There have been very few consequences for
Donald Trump during his presidency for all of the horrible things he’s done. And by this I mean the bad policies, the ignorant
and ridiculous statements, the embarrassing actions on the geopolitical stage, the lack
of decorum, the coarsening of the political discourse, all of it, right? I mean all of it, all of it. There have been very few if any consequences. Now the most immediate and impactful consequences
there could be would be just voting Donald Trump out in November of 2020 we’ve heard
from more and more farmers. I told you about this last week who are clearly
indirectly now saying we are getting crushed and we know why. It’s because of Donald Trump’s tariffs. This is Donald Trump’s fault that our businesses
are imploding and the markets in which we operate are falling apart. That being said, I asked the question last
week, will those farmers actually hold Trump accountable by voting for somebody else next
year? You can be a lifelong Republican farmer that
is angry at Trump for his tariffs and for destroying your business, but you might still
be unveiled, unwilling to vote for a Democrat in November of 2020 we have to wait and see
what voters more broadly are thinking about Donald Trump and the economy. May Beau bode well for the left in 2020 or
it may not. What I mean by that is there’s a new poll
from Harvard caps Harris, which is sort of positive. A majority of voters say, if we have a recession
in the next year, uh, we will blame Trump more than anyone else and most people are
worried that indeed there will be a recession in the next six months. Now, humans are notoriously bad at predicting
when the next recession is going to be. Economists included. We know every day we are one day closer to
the next one because that’s how the system works. But by and large, we’re not good at predicting
exactly when we are going to have a recession. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re in one
until we’ve been in it for a little bit. That being said, 57% of Americans would blame
Trump more than the federal reserve or anyone else. If the United States were to enter a recession
by the end of the year, 62% of Americans say they are somewhat or very concerned that there
will be a recession in the next six months. Remember that Donald Trump has been insisting
that anything bad that happens in the economy is the Federal Reserve’s fault. Of course, the Federal Reserve is led by the
person that he selected to lead it. That’s rarely mentioned when he talks about
that on tariffs. 63% of Americans believe that the tariffs
are hurting the United States more than China. 74% of Americans believe that it is American
consumers, not China that pays for the tariffs. Now, that’s true. I’m actually shocked that 74% of Americans
understand this because Donald Trump has done a good job to the extent that you need to
do a good job to convince ignorant Trumpists, uh, of saying it’s China who pays the tariffs,
even though of course, it is. Ultimately American consumers passed along
down from American companies and manufacturers that are paying those tariffs. So all of this looks great, right? People understand it’s American consumers
paying the tariffs. People understand Trump is to blame people
understand if we have a recession, Trump would be more responsible than anybody else. But then the question is, will the people
blaming Trump for the recession vote for a Democrat in November of 2020? And it is the same question that we have about
Republican farmers. Just because you accurately correctly precisely
blame Donald Trump for tariffs destroying an economy doesn’t mean all of a sudden that
a religious right Midwesterner is going to go out and vote for a democrat. So the strategy I’ve outlined before, there
will be some disaffected Trumpists because we have a country of 340 million people. Some disaffected Trump is are going to go
and vote for a democrat. Great. We’ll take it some disaffected Trumpists are
going to stay home and not vote at all. That also helps us, assuming that we can get
out our base, but none of this counts as a strategy. We must get our base out. That’s it. As far as the economic stuff, we do actually
have some tools that are disposable to try to mitigate how bad whenever the upcoming
recession it’s coming. At some point we have tools that we can use
to mitigate the seriousness of the upcoming recession. Uh, we can tax the wealthy through increasing
capital gains, through inheritance taxes, through increasing top income brackets. We know that that’s a tool that can be used. Is there the political will to do it? That’s a different question. We can do infrastructure infrastructure spending
to soften a recession to create jobs to improve communities. We can look at doing something with student
loan debt and medical debt to free up disposable income for people to try to push back against
the effects of a recession. We can deal with the cost of housing and the
rising costs of living to put more disposable income in people’s pockets. So each of these is a big project that requires
a lot of discussion. But the point is we now have the 2008 recession
as another case study as in terms of helping us know what tools that we have at our disposal
can lessen or soften the effect of a recession. Is Donald Trump willing to use any of those
tools? It’s not clear, but in the meantime we can
say it’s good that people will correctly blame Trump most if we are to have a recession in
the next six to 12 months because that is where the blame should be. We actually have specific economic policy
that we can tie to it. And then the broader question becomes, as
we are now 14 months out from the 2020 election, will that blame translate not just into saying
you blame Trump, but into actually going to the ballot box and saying, you know, on some
social issues, I don’t agree with these Democrats or whoever it is that ultimately is the nominee. But for the good of the economy, I’m going
to vote for a democrat. That is the big question mark. And that’s what I want to hear from you about. Will disaffected Trumpists to any significant
degree vote for Democrats, or are they more likely to just stay home or even vote for
Trump with the caveat that they don’t like everything he’s been doing? Let me know. I’m on Twitter at d pacman. The show is on Twitter at David Pakman show
and make sure you’re following us on twitch, Pakman, four live streams,
uh, several times per week as well. [inaudible] hope to see you on one of them.

