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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Refers To Rep. Jerry Nadler As ‘Sleazebag’ At Davos | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. https://youtu.be/N57vzrSEDCw?t=1387

    They did not have the kkk siting in the white house and the justice dept and the Senate way back then thank God
    ! How about this then?

  2. Sleaze bag Swampy Trump must don't have mirrors around him some one please give him one so he can look in it. The definition for Sleaze bag is a picture of Trump

  3. There should be an immediate injunction filed against Trump's Twitter account, and the media for the duration of his impeachment trial. He should not be allowed to distract or influence the public, or the media, during the proceeding. Either he testifies properly like any other defendant, or he should keep quiet. Clearly, Trump is incapable of self-restraint so we need to at least have Twitter put a temporary block on his account.

  4. OMG whinge, whinge, whine. So sick of hearing such drivel from that silly little pouty mouth. America can you please do something about the disaster in the White House. And next time pick a grown up. No more lapses of judgement at election time. The world is waiting for an American president it can respect again.

  5. TRUMP is the MESSIAH of NAMES CALLING & republican's cultists following him up calling everybody around them everything they can but then accusing democrats of doing just that. TRUMP can just go away and did not need to run for re-election especially that he complains about hate, harassment, witch hunt, impeachment …. obviously he is enjoying it after all and/or getting his $$BILLIONS looted together with ZIONISTS NAZI JEWS!!!! just FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!!!

  6. Why are they discussing US & frump's friends? Why are they not asking about economics?
    Can the two of you stop adding unnecessary, back up dialog? It's difficult enough to hear the entire run-on sentence, but with the additional, sycophantic comments it's impossible.
    Ask the question and wait for the answer. Thank you.

  7. Trump got spanked, bigly, by Nadler back in the '80s over a development project that Nadler, and probably every other New Yorker, knew would be just another bankrupt endeavor by the world's worst deal maker and fraud which would mean that taxpayers would end up footing the bill. Nadler said NADA.

  8. —– > Trump's main complaint is, probably, that Nadler warned Republicans about possible consequences. I don't think Senate rules can override culpability in a criminal investigation of a coverup.

  9. Call names wow,just like the child president.When we call others names,we are actually calling ourselves that name.So Sleezebag TRUMP

  10. Trump is the best president we have ever had. Nobody comes close. Obama will always be the first black muslim to be sodomized in the Oval Office by a transsexual. GoBama

  11. A president that the only thing g that comes out of his is: bitterness, anger, jealousy and insults. Probably Had a horrible childhood and now that he has (the money) he seeks to destroy anyone that performs better, that is happier, and lives happier! He is also looking to destroy and trash the best president ever, Obama!

  12. Trump is SPOT ON ..nadler has had a Grudge against Trump LONG before he became President and HE is the one abusing his power to use it as a tool of Revenge time to Remove Nadler from his position not Trump .

  13. Surely americans where have you ever heard a president any president of any country calling people names as your trump does what a role model. HE IS A HOAX PRESIDENT. tomorrow will you tell your children that name calling is bad??? or it doesnt matter. Kick this HOAX president out of office sooner rather than later.

  14. What we know about Trump is that he always use the word that describe him on others. With that being said, Trump is a "Sleazebag"

  15. With respect to "John", we all know trump's thoughts. He lets us know every time he tweets when he is triggered by some pathetic little thing. We know he is triggered and upset when he tries the distraction – diversion trick or when he projects onto other the offences he knows he is guilty of himself. The world knows what he thinks and how he feels because he has the self control and emotional development of a 5 year old.

  16. Why so afraid of the upcoming election? Apparently you sleazy mainstream liberal left-wing media have left reporting the news, and are now in business of attempting to influence elections by spreading negative propaganda about our fabulously successful President. You're all on the take. Aren't you at all interested in what Biden & his son were up to in the Ukraine? Aren't you the least bit interested in that part of the story? Are you so in love with crooked Hillary (or afraid of her) that you aren't digging into her role in the 2016 election scam attempt? Now you're all FAKE NEWS PUPPETS not journalists. Shame on you.

  17. Ofcorus turmp calls nadler a sleazebag all of AMERICA nose nadler is a sleazebag and shoemer nancy Pelosi look pepole i don't heat these people but all of AMERICA nose these people are criminals desperatey trying to stay out of prison for crimes thay committed under the obama administration and after dering the election and after it is gest that simple but the question is how much tax payers money have thay wasted desperate traying to stay out of prison it is not going to work tump leting them runn out of fire power then the helicopter rides will start arrested will be massive and sudden remember i will drain the swamp cheak mate turmp 2020baby

  18. Trump is such a coward. Full of BS. Get him out of here! You’re fired. This is the result when Reps have no spine. And there are senators. My God, what stupid senators. Reps are all sleazebags.

