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100 thoughts on “Obama weighs in on 2020 race, says candidates must be ‘rooted in reality’”

  1. No one was less rooted in reality than obama! He started this insane illegal fundamental change of America and it has exploded in his face- as the CRAZIES answer his call!

  2. Call me servant of Satan NWO all seeing eye or whatever but want to watch and control everything you do in privacy with cyber hacking and spy on you with special technology wherever you go in public. Just joking.

  3. Obama’s Accomplishments

    Most Divisive Race Baiting President in U.S. History

    First Credit downgrade in U.S. History

    First President to OPENLY Promote Racism

    Used the IRS to attack his adversaries. = Treason

    45 Million More living in Poverty

    Largest number living in Poverty in U.S. History

    Added 10 Trillion to the U.S. National debt

    Largest Middle class tax increase in U.S. History, the UNaffordable Deplorable

    Health Care Tax Scam Act

    Obama & Hillary Destabilized Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen creating ISIS

    Illegal wire taps on the Associated press and U.S. Citizens. = Treason

    Promotes redistribution of YOUR wealth

    Exposed Top Secret Mission SEAL Team Six. = Treason

    Changes U.S. Law by Decree. = Treason

    First Day as President Ordered all his records sealed?

    Most Lies to get elected

    Most Corrupt Lawless Lying Anti U.S.A. Racist Excrement “President” in the history of the U.S.A.

  4. Heres a reality check for infanticidal barry. No matter how many facelifts and yoga these political pigs do this is still not their generation. You cant make a mista into a sista on the blood of children of generations yall will never belong to. Reality check Obama time to pass the torch. Barry is so UNEDUCATED.

  5. Look who's talking about reality. Big mike and obama, the BIGGEST conspiracy that ever HIT America. Why aren't they charged with TREASON?? The answer is NWO. GET IT?? The antichrist was PUT in office. We are being played. AMERICA IS COMMUNIST ALREADY. WAKE UP.

  6. Your “sell by date” has expired…good riddance,and your delusional if you think anyone cares what you think!!!!

  7. Honestly, I have more problem with what Obama said because of its crystal clearness and it’s implications, he’s exactly right, but it sounds like he is more providing an outline for the radicals success. I would much prefer they be obvious radicals then have the intelligence to slip and slide us into their authoritarian socialist agenda.

  8. 오바마 등장 민주주의의 무게 2020 과거에 이어 더나은것을 현실에 기초를 두고 평균적인 미국인의 입장으로 비젼을 제시하며 생각해야한다

  9. Hey, Obama never did like a Bull Sheit Artist like you. Why don`t you tell us how you made your money? You will always be poster boy for the opioid stool softeners manufactures to me. OSSM.

  10. Guess since the right has always said what every they want about President Obama, the left will just continue to say what they want about Donald Trump. Loving free speech.

  11. Does anyone have any actual evidence to back up your statements about President Obama, or is it just what you "heard" someone tell you?

  12. The new Red Guard Democrats seek revolution. Marxism was brought to America from Europe during the twentieth century and set up base in New York City. It remained dormant until the mass immigration from south of the border and elsewhere. These immigrants have become the new proletariat and their leaders are the leftist avant-garde of the Democratic Party, such as the Squad led by Red Guard leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. White Americans are the bourgeoisie that must be overthrown via a multicultural revolution.

  13. He's the one saying "rooted in reality?" After opening bathrooms to men that say they "feel" like women? Lmao! What a clown!

  14. Dem candidates must be "Rooted in Reality"….Good luck with that…they're too busy trying to out virtue signal each other.

  15. Dems refuse to go with the far less radical single payer payroll tax FUND from which all hospital bills are paid. Would actually lower total healthcare costs by billions, but we have no takers. The Donkey is DOA.

