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100 thoughts on “Peter Strozk testimony at House committee hearing resumes as FBI agent faces more questions”

  1. Lying devilish mfs all of your time is up. If Benjamin Netanyahu was there all you birches would shut up and lick boots.

  2. Strozk is the world's biggest liar. I read all the submissions for the documents about the email on hillery's lap tops tonight and I can tell you that there are a lot of people including strozk that have done all the things that he says they never did. Covering up the deleted emails,covering up for hillery, and all the rest were done by FBI and others in gov. offices!

  3. I get so tired of hearing all these polititions who should know better call our REPUBLIC a DEMOCRACY IT IS NOT NOT NOT A DEMOCRACY ITS A REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!

  4. IT has become quite clear to myself and the entire nation that the F.B.I. at the highest levels, have been abusing the power and trust the american people have allowed to have without oversight As much as it upsets me , we can not blame this man Peter Strzok, or his girl friend or James Comey or anyone else who believes that they know what is best for the american taxpayer,.Human beings have always abused power when they dont believe anyone is looking. Some GOOD has come out of all this , anyone who wasn't sure if deep state was real, well this is hard core proof, the crazier the story like satanic cults , sex with children and ect.. the less likely anyone will believe it, even when they see it with their own eyes. Some mornings when i get up i pinch my self or talk to myself about the state that the country is in , I KNOW HOW WE GOT HERE AND STILL DO NOT BELIEVE IT.

  5. It's not even debatable. Strzok is a LIAR, and an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. …watching the behavior of the Democrats makes me too angry…I can't believe how AWFUL they are.

  6. Why do we the people put up with this circus ? We could’ve built 2 walls with the money the lefties have wasted trying to trump up bogus charges on Trump.

  7. Extramarital affairs at the FBI leaves FBI Agents open to blackmail. Why would we allow this from TOP FBI AGENTS to continue working for us?

  8. Keep our friends close and our enemies closer. But show the light on those who work against this country. Cohen is now on that list of keep closer. Oh yea he is a democrat. Strzok is also on this list.

  9. Chicken man shut the bawk up. What a genius. He spent his time telling us crap about Russia we've known for years. Obstruction, delays and praising the enemy I think is Treason, especially while KNOWINGLY obstructing. They KNOW THE TRUTH. HANG THEM ALL!!!!

  10. Who is Simpson?….. seems Bruce and Nelly Ohr spoke with him lots…. seems Nelly gave Bruce the report!! It all stinks!!

  11. I think that when people assume that SA Strzok is being "smug" it's really just him being matter-of-fact. Yeah, this is all opinion but after watching a lot of this, I think it's easy to confuse a slight smile (or an uncomfortable smile) with a smirk. There are times when I can see it being easy to confuse his expressions as snarky but I don't think he's really being that way. Also, there IS a difference between opinion and bias. Further, I think that you can have a personal opinion about something and nonetheless carry out your duties without bias.
    I am not in the FBI but the US Army. I've served under many commanders in chief. Once they're sworn it, their political affiliations just don't matter because we ultimately work for America and its people. My impression is that SA Stzrok operates from the same set of beliefs. Just my opinion of course! 😉

  12. Are we watching and hearing the same thing here Trump has done nothing wrong even your boy at the FBI Strzok has said there has been no collusion with Trump if Muller could prove up anything dont you think he would have by now? Hes not a racist he has done nothing but try and help all of the people of this messed up Country of Ours and I dont understand how many of you people can see that and even if you dont agree with all of his policy's why you people wont at least except the results of the election and the will of the majority and the Electoral College and show some respect to the this United States of America I as a republican was not happy when Obama was elected and was not in agreement with his policy's but I would never disrespect him or tr and second guess the results of the election or its process. And the hateful things that are being said just because someone dose not agree with you are just unbelievable .Please think about what you are saying to people that could be your friends and neighbors. What is wrong with everyone the process that makes everything work depends on 2 different points of view being able to come together and work with each other in order to make this Country a Great place for everyone to live.

