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100 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 3rd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News”

  1. isn't famous photographer Anne Gedees the real inspiration for these pictures? Is this photographer using these babies to make a name for herself?

  2. Nooooooo I love ground beef you need for spaghetti man well I live in Az so even tho they did not mention my state I will not be buying any till it’s passed

  3. so mcdonalds is the news now and a single person trowing acid to another represents the Republican party and ideology …this is getting to a point that im so graTEFUL TO BE pORTUGUESE AND LIVE IN pORTUGAL….NEW TWIST SAYS nbc….this is just sad

  4. Opening with the mcds story just made sense 🙄 I think most people could careless about two coworkers dating. The media always making most of what it really was smh

  5. tired of trumps lies and non-American choices that he keeps making, America was better than this… get rid of the Turd.

  6. guaranteed that man that threw the acid in the face of that innocent Human being Voted for and supports Trump. prove me wrong but youll be poorly disappointed.

  7. Also, the army officer had been reprimanded for talking down Americans to Russians and Germans. Talking about how Democrats were going to change America

  8. when trump signs executive orders to turn back VA Funding just because he didn't like the previous leader is the reason for all the crap goin on in this countrys VA.

  9. Where I work management violates company policy on a daily basis. Yep….this sort of thing goes on also and nothing is done about it.

  10. Omg someone put acid on his face……when u find that..that thing that did it……….make him DRINK it 😡(just kidding that mean….just put him in jail for a long time please) ☻

  11. Don't believe the polls. And John Bolton is a warmonger. Always has been, just like Mattis. That's why the USA has always been involved in some sort of conflict.

  12. typical trump …. we are WAY BEYOND THE WHISTLEBLOWER. if he doesnt know the identity, how in the heck would he know his affiliations.

  13. We have a Very Strong Wise President, this Wildfire would have been Avoided if The Mayor of California followed through with Orders from from are Chief in Command.

  14. i give you guys a hard time, but this is the best, or one of the better 20 minute news clips episodes nightly out there. so thumbs up

  15. Send Trump a rake. Once he is out of office he can truly serve the people with community service by raking the hundreds of thousands of acres of land. What a dummy.

  16. If GOP were honest, they would censure Trump for intimidating witnesses. Very few GOP in Congress are principled. McCain, Corker gone. Demos are no angels!

  17. This crook is a guy everyone is worried about beating in an election! You know something's wrong with a system that even makes this possible. Fish scraps in the garbage should be able to defeat Trump in 2020! We do not have a democracy, we have a republic locked up by the corporatists, whose control on the electorate overrides the nationwide majority of voters. The Electoral College. Get RID of the EC or reassign its function, and let the Popular Vote decide the elections. (While we're at it, eliminate Gerrymandering, too. Has NOTHING to do with democracy). Guarantee, at least 50% of the corruption would be quashed.


  18. From the beginning he has whistleblower messing with every bodies , starting with indocomment wicked peoples or immigrants ,we have florida state a community they hate Latinos people they came from worst place in the Caribbean place .

  19. Why don’t they get that crazy, ignoramus out of the Whitehouse. He is to stupid to run a company more less the country. God help us we cannot take anymore of his flawed mentality!!!!

  20. To the victim of the acid attack. Welcome to America! My daughter is 4th gen American: African-American, Native American, White and she got told to go back to Mexico! There are hateful, prejudice, and ignorant people of every race and religion here. I have faith and I choose to pray for them, and be a part of the solution. Love your American brothers and sisters! We all bleed red and there really only are 2 kinds of people: Good and Bad. Peace and Love to all!

  21. In the United States, confidence in the judiciary is falling.

    No one has the right to force a person.

    The court exceeds the powers and violates human rights when it forces a person to act in Congress by its decisions.
    Courts are suspected of wrongful decisions by politically prosecuting one of the US presidential candidates.
    Human rights activists.

  22. aren't you supposed to be the news?! Why not say "Trump attempts to break the law again" when you title things like this, it makes the idiots think that its an actual legal thing to id a whistle blower

  23. When will you guys stop thinking with the "head" in yo' draws, and start thinking with the one on yo' shoulder. This is the "Me too" area, dummies. GET A WIFE! And stay committed.

  24. Only a 5 year old comes up with a term like "Never Trumper". It's actually kind of hilarious. Like…."Never Land" wtf?

  25. Climate change is a hoax just another excuse to cheat you out of your money and freedoms however environment impact is real. Remember controling the weather by 2025 do the math

  26. This LAND belongs to the only true Americans, which are the Native Indians!! All of you including your grandparents go back to your country. Sad.

  27. Easterbrook his biggest mistake is moving the corporate office to a more expensive area. He should not have been in charge of the company to begin with. Take it as a given that there's more behind this then you think

  28. so sad t hear person get mat throw the acid on outher person also so cool showing takeing pic of the little one's lady

  29. I just wanted to chime in and comment that an easy way to solve congenital health defects, racism, Christianity, Police violence, and that lady's $hi~y artwork for babies, is to vote Pro-Choice this election year 🚼+🚽=✌️ . Battery Acid attacker-guy however, eat 💩 and ☠️ . Glad your struggles are over now accent guy..*awkward silence* . This would have never happened had the attacker dropped a different type of Acid.

    where has your so called 5 TIME HEEL SPURS SPARED YOU TO Serve YOUR AMERICA!!

  31. Life pro tip: How to anger Russian trolls. To anger Russian trolls, simply mention the fact that the Russian military has no effective counterattack for Apache helicopters in a ground war against the US.

  32. "Et tu, Brute?" Even some Republicans are now supportingng Trump's impeachment? Those two-faced, backstabbing, hypocrites! Lol!

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  34. For the meat , you may want to check extreme animal rights activists, it is the same with a new upcoming terrorist the ones that disagree with technology , as foreseen by the storytellers of "transcendence" the movie

  35. Its November the 4th and you guys have NO news posted…. People are done with your network that cant get the news out in time….I havent had any issues with PBS getting a WHOLE HOUR of news out and it's actually REAL NEWS. Id recommend anyone reading the comments here to simply subscribe to PBS News Hour.

  36. LOL, NBC talking about ME-TO is so pathetic??? Need a outside investigation not covering for the Harvey Weinsteins of the world??

  37. Aren't you sick of the blame game that the media engages in? For the fires in California, blame is placed on PG&E, climate change or President Trump. Media cries wolf at every opportunity, in my opinion.

  38. Im sorry to the man who had battery acid thrown on him. Tell your children that this mean, hatefull man does not represent our country's feelings. And your just as.much American as any of us. That disguisting man should be charged with a hate crime. That is just what it is, hate.

  39. You deserve a break today so get hired and get a lay at McDonald's. The worst thing was he wore a Ronald McDonald clown outfit for his Mcgasam. Was the McHamburgler involved.

  40. maybe that's why you should stay far away from strangers!
    why did he just stand there and talk to the angry man? 18:55 looks like condoms

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