– Personal growth and
professional development is key to success, and in this video we’re
gonna unpack nine tips to help you improve in both. (intense music) Hi I’m JB with Marketing 360, and we help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design, talent technology, through our number one marketing
platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and design MAD, and we love MAD. And hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with MAD, too. So make sure to follow
us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. Personal growth and
professional development is so important, both in your personal
life and in your career. But sometimes you hit these
areas of stagnation right, and you just need to be inspired, and so these nine tips are gonna hopefully give you some ideas to
break out of those ruts. Let’s jump in. Tip number one. Invest time in your personal
and professional development. These are things like reading books, listening to audio tapes,
doing things like this, what I do when driving to and from work, is I’ll Bluetooth in YouTube videos, educational videos, things
that are helping educate me on new things to make me better, whether it’s in my personal
life, or my career, and this is helping charge
my mind for the future. Tip number two. Follow inspiring people. Follow people that you wanna be, right? Follow ’em on social media,
maybe read their blog posts, maybe watch their YouTube videos. This is gonna help you level
up to get to their level, which is ultimately where you wanna be. Tip number three. Set goals and set ’em high, and then reverse engineer
how to achieve that goal, and follow that process of achieving it. By setting high goals you’re
constantly stretching, you’re constantly reaching
for a new milestone. If you don’t have goals
that you’re reaching for, and processes of reaching those goals, then you start to feel stuck. And when you start to feel
stuck you lose all motivation. Tip number four. Visualize success. Even if this is like one day a week where you take 15 or 20 or 30 minutes, put on your favorite music track, preferably one without vocals, so just instrumental, and
just visualize your success. See yourself being where you wanna be, doing the type of work you wanna do, pumping out the quality
that you wanna pump out, interacting with your
customers, see where you live, see what you drive, feel it, smell it. If you visualize it, you will achieve it. Believing it, is achieving it. Tip number five. Try new things and break
out of your comfort zone. Success is just one step
outside of your comfort zone, so by embracing change
and trying new things, not only are you leveling up
your game and getting better and developing yourself further, but your actually getting
one step closer to success. Tip number six. Compete with somebody. It doesn’t even need to be necessarily something that’s said, but you can be eyeballing somebody or another company or another goal somebody’s trying to
also achieve like you, and compete with them. That’s gonna help motivate
you and drive you, and if you do have somebody
that you know pretty well, that you know, you could actually say, “Hey, let’s compete.” That’s even better, that creates somewhat of an
accountability type metric, which is gonna push you even
further towards that goal. Tip number seven. Ask for feedback. Sometimes you don’t even know what areas you need to improve. Ask for feedback. Whether it’s a personal
thing where it’s like, “Hey, what can I do better?” “Hey husband, what can I do better?” Right, or “Hey kid, what can I do better?” Or a coworker, “Hey, how
can I do better at my job?” Or a customer, “What can I do
better to do, to serve you?” Right, by asking for feedback,
they’re giving you the ammo to help develop personally
and professionally in the direction that you wanna go. Tip number eight. Stay focused and have a to-do list. If you reverse engineer your goals into little micro
milestones and little tasks and things you need to do along the way, this keeps you organized. There are studies that show when you start your day disorganized and you don’t have a task
list of things to do, you’re not nearly as productive. So stay focused, have a task list, and try to be productive every single day. And tip number nine. Schedule happiness. If there’s things you like
to do, whether it’s camping, hiking, maybe it’s going to the movies, or just going out to eat, make sure you schedule those things out. Right, don’t burn yourself out. It’s good to have a
break, schedule happiness, things that make you happy along the way, and ultimately you’ll enjoy
your journey much more. So hopefully these nine tips will help you with your personal and
professional development. If ya have a comment, leave a comment. If ya liked it, like it, share it, and follow us for more content like this, with regards to marketing
design, personal development, and company culture.

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