  16. He (Obama) has spoken out about Cancel Culture, and made pretty good points to that. As a "liberal" as defined by Dennis Prager, I have to say, this is what I liked about him when I voted for him twice. Now, I did vote for Bush twice as well, and Clinton (Bill) once. I voted Marco Rubio during the primaries and choked down my vote for Trump in the generals, because I really didn't like Hillary. I do like Trump more NOW than when I voted, but lately with the face of Antifa and how they treat people with violence (videos of that documented by The Colored Conservatives and Andy Ngo) I have to choose Republican as my "go to" party. Why? They have never changed. Ann Coulter never has. Rush never has (even when he was going through the whole Oxy thing). It took a few decades to finally realize this, but I feel better and happier as a Republican than I ever did as a Democrat voter. Thank you Far-Left individuals, you really opened my eyes over these past 4yrs.

  17. Hey Obama, we like it just the way it is. And there will be a revolution if you keep taking steps to change what this country was founded on!!! SMMFH!!

  18. he came, he sold out america, left it more corrupted than ever before, he left this mess to clean up, so why are we wasting airtime on this?
    good thing he's gone, good riddance

  19. He knows he fooled the moderates but then went progressive.

    They disenfranchised white people, when Hillary kept it going thinking self hating whites.

    The democrats have nobody, they threw the working man under the bus.

    They are fooling everyone with Medicare for all, Medicare is not free.

    $135.50 a month for seniors.

    And I guarantee you it will be paid for by higher taxes

  20. LOl the hypocrisy of Obama! He started all of this, & fueled it by his partaking of spying on Trump. Now he is trying to act like a moderate. The REAL reason Obama wants this to be changed, is that it will expose more of his dirty dealings!

  21. Listen, he’s not wrong here. That’s why he’s bringing in his buddy/puppet Deval Patrick. The Democratic Party is off the rails. I left. 👋

  22. I think the Dems should all go extreme left. Oh please do it! The Green New Deal. Oh yes! Im very confident as to how this would end up lol.

  23. You know the democrats have become such liberal lunatic leftists when Obama even thinks they're too far left!


    Just shows what communists the democrats truly are!

  24. These reporters do not know what they're talking about. If Obama really was going to endorse Biden, he would have been campaigning with him already. Obama will endorse Deval Patrick simply because Patrick's Massachusetts Gubernatorial "Together We Can" campaign was a blue print to Obama's national "Yes We Can" which got him elected and re-elected. Plus they both have Alexrod in their corner. Bloomberg will be demonized for initializing the "stop & frisk" tactic by the NYPD of African Americans so he will not pull the vote. Elizabeth Warren is a laughing stock and Trump will eat her alive. Biden is losing funding and Patrick will take all his African American support. Kamala Harris and Corey Booker already lost their momentum to Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden both and Bernie Sanders is just gone and not returning. Deval Patrick will soar in weeks to months to be the Democratic nominee because of the outpouring of money he will raise having Obama in his camp. and his late entry makes sense looking at the too left Democratic Party currently.

  25. Obama needs to shut up and stay out of news like he was corrupt he was a liar he was a con artist who's the worst president we ever had and as long as he did what the Democrats told him he did it and as far as a revolution or something going on in the United States nobody wants that all we want is a freaking corrupt song b**** out of office up there

  26. Nobody cares what this PAST president Obama says!! Who wants to listen to a TREASUROUS person who let in THOUSANDS!! UPON, THOUSANDS of ILLEGAL ALIENS, into our country and then immediately gave them OUR GOVERNMENT, TAX PAYERS RESOURCES!!!! And then even gave the DACA(ILLEGAL ALIENS) SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, THAT ARE OWED ONLY TO THE AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!

  27. To all Americans this was the worst guy in white house we ever had I will never call him President, Jimmy Carter was better than this guy Trump 20/20 all the way

  28. Somebody send that guy a memo "Your Presidency is over dude, go play golf or something." I've never seen a more pathetic ex-President. Always chasing the current one around trying to undermine him. There is the great "first" everybody was expecting from Obama.

  29. "These economic royalists complain that we seek to overthrow the institutions of America. What they really complain of is that we seek to take away their power. Our allegiance to American institutions requires the overthrow of this kind of power." Franklin D. Roosevelt bernie or bust.

  30. Obama corrupted every branch of government, now the deep state in the F.B.I/ THE STATE DEPT, THINK THAT THEY RUN THE COUNTRY                    all these arrogant deep state people who are leaking government info and committing treason need to be jailed

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