the success of the South Korean film
parasite just named Best Picture at the Oscars is expected to give another boost
to the Korean Wave along with huge economic benefits for Korea along with
k-pop stars BTS the film’s expected to drive growth in the country’s cultural
exports and consumption park se-young has more parasite has overcome what
director poon juno called a 1 inch tall barrier of subtitles and has been
exported to a record 205 countries as of early february the film grossed more
than 167 million u.s. dollars worldwide along with kpop sensations BTS parasite
has emerged as a new leader in the export of higher content for every
hundred dollars of exports of cultural content exports of consumer goods like
cosmetics and food increased by $250 BTS is estimated to have a 4.2 billion
dollar impact on the Korean economy every year with how u exports people
grow more familiar with Korean culture and the familiarity expense to consumer
good side cosmetics processed food and mobile phones with the rising popularity
exports of cultural content surpassed home appliance exports for the first
time in 2018 and the economic ripple effect amongst more than thirty four
billion dollars following kpop the success of parasite may mark a new
milestone for the export of ke movies park se-young arirang news

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