  13. Wow disgusting display from the democraps here. If you all think he is a hero and great American, you should go straight to Guantanamo with him! He is a cheat, and a liar and a disgrace to our entire government!!!

  14. Cohen, a JEW , saying that Russia is undermining our democracy…HAHAHA!! NO nation interferes with our elections more than ISRAEL, and Cohen is a dual citizen ISRAELI.

  15. Shutup Pinochio, so Goden you idolizing Pinochio makes you a bafoon especially now when there was no Russian collusion, please Pinochio stop.

  16. Nadler running interferance as he is makes me think he has his hand in the cooky jar of corruption. What a low life crooked idiot. Who voted this idiot into power.

  17. I could swear I saw somone in the chat replay say that the FBI doesn't answer to Congress.
    This is exactly the same as saying the police don't answer to the community.
    I certainly hope that comment didn't come from a US Citizen.
    It's bone chilling to entertain the idea that people are walking around thinking this way.

  18. I hate these congress people who just use this forum to grandstand. They have no legitimate question to ask Strok.

  19. What is a sorry display is the obvious fact that the democrats just do not want the facts that the FBI had their hands all in this investigation. And not in a good way. Bias. Bias. Bias

  20. Wonder if these clowns would a different set of questions to ask "Super Agent" Strzok if the had known what we know today- the entirety of this Trump/Russia collusion story is nothing more than a made up hoax put on by key individuals at the top levels of the Obama administration DOJ/CIA. There is no evidence that anyone associated with the Trump campaign had been meeting or coordinating with anyone from Russia. The entire story was fabricated.

  21. People are remarkably naive about the corruption of western countries. The western media focus is always about corruption in China, Russia and third world countries. Yet here we have Congressman Stephen Cohen saying that he would like to give Peter Strzok a purple heart. He then asks Strzok to explain how dangerous Russia is. But he said noting about why the Obama administration sold our uranium to Russia.

  22. The US intelligence agencies say that Russia tried to influence our election. Prior to this the US intelligence agencies approved the sale of US uranium to Russia.
    Hmmm, sounds suspicious to me.

  23. That's right PS, the President said he's going to look at dumping NATO. That's right, the ones who are no longer allowed to c-trail the skies in the United States. The ones who don't pay and ask the United States to turn over our wealth to a bogus climate accord. No thanks "friends" and allies!

    I guess that's the reason for the number 144,000 referenced in the Bible.

  25. Strzok reminds me of little charlie weisenborn ..the one little runt of the litter ~ weeeasal boy, I couldn't stand in 5th grade. He turned out just like this strzok freak did, …no doubt.


  27. this has been a witch hunt since trump ran for office because he is going to drain the swamp and put those crocks in jail for all their crimes against the ppl and trying to turn this country into a socialist country and turn us all into slaves to them the masters and they are child molesters

  28. BUNCH OF CRIMINALS..the brothers in congress make me cringe,looks like they kissin up ..not asking real questions,present no facts.. lord help us. they clueless..

  29. One thing that got me going oop was when he said Russin gov intell was first rate. Didn't somebody else say Russia is still recovering communism? and yeah one can say China is communistic, but they don't realize that America is mega super power. If you look at the GDPs at other countries other countries are growing nothing wrong with that. but We can be still a player in the global stage. USA forever gang gang. How can cicilline say secure the elections if he is a person of higher in the judicial system and shouldn't show his bias….

  30. The President is not qualified to hold office? Is that woman saying that ordinary American citizens have to be very special? For example wet back(Obama) witch (Hillary).

  31. How many are these are reading badly,prepared questions, Very entertaining.
    Nice to know your politicians ,are the same as UK ,prepared riotous individuals caring and kind ,anagram
    P.R.I.C.K.S ‘Who Cares Who Wins😂

  32. Se todo mundo que trabalha para o governo for 100% a favor do governo, abre-se espaço para um governo que não é para o benefício do povo, grande idéias/projetos precisam de uma visão de dois, três, five lados.

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