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image of Florida and you can see here on the far right-hand side you’ll notice
that little dot right there that is where Port Canaveral is located just
south of the Kennedy Space Center this area here is booming the port which you
can see right here is now hosting a number of cruise lines for
home porting to give an idea Carnival home ports here
Disney has ships home porting here Royal Caribbean and Norwegian the big four
have got ships coming in out of here all the time here’s another view of the area
around the port see at the bottom of the picture there where the three three of
the cruise ships are dock they can handle seven or eight ships a day that’s
how big this facility is and it is still expanding cruise lines are building
brand new home facilities here for their passengers to embark and disembark it’s
really booming the area all around the area here doing very well a lot of
hotels being built lots of parking being made available for vehicles for day
travelers and of course you have great connections from the airport in Orlando
now to give me some idea of the stats in 2018 the total economic impact that was
happening here two point five nine billion dollars
twenty three thousand seven hundred and forty five jobs are exist because of
this home port here nine hundred ten million dollars and wages are being paid
out per year seventy four million in taxes are being earned the area like the
Kennedy Space Center is drawing zillions of tourists a lot of the cruisers check
this area out when they visit here fifty-three percent of the passengers
that get on cruise ships in Port Canaveral they spend a night in a hotel
the night before at least one night and they are spending an average of three
hundred and sixty-two dollars in their for their stay before they even get on
the ship this is hotels food shopping and
sightseeing a lot of people who come in here and just drive in there spending
seventy three dollars in the typical day that they’re here because they’re doing
the same thing they’re coming in nice and early they’re checking a few things
out then they’re getting on their ship in the afternoon a third of all the
passengers that come to this port they fly in and they fly basically into
Orlando and the port estimates that for every million dollars spent by visitors
in direct spending equals seventeen full-time jobs working out to forty
thousand three hundred dollars a year so this region here is really benefiting
with a lot of employment because of cruise ship passengers like you and me
thanks again for subscribing and giving my video thumbs ups by the way this
entire region of Florida Miami Fort Lauderdale and Port Canaveral and Tampa
thirty-five percent of all the world’s cruises start and end in Florida and of
course Florida is generally where you go if you want to take a cruise to the
Caribbean most of the cruises to the Caribbean
start and end in Florida and you can search or see here by this night shot
the lighting of all the cities along the coast and you can see offshore just on
the far right there you can see Freeport Bahamas Grand Bahama you can see the
little island lit up there the cruise ships head there
and it’s only forty-five to sixty miles away from the coast of the USA or in
another country another world people love it I need to sure CY thanks for
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8 thoughts on “Port Canaveral 2nd Busiest Cruise Port Adds $2.59 Billion To Economy”

  1. a man jumped off his balcony on a carnival cruise heading back to galvistan tx thursday night and another one bites the dust ha ha ha gone but not forgotten they have video of him jumping to bad for the family and there lawyers they will still claim it was the cruise ships fault they should have had barbe wire so he could not have climbed over the balcony

  2. This is the port we normally sail out of when we cruise. We are less than 2 hours drive north of this port however we do book a hotel the night before we cruise so we can enjoy Cocoa Beach. I was just down there filming cruise ships departing Port Canaveral for my Youtube channel. The Disney Dream did a ship horn concert as it sailing out this last time! The new Carnival cruise ship terminal is taking shape and looks like it will be super nice! We are considering moving down to that area as the economy there is booming (SpaceX is certainly a big contributor)! Enjoyed this video!

  3. Been there for the start of a transatlantic cruise with NCL. It's a really nice area. I'd be happy to go back. Thanks, Bruce!

  4. Best port to get in and out ! Let’s face it Miami and Fort Lauderdale traffic wise are a zoo. MSC and Princess should take heed!

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