– [Michael] Not everyone
wants to spend $350 on a pair of headphones, and
no one wants to do it twice. Take it from me. So if Bose is too rich for your blood but you still want active noise cancelling and a relatively portable package, Plantronics might just
have the set for you, so long as you can put up
with a few compromises. I’m Michael Fisher and this
is the Mr. Mobile review of the BackBeat PRO 2. Okay, so there’s a lot
going on with this set, both functionally and in appearance. These aren’t my favorite
headphones to gaze upon. Just on one hand, we’ve
got stippled matte plastic, textured silver plastic,
glossy black plastic that scratches really easily,
and this fake wood grain that feels as artificial as it looks. Now, if you pay a little more, you can get the special edition set
that’s finished in silver and comes with a rigid carrying case. I didn’t take a look at those, but my friend Enobong
over at Booredatwork did. Check out his review if you want a slightly different take on these. But whether you get silver or earth tone, the BackBeat is big. Of the four headsets I have in the studio from different manufacturers, these definitely feel like the biggest. And the fact that they
don’t fully articulate means you need more space in
your bag for ’em too. Fortunately, Plantronics has been in the audio business for a long time. They’ve built headsets that NASA used during the Apollo program,
so it knows audio. The BackBeat PRO 2 has
a nice even sound stage, neither drowning in base
nor ever getting shrill. I had the opportunity to use them on a recent trip to China. That’s 19 hours of flying,
spaced across two airplanes. Basically, the best noise
cancellation test ever. The active noise cancellation cuts out plane and train noise significantly. It isn’t as good as the
ANC Bose uses on the QC35s, but then nothing is. Plantronics has also thrown in something called open listening. Flip the switch and you can
eavesdrop on your surroundings, or just turn off noise
canceling to save some battery. That said, you won’t need to. Plantronics says these
are good for 24 hours and yeah, I got every bit of it. You can take these literally
halfway around the world on a single charge, listening
to them about 75% of the time without even hitting
a low battery warning. It’s seriously impressive. Finally, there are some
familiar conveniences. If you don’t wanna use
Bluetooth, you can plug these in with a three and a half millimeter cable and you can take calls in the headset too. One caller said I
sounded a little distant, but it didn’t stop either of us from being clearly understood. Also, there’s a dedicated mute
button here, which I love. In music mode, pull the headphones off and your song will pause. Put ’em back on and it’ll
resume, most of the time. Same goes for the play,
pause and skip side buttons. They work most of the time. My review sets, I had two of
them, were kind of flake-y and these features didn’t always work. Also, the headset tended to
disconnect sort of randomly, so I assume there’s something weird with the pre-release hardware
or software I tested. These are the problems
you wanna watch out for during your exchange period if you spring for an
actual retail version. If you do, you’ll get a somewhat clunky,
slightly homely headset, but one with outstanding battery life and pretty okay noise
cancellation and sound for a lot less money than what they pay up in business class. There’s a lot of headphones
in this video, folks, and I’ve reviewed most of them. Check ’em out at Mr.
Mobile’s YouTube channel and if you dug this video, go ahead and subscribe while you’re at it. Till next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends.

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100 thoughts on “Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2: Noise Canceling, Economy-Style”

  1. first of all u r just awesome .now please provide review about Microsoft's new product's like surface studio, the dial, and yes hp's elite x3 , and don't forget the new surface book..

  2. Hey Michael! Do you have a video / could you make a video where you go through your phone setup? IE. Home Screen, Apps, widgets, etc.


  3. For those asking about the backpack: it's a Kata camera bag that seems to have been discontinued, but this would seem to be its successor: http://mrmobile.tech/3k

  4. I'm surprised youre using the Nextbit Robin given your phone options; especially after your $400 phone comparison. What's the reason you're still using it? I've been thinking of getting one now that it's under $200. I'm using a Galaxy S6 now. Any feedback is appreciated. Great videos. Been a fan since your first PocketNow video.

  5. I'm the lucky winner of the 37 thousandth and first view of this video. And I have to reiterate that you get what you pay for. I'll stick with the Bose headphones over these, thanks.

  6. I have two QC25s for the wife and me but we really needed a headset that supports the aptx low latency Bluetooth codec… The QC35 dont support aptx low latency at the high price point. Did you or can you try these with a low latency Bluetooth transmitter and watch a movie to see how well the visuals match the audio. BTW I like the way you execute your videos… Sounds causal but hits the required points a potential buyer needs to know.

  7. US$200 is still quite a bit of money for a set of Bluetooth headphone, even if that is about half the price of a pair of Bose. I realize that you are paying a premium for active noise cancellation but I just don't see how often it would ever be useful on a day to day basis. Maybe if you are a frequent traveler, taking several multi hour long flights in a month, then they could be worth the investment. But for me, someone who longest flights are only about 90 mins between Christchurch & Auckland, the juice just doesn't seem worth the squeeze

  8. Hi MrMobile, I hope you will do a review of the sennheiser pxc 550 and tell us how it compares to the plantronics, and even your "hallowed" QC 35. I did notice you wore the pxc 550 while reviewing the very blue pixel phone. Good job on your part and on the youtube channel

  9. Thanks for the review.
    Probably I would have bought it if I was sure that the headphones will not tear in half a year of good care, as happened with the first model. /// Пожалуй купил бы их, если бы был уверен, что наушники не порвутся через пол года бережного использования, как это случилось с первой моделью.

