we post videos about stocks called oil cryptocurrencies inflation recessions and the best investment opportunities every few, days, my name Is peter leeds i’m an international best-selling author and financial analyst welcome to my team’s youtube channel You’ll learn how to turn a small amount of money into something much more significant and all you need to do is subscribe to this channel, my team and i Love, what we do and it’s been a long time Since i’ve needed to do anything for the money that’s why on this channel you’re not going to see a Whole bunch of pop-up, ads like, you’ll see on everybody Else’s channel and you’re not going to be added to some mailing list or offered products that you do not want What you do get is honest and easy-to-understand opinions, about the best opportunities the current risk factors right now anything Went up is next with stock markets and specific Stocks this all boils down to complete investor clarity, and what might be best for you with My entire team ethics honesty and integrity is always free of charge just like it is with all of these youtube videos that We put out? You’ll be glad you subscribe and when you? Do, make sure to click on the alert bell so that you get all these opportunities right, when they’re released Mostly i’m looking forward to getting to know you So just take the first step and subscribe to this youtube channel And just sit back and relax and let, my team and i do all the rest

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11 thoughts on “Peter Leeds Talks Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Oil, Gold, Recession…”

  1. Always 'Do your own research' b4 investing and like Peter Leeds videos before viewing. Congrats on 20k subs in advance !! 🙂

  2. I'm glad you made the name change on your channel. I've thought about suggestion it but did not know how open you would be. I've been a fan for a while, so the "penny stock" stigma didn't bother me, but I did find that was the first objection I would hear when I would try to get someone to listen to you stuff. Great decision & keep up the great work – I think we're going to have a big year!

  3. Be good when the markets become rational Gold and Silver may see a 40% pop but if yo have been holding the last 10 years only people making money are the dealers like buying a car when you drive it off the lot.

  4. told a future stock investor about you , I mentioned your books he did not know you I said you better get an education

  5. Hi Peter,

    Ever considered starting a "Discord" server? It's an online program which you can invite people to and grant varying levels of access to visitors.

    I think you should look into it – I've seen some younger traders do something similar and you would be fostering great environment for people who are learning about stocks.

  6. Hi Peter, you predicted that Bitcoin would reach $20,000 on the last Crypto Bullrun then drop in price (you was right). We are in another Crypto Bullrun now, most people think that this Bullrun will last longer than 4 weeks (I have done some polls in some Crypto FB groups about this), what is your expert view about this + what will be the peak Bitcoin price & Crypto marketcap (last time it peaked at 828 Billion) in this Bullrun? Thanks

  7. peter , i own yangaroo stock and i was wondering what happened to the stock after earnings were announced, it dropped almost 25% , were the earning estimates that bad to justify that drop ? or is it just market noise and i should just ride it out. thanks man

  8. Dear PeterThanks for the great videos. The give a lot of value….
    I hear you talk a lot about the upcoming recession and Precious metal prices increasing as a consequence. I have heard you have Mention Platinum as having a Big potential maybe bigger than gold and Silver. Can you make a video where you explain your perspective on Platinum? It is not a Flight to safety and it has consistently gone down for a long time. Really interested in your perspective…

  9. Is your prediction for long term? After Trump,s second rerm? The market is moving in the opposite direction to what you predict.

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