  19. Dumpster Fire is a con man, a pathological narcissist, a bigot, a sexual predator, and a compulsive liar, but Nadler is a "sleazebag". Really?

  20. Believe me when I say that the Western world is NOT sitting by and laughing at the USA and it's president, the vast majority of us are saddened by the reputational damage Trump, his family and enablers have done and continue to do to Obama's legacy. It is frightening for us to contemplate the potential security threat these people pose, to all of the free world, if left unchecked. Our hearts go out to all those working towards correcting this imbalance in the USA and hope to goodness that this time you get it right in your upcoming elections. When you do, please make some of your first actions that of closing all legal gaps with bipartisan legislature, so that this unchecked, self-serving, narcissistic, unhinged and depraved self-serving presidential behaviour, can never happen again in the USA. It posses a security threat to all of us.

  21. It is a hoax, give it to them Donald. 4 more years is the best medicine for these losers, I will watch your disappointed faces every day for the next 4 years, especially Chris, Joe & Rachel ! Can't wait.

  22. Trump the most UNPATRIOTIC bone spur president, has some competition in who is most unpatriotic….SENATOR MARSHA BLACKBURN of Tennessee!! Accused a WAR HERO…of being UNPATRIOTIC because he provided EVIDENCE that trump, the drama queen president, used the power of his office to CHEAT in the 2020 election! Blackburn seems to be unaware that Trump has shown more trust in Putin than in our own intelligence officials. Is she just not paying attention?

  23. Everything that falls out of Trump's face is bs. Believe the opposite of whatever he says. The TRUTH is NOT IN Trump. Nor his followers.

  24. Nadler called Trump a dictator today. I guess he forgets what real dictators do, they line up their enemies in front of a firing squad. Meanwhile Mr. Nadler denied due process running the circus show in the house, slamming his tiny gavel like a dictator and denied witnesses that were asked to be questioned.

  25. Low energy president with the highest corruption skills like never before seen in this country. Stop hiding behind the national security BS

  26. Nadler is not a sleazebag.  He is a diabolical slime ball who has no respect for the constitution.  No question, the House charged an American citizen of a crime and gave the accused no due process at all, totally violating the constitution.

  27. I love when Trump refers to his buildings as being built by him.  LOL..he was hired by the real owners to manage the buildings and they could use his name for prestige.  LOL..most all the buildings have/are taken the Trump name off. Trump is a glorified janitor.  In New York he called a slime bag, guess sleazebag was taken.

  28. The impeachment hearings are against the will of hard working Americans and vets. America is sick of our politician's pretending to be working, while running crooked political scam. They work against us, not for us. Obstructionists. Today main stream news outlets are political advocates for the elite. Political activists masquerading as journalists. Fake News.

  29. Trump sees EVERYTHING the opposite of what’s true & what HE is doing! He’s projecting! Talking about himself actually! He’s the sleazebag! https://blogs.psychcentral.com/psychology-self/2017/09/narcissistic-projection/

  30. Trump the sleaze-bag..hey orange moron don’t you have more businesses to bankrupt. Bring the witnesses you orange moron lol hahahha

  31. If Gerry Nadler is a sleazbag, what would you call yourself, trump? How about “the swamp monster, buried so deep, he’ll never find his way out? Well that’s a start….,

  32. Sorry Donnie. Jerry Nadler vetoed your projects in Albany because you never finished most of the projects and abused the construction workers during your projects by withholding their salaries. Never mind the filing of countless bankruptcies in NYS during the 1980's -1990's. BTW it was NOT ONLY Jerry Nadler who vetoed your ability to get so-called "projects" passed in Albany. I remember many more in Albany vetoing including the Govs. from Mario Cuomo to Elliot Spitzer. Mostly in Part owing to the fact Donnie refused to pay his corporate and personal income taxes in addition to not paying employees among many other things on the construction site laundry list. Let's look at what else didn't happen including adhering to some serious OSHA regs. Gov. Andy Cuomo wants the SDNY to subpoena Trump's accountants and ALL of Trump's books and do some serious forensic accounting.

  33. Commending all the other people at the Davos Conference for having the self restraint for not laughing this sleezoid lying clown off the stage; but they should have. Aside from being despicable, he’s not improving the state of the world in any way, but harming it in numerous ways. Can’t wait for the day when we don’t have to hear or see this monster again as long as we live.

  34. It's time we declare the GOP A domestic terrorist organization, with the goal of undermining our elections and inviting foreign nations to interfere anions. subvert our elections.

  35. Only idiots vote for idiots…
    So, be Smart vote Blue on 2020…
    Take those idiots out of office and Make America Smart Again = MASA

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