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100 thoughts on “North Korea – All the dictator’s men | DW Documentary”

  1. How nuts does one person have to be to kill an imprison people who leave the country…so bizzare. If he was a great leader he wold not have to worry about people escaping the cult. If he wasn't dellusioal he could run the country and have real respect and not all the pretenders worship him. He shows his lack of the ability…he rules by fear and it shows how insecure he is. Without the fear, people would be making fun of him…lol

  2. Dictatorship or not, i find north korea more democratic than Canada itself, specially not from Quebec the french province who are worst than anything when comes to corruption and violation to human right. Comparing Canada to NK, North korea for what has and can and also she looks more clean and beautiful not like this country feel like a trash whole everything goes down, streets filled with holes and having a brainless with idiotic party controlling the country who looks even worst than the leader of NK. Why are we against a country who looks more democratic … if us we dont have to obey to damn rules made by crooks in the Gov, if Us we dont pay taxes to crooks to give us a complex life if that is democracy fuck off. In canada there is more dictatorship than finding it in NK.

  3. a thief cannot live in a dictatorship country, but can survive well in a democratic country. Democracy is build on corruption deception lies scam fraud, Quebec province is a good example.

  4. The "Supreme Leader" is a real POS. Sending thousands of his citizen's (from peasants to Doctors) abroad for up to 3 straight years for work and having their wadges paid directly to him while the worker and their families get a pittance. It's truly unbelievable. 450,000,000 euros worth yearly of this going on..

  5. 28:14 That's a playground for kids? 15 kids playing on 1 tiny set that should be in a back yard? And it looks to be on a busy street corner with no fences separating the play area from the street! WTf!

  6. Funny how they ride in a German train in the beginning, a thing that they are meant to despise if they listened to their dictator.

  7. Mama earth is beautiful but the world is a cold, cold, place and it’s people are awful ! Kim Family and it’s regime are giant cowards. You too will fall ! Those poor North Koreans. Religion is forbidden…help will come… Babylon 🔥. Man is not fit to govern man🔥🔥🔥

  8. When I was in Seoul in 1988 it looked alot different, someday I'd like to see it again and my old friends most of which were katusa

  9. Some good Investigative journalism here. Please make sure that none of these brave people suffer consequences because of their contributions. It is so sad to see that none of the present world leaders or policy makers have any real feelings or concern for this world.

  10. I can tell you one thing don't hate just North Korea you can thank China and Russia for their humanitarian contributions to slavery and communism for these are truly the axis of evil

  11. We can learn from this, how only the top triage of leaders can eat. This is so sad on many levels. Prayers for North Korea that they rebel. Imagine, the people are starving, no commerce for the reg person, but all that money goes into fat boy. Sorry, they should revolt in the millions.

  12. Stop lying
    It’s messed up over there too many people have gone under cover it ain’t no where near as nice as you claimed too many people have escaped and when I say too many I mean a hand full too many for kim
    The secret is out you should be ashamed of yourself for helping cover up the truth I hope you get sent to North Korea and live the rest of your days you and everyone/anyone who helped make this video 🤬

  13. Be British: Wow NK looks like a horrible dystopian nightmare.
    Also British: Say something critical about third world immigration
    British Government: Kicks door in

  14. Basically how a communist party builds its land throughout struggles

    "Dont be afraid of problems, or we will be your main problem".

  15. The average N. Korean knows nothing of the World. If the Koreas unite, the North Citizens will be shocked beyond belief. Going from a 1950's Stalinist existence to the present day will destroy Kim Jung Un's Cult of belief from his Grand Daddy's time.

    North Korea could be a real Economic Power if not for their outdated, horrible system.

  16. At 26:55, they ask how old the child is and the interpreter says eight months but that child is easily 18 months and can walk. Can’t believe the interpreter doesn’t know that 18 is different from 8 months.

  17. Americans have had freedom their whole lives. We can’t fathom the thought that anyone would take our freedoms away and force us to work for no money without an uproar of resistance.

  18. ALL this WESTERN HYSTERIA and PREJUDICE about North Korea …since when its a threat to EUROPE ???

    Scaremongering about a tiny country more than 7600 miles away …just because US say so !!! Its YOU

    with all the prejudice made what North Korea it is today !!!

  19. At 29:19 peep the Dell P27xx 27-inch monitors. Likely Chinese factories ran an off-hours production under the table and The Party sold them to the DPRK. China has its hands all over NK. When they need dirty work done, it's who they call upon. It's like having a crazy crackhead handy who will wh*re himself selling blöwjobs or killing an enemy if you feed him steady drugs.

  20. Why would you show the North Korean worker in the market in Mongolia, you may have blurred their face but why show their clothing/shoes/bag???? That can be dangerous for them and their families back in NK. I think it would’ve been fine only hearing their voice, or just showing from head up!
    Don’t appreciate that you would put a workers life at risk like that!

  21. It seems unfair to characterize North Korea as the place where the Korean War never ended. After all the only country not to sign the armistice of ‘53 is South Korea. DPRK , China, USA were all signatories.

  22. I'm sitting at home with my daughter. I just made her a sandwich. Two slices of turkey deli meat, seasoned and sliced pretty thick as that seems to be the family favorite, and one slice of sharp cheddar from the same deli. Who knew that would be something to be taken for granted?

  23. they just now figured out nuclear missles while the US is eating cereal with anti nuke systems in place….poor North Korea…lol

  24. You guys show the face of this NK worker right before blurring it and then interviewing him. Also you show his clothing. Any investigator worth anything would be able to deduct who this poor guy is. Advice, next time your reporters interview a guy like this make sure to take all of the necessary steps to completely conceal his identity. Your sloppy work has now indeed put this mans life at risk. Completely irresponsible and disrespectful!

  25. How do they stop the doctors working in other countries from noticing that the standard of nutrition, medical equipment and pretty much everything is higher where they are working?

    All the pictures of North Korean hospitals I have seen the ones they let foreigners see anyway are empty sometimes don’t even have beds and other equipment

  26. The guy, Michael Kim, who escaped and is living in SK, seems unabashedly proud of NK achievements and seems too proud of NK to be committed to SK.

  27. that north korea spy sat on the couch who worked in room 37. is still proud of the north, he deffo is a spy…………………………………..

  28. What if north Korean people and South Korean and the his goverment who dont like him much.gang up on kim and kick him out . ☺/ WORLD peace AGAIN . YEA!!

  29. The only place I can imagine where fully-grown adults are awaken by the same morning alarm, is a prison.

  30. Only sending married with children abroad is ruthless Machiavellian level genius. They wont defect with a gun to there families head. Brutal.

  31. Russia and China could have ended too regime years ago but they support it because it is a buffer for them from the west & would also rely on the manpower as pawns if war were to break out

  32. Imagine since birth until death… Slave…. This is really heart breaking for those people who lived in NK.. They've never been experience to laugh out loud and never experience to live and enjoy being alive

  33. Kim's family will suffer very bad one day it is coming soon because all North Korean people starving nothing to eat Kim's family using earn money for them millions and how many kids and korean people are dying everyday , so sad.

  34. If North Korea served international finance there would be no documentary. There are many broken countries that no-one writes about.

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