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100 thoughts on “Poll: Voters Will Blame Trump for a Recession”

  1. The impeachment procedure should have started more than a year ago. His and his family's legal troubles aren't that important and it's very probable they will get persecuted.
    But every day that idiot remains in office makes it more urgent he will not be reelected. It's not only America but the whole world that needs a more progressive administration, to make countermeasures against climate change possible. Like him, the GOP is still in denial and probably will remain so. Both need to disappear, being so detached from reality to be a threat to all.

  2. Small businesses imploding? Are you fucking stupid? My business has been growing by a very impressive margin. Jesus Christ you’re a fucking moron. You broke assholes need to work more or make a business if you feel like you’re not making enough money. The tariffs are NOT hurting us as bad as its hurting Americans. Only you liberal retards think that it mostly hurts Americans…and trump is going to win 2020 with no problem. Watching you liberal retards scramble is hilarious. So mr. David dickhead how much of this YouTube money have to donated to immigrants? How much YouTube money have you used to house immigrant families? The fact that you dumbass sheep support this fraud is cancerous.

  3. His base, clearly not composed of smart people, would blame Obama for Trump's failures. It's a crazy notion but he's got quite the crazy base.

  4. Because they watch retards, like pakman, who sits around whining and crying about statements but provides none. Lots of generalizations from a legit leftist retard.

  5. I think we should censor David Pakman because I don't agree with his speech. I believe he is engaged in hate speech! CENSOR DAVID PAKMAN AND UNSUBSCRIBE. HE is hateful!

  6. Since 2009, the Fed has been propping the economy with this policy called Quantitative Easing. QE is an emergency measure that was designed to add more liquidity in the market to boost asset prices, to supply low interest money to banks, who could thus loan said money to lenders. In simplest terms, QE has added 4.5 trillion new dollars to the money supply in a time frame of ten years.

    As intended, asset prices have increased. The one's who have benefited from this were people who already owned land and houses before the crash, who have sold their assets for double profit. Developers have also benefited by using this low interest money to build more assets, mainly luxury residential developments. However, the end result has created an endless cycle of increasing asset prices, which has made it nearly impossible to buy a house without spending ten times more than what it is really worth, and also resulting in inflated rent prices. In effect, what the Federal Reserve has done with QE is redistributed the wealth of America's middle class and transferred it to the top (((Banksters))) and corporations by consolidating wealth and destroying the value of the Dollar. Really, the only thing keeping the Dollar steady is the fact that oil can only be traded in US Dollars, but even that is ultimately doomed to change.

    The Japanese tried QE in the 1980s. It ultimately failed by 1990, resulting in Japan's notorious "Lost Decade". To this day, the Bank of Japan has no choice but to keep it's economy running with more and more QE money printing. This is the territory the US is now in thanks to the Federal Reserve.

    In reality, the trade war between China and the USA is not the primary cause of the economic downturn we are witnessing. It is the failure of Quantitative Easing, which has finally lost steam.

    Yes. Thank you Federal Reserve for destroying everything…

  7. Are you crazy? The Ku Klux Klan will never blame Trump for anything.
    The Democrats are making a big mistake betting on the economy to beat Trump.
    The strategy to beat Trump is that the make is a sociopath.
    If Trump gets a secund term, the concequeces for humanity are dire. WWIII is not far fetch

  8. I believe a poll on farmers specifically suggested that they blame China and Obama for not dealing with China more than Trump.