  10. The more someone mentions the Bose headphones, the more I wanna buy it even though it's gonna break the bank. I'm just so addicted to choosing the best.

  11. i have the Backbeat pro for 2yrs now and it's working great! I love how the ANC works and its range. Sound quality is also my type!

  12. Just wondering, how good would you say the ANC is relative to the QC35's? Like 50% as good, 75% as good, etc? Could you perhaps do a comparison like you did with the QC35 video?

  13. I'm looking for this headset to buy but there is an inconvenience for me:
    I could only find only one mic test, which I didn't like, on internet and it belongs to the previous BackBeat Pro. Had an idea like "they should have upgraded their microphones", but I can't be sure without a test.
    So I'm not expecting you to make a mic test but can you give me some details at least? Cause I'm gonna use this headset for Skype, beside listening to music.

  14. I have the original BackBeat Pro (2 years in, they're still pretty much in perfect condition. Best 200 bucks I've spent.

  15. I have these and never had any problem with the play pause operations on the side you said you were wiggy. I suspect it was your beta version or one that had to been abused by other reviewer's that just got passed on. Mine have great sound and I enjoyed them very much.

  16. U have more less subscriber..but your afforts are like 3-4Million subscriber..how i can help you more..i shares your video..EVERY VIDEO…Every..bro…

  17. "Not everyone wants to spend $350 on a pair of headphones."*looks at my HD 600*
    "and no one wants to do it twice."*looks at my HD 650*

  18. Thanks for the video. I just bought a plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headset for $135 https://www.colamco.com/plantronics-backbeat-pro-2-headset-207110-90-1475337

  19. I am confused between skullcandy crusher wireless and plantronics backbeat pro 2. Can you suggest me the better one?????

  20. hey men..what cheap headphone can you recommend with noise cancelling and very comfortable?or better than the plantronics back beat pro 2 with the same price of it??i'm planning to buy on of these..

  21. does this have the world famous reoccurring mute off as backbeat pro?. used my first pair over a year no scratched areas but mind you the soft pad cover your inner ear will break after +6 months of use.

  22. There was maybe 6 seconds worth of sound quality mentioned in a nearly 4 minute video about a device that produces sound…

  23. One thing I can say for Plantronics is they have excellent customer service. My back beat Pro broke after 23 months and they have given me a free upgrade to this headset. I love my back beat Pro, although they had a problem with android at the time this video was made.

  24. i recently bought it and i agree with most of what you said in this review except for the buttons.
    The volume buttons works kinda weird you need to be pushing on it while flicking it for it to work
    but the other controls work fine
    it does disconnect from time to time especially when switching tabs repetedly or what not
    and it feel a little harsh on the top of the ears after long time
    other than that the sound is great, the quality looks on point, the leather seems real wich is important becuse pu leather deteriorates over time
    i would recommend it 100% if you need a good quality headset for everyday use

  25. Whew! They ARE quite hideous to look at, aren't they? In my quest for new ANC headphones, these come up in searches a lot. Nice specs. And they support AptX LL! Not even the Bose QC35 II's or the Sony WH100MX3's can claim that! I just couldn't see myself wearing these out in the world. They're SO big and ugly! Thanks for the review. Great job, as always.

  26. "Not everyone wants to spend $350 on a pair of headphones."*looks at my QC15 Bose* "and no one wants to do it twice."*still looking at the same QC15 years later* Yup, I agree. Should have bought two pair when they retailed for $249. One for the wife, and one for me. Removable batteries, last for ever.

  27. I would go a step farther and say that these are downright ugly in terms of industrial design. Looks like ate a bunch of carbon fiber and pleather and threw up on some headphones.

  28. I can really recommend these as ANC over ears in the below US200 class. The design is clearly a matter of taste, but the sound profile is decent (very direct, fullsome, with slightly exaggerated bass that goes away once you turn on ANC), they have enough resolution for more sophisticated music [You can't test headphones just on pop or hip hop], decent volume (despite only 92db!), great functionality, solid build. The ANC is okay: It cuts out low frequency noises on the go, but doesn't affect voices much. If you don't want to spend 350 bucks on the Sony XM3 (which do sound better and have more effective ANC), the Pro 2 are a good choice.

  29. I am looking for powerful noise canceling headphones that are affordable, the most important thing for me is excellent noise cancellation to drain out crowds, loud music and chewing. Will these headphones provide it, if not, can you recommend other headphones? All I want is affordability and active noise cancellation, I also need the headphones to cancel out noise without music playing as well.

  30. These would be great headphones if you could just disable all the features.

    As it is, every time you lean on something, the big buttons on the side cause them to do something random and annoying, and they go through phases where the slightest change of pressure causes the sound to cut out, or worse still, stop playback on whatever machine you're listening to.

    Amazingly annoying – laptop upstairs… doing dishes… then the fucking things randomly cause the player on the laptop to stop, so you have to go upstairs to turn it on again.

    Headphones identical to this that ONLY received bluetooth and did nothing else – no weird little buttons, no volume-control, no big buttons, no fucking "features"… they'd be 1000 times better than they currently are.

  31. lol the scene at 1:55 where you seem disoriented like morty when he tested what true level is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-wbWGwZ7_k

  32. So, is a Back Beats Pro 3 coming any time soon? It's been almost 3 years since a new one has been released, so I think it could be rather soon. Would love to see another review if that's the case.

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