He wants cash! He doesn' t want them to have the money!He cant handle the pressure! Voting, 'Impeachment,family,!lt's too. much!I could be wrong!?pressure…..

  12. In that one phone call he broke many laws. There was the diversion of funds congressionally allocated for a specific reason. There was the extortion of the president of Ukraine. There was the request to ask a foreign power to interfere in the election process of the US.There was the request to ask a foreign power to violate the civil rights of 2 American citizens (the Bidens). There was the miscatagoration of the call to a top security server. There was the illegal process of keeping this report from congress.

  13. US and Ukraine Treaty, signed by WetWilly Clinton 1998, effective 2001 or 2002. Our Awesome President did nothing wrong. This Treaty ALLOWS our 2 governments to work together to combat corruption and gives Trump the ability to Re-Investigate Biden and his crackhead son Hunter's acceptance of $$$$$ from a UK energy company which he had no experience or knowledge of. Biden is guilty of threatening the Uk President, giving him 6 hours before he left UK, to Fire the UK Prosecutor to stop the investigation that UK had already begun, or No Foreign Aid to UK from OBAMA'S ADMINISTRATION. BIDEN stated and bragged about threatening the UK President on tape. Pisslosi's Wrap-Up Smear Campaign (ON TAPE)
    Clearly is an offensive crime to incite the public to hate Trump, Barr etc.

  14. he's in bed with putin,then he sides with putin's enemy so you know putin is going to want revenge.but the whole thing is he really let other countries know the united states is pay to play or favor for favor!!!!!!!!

  15. After my military service l just came back to Germany, learn German and finish my studies, now I'm a mechanical ING. Doing software, programming and schooling young people how to cnc parts milling and lathe around the globe, now I retire with 63 and tell you I miss the time, because it was fun. I always thought that I have to defend the country, telling that Americans are stupid and dumb, I use to get upset and I try to convince them that they are wrong. But after the 2016 elections I start to believe that we're stupid and dumb. When you look around the country and you find a small town you will notice the majority of the people are old and seat at the porch and swing back and forward, don't tell me that they have the knowledge what is going around the world. 🌊🌊🌊♥️🇺🇸🔒🍰💩🆙

  16. He is withholding it and by the way he paid it….Oh America our dear country, America our dearest continent! You are marching on to take your place among all the fallen and failed civilizations of the world!

    May the Lord help you to come to your senses in time!

  17. So, they gonna just sit by like this aint happen we just had two-three videos of disabled receipts across the contry approach the congress for increase just today referring to nowadays but we didnt recieve anything nor do we still all have the proper resources, a increase in benefits requested by thousands of ssi benefits giving citizens ughh we always gotta beg this dang wretched government that only keeps one ear open Once again can we get our increase to $1,500.00

  18. If that SOB Trump keeps talking people will be asking like what's up with BBidens son and looking into that like big amount of money and stuff about him making and his Daddy threatiningg them. Let's not look into that it could freakin literally mean Drump will like continue the economic prosperity and sht and win. Then where will we be man?

    booooo hooo
    you morons keep spinning your lies

    EVERYBODY sees what you are doing
    The whistleblower complaint is a dem wet dream

    Bye democrats
    keep crying

  20. Put Biden on the stand
    Lets ask him about withholding a billion dollars in exchange for firing
    quid pro quo
    youre gonna rue this day
    youlll never sell this farce
    what a joke the democrats are
    Impeachment guarantees Trump reelection and probably hands the Republicans the house
    well done

  21. Hey morning Joe
    Youre a joke turd
    this is your wet dream you pathetic loser
    Unfortunately its a complete fabrication and nobody is buying this crap

  22. I’m good with it. Don’t see why we’re giving billions in aid while are own suffer. America has had enough. We’re tired of aspiring to be a 3rd world nation. Time to take back America and raise the standards of living for our own without sneaky taxes and fees.

  23. they say you can't indict a sitting president because it would distract him from his job at hand. that is counterproductive in my view. if the president is committing crimes, he needs to have his presidential powers rescinded until the charges are adjudicated. i don't want a criminal using the office to act out his anger on our government. & he is a traitor if his crimes involve his powers as president. it makes absolutely no sense to want him to continue making decisions for our country. there are 100's of politicians who can carry on the duties & fill in, & non critical work can be suspended if need be. he isn't doing anything anyway but get us in deeper in the economy, immigration, internationally. he is a disaster who needs to have his powers removed immediately. he is too vindictive. but on the subject at hand. nancy had to wait for the right divisive crime he did, that enough people would get behind while she was building a case-her & her team in different agencies & offices, so they would be ready to bounce on it. it was a just matter of time before he would cross the line. & when this came forward, it was something so egregious, & we all screamed louder than we have been, & she knew she had enough support, a definite impeachable breach of our constitution & even the support of the senate so she announced to a grateful country, that she would proceed. she has taken a lot of flak, & i am thrilled that this whistleblower, & those who gave all of this evidence to them to pass on so this could happen. it is definitely about national security. putin is a dangerous brutal adversary of ours. & i just saw a report that obama had sanctioned russia in 2014 for invading the crimea, so i'm sure that p'ed don off who was in negotiations with russia to build his dream hotel in moscow. it collapsed the real estate industry & the millionaire brothers who he was trying to get to finance it, because he never uses his own money, & never repays his investors. he has been seething since.

  24. The republicans know he’s corrupt ,that’s why they allowed the transcript to be released, they fall behind trump, to show the republican voters to see they are trying to protect trump.meanwhile drip drip then a gush of truth until the polls get to 75% for impeachment

  25. What a DISGRACE GALLORE for the one and only one USA to watch their President lie shamelessly on national media daily. How low could a person get to save his skin.wow!. unimaginable.

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