  9. To the 36% of Americans who belong to the cult of Trump, trump really could shoot someone on fifth Avenue, claim to be the second coming of Christ, and come out as a pedophile, and they would still say he is the chosen one and vote for him.

  10. I'd rather see a hard core Republican just not vote at all before they vote for Trump again! Just don't vote at all if you can only vote for Trump – save our country!

  11. No the white racist farmers and White racist people will still support everything that the Retarded racist president does.

  12. You’re such an ass. You’re not even worth responding to. You’re a stupid millennial, you’re brainwashed, you’ve swallowed all the propaganda and now you’re spewing it out. You’re just plain stupid

  13. They won't vote for Democrats. They've been voting against their economic self-interest for so long that they aren't going to change now. If Trump drives the economy into the ground, which he's already trying to do as hard as he can, the best we can hope for is that they can't bring themselves to vote at all and will just stay home. Since this will probably end up being a turnout election, a vote not cast for a Republican is nearly as good as a vote cast for a Democrat.

  14. We should no longer vote in a obvious Ponzi scheme controlled by the rich removing our consent is the only way to expose their illegitimate Authority. I do not consent!

  15. Poor old Trumpy he keeps doing stupid stuff in the hope he can score just one “told ya so.” So far 0 for 2800. He just can’t get a win.

  16. Well who else you going to blame. Let me guess Obama. Listen being president is a big job it’s not all playing golf. He’s the one making all the decisions so who else you going to blame. The only ones that will blame Obama are Spanky supporters. You put someone in office that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground gee what is going to happen. Remember this idiot didn’t realize he had to live in the White House and he has said many times he didn’t realize there was going to be so much work as president and he really doesn’t like it. Gee didn’t see this mess coming 🥴

  17. The amount of stupidity and utter lies here on this channel is ridiculous. You sick people on the left will never win.

  18. "Will a a religious right midwesterner vote for a democrat?" Well we know they'll vote for a child molester, adulterer, liar, scammer, harasser. So their principles aren't really there.

  19. Why wouldn't we blame him? He's done nothing but cancel anything with Obama's name on it, whine about his bruised ego, and lie about everything under the sun. He's done NOTHING to spur the economy. He's added to the debt of this country.

  20. So many of the religious right believe Donald Trump has been divinely chosen so the answer to your question is no, there is nothing Donald Trump can do that will turn off his voting base because he is, according to him, "the chosen one" and his dumb followers believe it

  21. I don't like recession either, but damn, Pakman! It's got to happen! Sooner rather than later! He would be responsible.

  22. Trump's base won't blame him, because he will tell them not to. Even though by the Republicans own standards, they and Trump have failed.

  23. No, David, they will not… Or at least who voted for Trump strictly for a right-wing agenda. I was raised on Fox News, The Blaze, and Rush Limbaugh so I would know. It will be blamed on what Obama did in his term (aka the National Debt, printing money, and big government), the media, Democrats, and probably the trade war on China (but, remember, it's not Trump's fault *eye-roll*). Now for those who voted for Obama twice and then voted for Trump… I would take that bet if the Democrat nominee is strong enough.

  24. The trend is: republicans cause recessions, democrats, well? They atleast try to fix recessions.
    Lets face some facts; Obama left Trump a country going in a good direction.

  25. 57% would blame Trump. Sadly probably the same 57% Who are already not approving of his job as president. Just goes to show once again that there is a significant portion that will stick with Trump no matter what and will believe anything he says. Even if it is self-contradicting.

  26. Americans losing their jobs as are regular everyday Chinese. A large fish tank with a school of small fish with one giant fish. A great analogy. The story is 9:30 in the link.

  27. Lmao you liberal idiots don't have a clue how government works. The HOUSE of Representatives (you know the democratic controlled house) control the budget.

  28. He is running with “ I’m the first and the only president “, he doesn’t care what happens to the people. When the shutdown was happening he was saying the people don’t care because they agree with what he’s doing……. ummmm no we were not. Sitting around and not getting paid for a while is not cool. He’s out of touch because he has always been rich and doesn’t understand what it means to live paycheck to paycheck.

  29. Even if there is a recession, Trump would just deny that it’s happening, but simultaneously and paradoxically blame everyone else and his mother.

