we have been living in a malthusian
scarcity oriented worldview for so long that so we
believe that this type of behavior that we have
to compete and fight there’s not enough to go around,
remember they justified slavery the same way they used a socially Darwinistic view and
they said well these people are they can’t live I mean the carrying
capacity wasn’t designed to have them be as of a high standard of living they invented all sorts of things
which we could talk at length about I say they in the sense that the the mindset which unfortunately has
bled right into what we call market capitalism which is something
that I specifically go after these days because people are afraid they think that the, they think that
the market in this free market concept that it enables some
type of human liberty that will never be transcended, and
that’s absolutely untrue because it’s not synergetically oriented,
it’s based on the self-interest orientation it’s based on people seeking
advantage obviously because its based on scarcity so we compete and
how can you have a balance of anything whether its
environmental or whether its cultural if everyone’s
thinking that way and Fuller came along said no we can have a high standard
of living for everyone on earth right now many many billions more
in fact if we manage our resources in a scientifically strategic
way well also introduce design being able to there’s a term
they used, he coined a lot of terms one was ephemeralisation doing more with less through good design geodesic is the basis for the information
technologies carbon sixty going to emerge nano-technology just over the horizon you’ll have building materials a thousand
times the strength of steel that weigh nothing i mean so there are new advantages
that can come through good design that’s exactly what I mean by
efficiency applied absolutely and that’s that is the new coming back to our
point yeah as you spoke of Asimov the great transition as you could
reference it is where humanity decides to actually co-operate
and engage this type of design rather than fight
in the way that we have

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  1. Thx for putting this up! Thanks for helping me with my bachelor- degree,as I'll steal lines from the 'very well written' description text 😉

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