  30. Trump’s pals are shorting the US economy.
    They will make a fortune as the dollar collapses – which is why Trump wants to keep interest rates low; so his chums can borrow now and repay when the dollar value is lower.

  31. Give him 4 more years…why not ..he hasnt stepped up his game already so what …military gonna pay for the wall he playin chess n thanks to his moves we are all gonna fall ..his mommy n daddy must have payed his teachers to lie to the poor kid the fact he came from a rich family went to his head N don't mean shit …but thats none of my buieness and its funny that no one cares only god can exsplane his sickness..but god as my witness after 4 more years y'all gonna be scarde shitless..boom goes the dynomite all this bullshit n separation ain't right nwo ww3 invasion of russia china n all the others lmfao all cuz one mans greed n lies don't say I didnt warn u sisters n brother ..

  32. The global economy has been headed for a cliff for many years. Trump is accelerating the process with his trade war. Apocalypse Trump!

  33. Lol, TDS afflicted beta male pussy rambling on about Trump….how original and brave you are!

    Trump in a landslide in 2020, even with the DNC controlled media, all you sissy soy boys know it.

  34. I don't think anything would change the way trumpists vote. That's what makes them trumpists. All of the repubs that are going to turn have already done so.

  35. For the majority of tRump supporters, they won't care if they get hit with a recession. Just as long as tRump keeps attacking brown immigrants and builds that border wall. They are fine with it.

  36. Life long republican voters may vote against trump in a primary. But assuming trump wins the nomination, which he almost certainly will, they will not vote Dem in any great numbers. Our best hope is that they will stay home.

  37. Donald Trump and Republican Senators stealing money from our military bases to bring our Military down and help Russia

  38. Trump is notorious for not paying his debts. Can his businesses be making money from the tariffs? Collecting fees here, but not paying them there?

  39. Do you think the Trump supporters care if there is a recession they will vote for him no matter what,he's the chosen one to lead the sheeple.

  40. I don't see ANY politician working to make it easier for the working class to retire with enough money to live ABOVE the poverty level !

  41. Twitter recession, economy recession, moral recession, IQ recession, hair line recession all of the above are his fault.

  42. Lifelong republicans will not vote for a dem. They may stay home, but the only trump voters that can be swayed to the left are those who were never die hard republicans to begin with.

  43. Fanatic Trumpists will just blame someone else and I think that makes up a large part of his base. The less fanatic sort will most likely just stay home. I doubt very many conservatives/Republicans will cross over and vote for a Democrat. But I am 100% behind them just staying home…

  44. I recently posted on a conservative you tube channel that America is not going to win this trade war and the president will at best want a face saving agreement to at least carry into the next election to provide hope a recession can be avoided.
    The replies I got were from people in absolute denial. Trumpism seems to be close to being a religion or a mental illness. I'm not sure which?

  45. You raise an interesting question. My father is from the South, a Baptist, hates all the same people god dies, and of course thinks anything going wrong is the fault of… Hillary. Cause that’s what Fox News tells him to believe. I live in VT, am educated, and have known Bernie since he was the mayor, and I was old enough to vote for him for his second term, and have been a avid supporter since. I often feel like I’m in an episode of All In the Family. But my point is that having access to an ignorant Trumpist, there is nothing that will ever change his mind. So, sadly that’s what we’re dealing with, so I concur, getting out the vote is our only hope.

  46. Yes… putting a failed and corrupt businessman in charge of one of the biggest economies in the world was always going to end in disaster.

    Trump is a failed bankrupt corrupt businessman who has no idea how to run a government let alone an economy. He doesn’t understand the impact his trade war with China is having in businesses in the United States. Small businesses that have been in families for generations have gone bankrupt because of Trump. And even though they have lost their livelihood and everything dear to them. They still say I trust Donald Trump because they believe everything he says. He’s like a cult leader brainwashing his following with prosperity and wealth and it will never happen. It’s all a con and the worst part is his dumb ass temporises are so stupid they cannot see that he’s conning them all.

  47. Yeah he didn't steal no money from the Military, the Military gave it to him and I know because I am in the Military, so please do make sure you know what you're talking about before you say something, and listening to the JACKASS your listening to you are getting all BULLSHIT because most of what this guy says is not even true

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