We have finally figured out what kind of
system the New World Order is going to be and it’s not communism and it’s not
capitalism and it’s not a monarchy or a democracy I’m Alex Newman and this is
behind the deep state the deep state we all know has been pushing for this idea
of what they call a new world order like this to bring China into the creation of
a new world order and for the international order that we have worked
for generations to build Bush said in its phrase that I often use myself that
we needed a new world order out of these troubled times
our fifth objective a new world order can emerge for a long time now we’ve
been discussing and debating what is this new world order gonna look like and
so people on the left wing of the political spectrum sometimes say oh it’s
gonna be a capitalist new world order where the capitalists are gonna treat us
all as slaves and steal the fruits of our labor by exploiting us and busting
up our unions and then you have those on the more right-wing side of the spectrum
say oh it’s gonna be a communist new world order well not exactly
turns out the new world order is going to be what is called a technocracy and
that’s a term that it really has not been much in use in the popular lexicon
but it’s a really important term it’s been around for a really long time to
kind of understand it in a simple way basically just imagine getting rid of
individual liberty under various pretexts you know it’s saving the
environment saving the whale saving the planet or you know economic efficiency
making sure we don’t waste resources on silly things and so you know different
pretexts are used but the common thread that runs through all of it is that
we’re gonna get rid of representative government we’re not going to have you
know kings or Congress or anything like that instead we’re gonna be ruled by
technocrats basically scientists and engineers under the control of the elite
so you might think of it it’s kind of like a scientific
or at least a pseudo-scientific dictatorship
now the term has been around for a really long time actually it popped up
in the 1930s in 1932 the head of Columbia University Nicholas Marie
Butler announced that his radical university which was already filled with
you know Communists and kook’s and quacks of all varieties of course that
was the home of John Dewey the guy who helped that dumbed down the American
people through the public school system not to mention the Frankfurt School you
know the the sickos who came over from Germany and tried to deconstruct
morality and civilization and they decided that we’re gonna support this
idea of technocracy now there was a big scandal it’s actually recounted in this
book that I’ll come back to shortly by Patrick Wood and the the term kind of
got a nasty smell to it but the technocrats did not give up easily so in
they then formed this magazine called the technocrats prize and in 1938 they
defined technocracy this way they said it’s the science of social engineering
the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and
distribute goods and services to the entire population
how cute all right so we have no need anymore for private property you get rid
of money get rid of prices that are arrived at in a free market through the
forces of supply and demand and basically you have this new system where
the accounting unit would be like energy or co2 now we hear a lot from the United
Nations a resources basically a resource-based economy is a term you
often hear associated with technocracy so individuals essentially become cogs
in the machine the the elites the engineers and the scientists decide what
should be produced how it should be produced and then you just kind of get
plugged into the system where ever the scientific dictators think you would
best fit and if you notice there’s a lot of resemblance here with the central
planning that that was tried in the Soviet Union it was tried in communist
China and that has been a failure everywhere it has ever been tried now
they say they have big data though so they’ll make it work this time you know
my first encounter with this really bizarre ideology of the elites was
actually by a guy who tried to present himself as being and
opponent of the elites is this guy who just had this great idea to restructure
the world then was Jacque fresco he founded something called The Venus
Project promoting the alleged marvels of this resource-based economy and he had
his sidekick Peter Joseph a guy who won’t tell anybody his last name and you
know this guy had come on my radar too he had created this thing called the
zeitgeist movement working very closely with Jacque fresco and some of his
comments were really really bizarre he said people who have children are
self-serving they don’t care about the carrying capacity of the earth and I
said he wouldn’t mind a one-child policy imposed by the government once the
population pressure got serious I mean these guys are totalitarians to the core
one of his big videos that got really famous was just anti Christian
propaganda actually very easy to discredit if you know anything about the
truth of the Bible and the truth of history but he got over a hundred
million views on this video and the New York Times loved it they wrote this
glowing review about z-day and Joseph and all these crazy ideas they were
peddling not one critical word about these guys or their crazy plans and a
one of these movies associated with this movement actually won an artivist award
at a very prominent Film Festival backed by the United Nations so we’ll come back
to the United Nations in a moment but the connections are very very very deep
now the months the machinery for this monstrous idea is being put into place
and not just in the United States but all over the world and it really is in
the United States the technocratic grip is is really it’s got its arms around
our throat but we are not in the lead here actually Communist China seems to
be the premier example of technocracy yeah I know they’re ruled by the
Communist Party and they’re officially still communist and in some ways they do
still you know maintain the outer trappings of communism but it’s much
more than that now you know you now have a system where experts and then
technocrats engineers scientists are crucial players interests in the central
planning rather than just you know bureaucrats involved in the Communist
Party and you now have a social credit system where the machines keep track of
you know how reliable a reliable of a slave you are you know do you have the
right opinions do you do what the Communist Party says do you have any
friends who disagree with the Communist Party things like this and all that is
factored into a score created by algorithms that determines whether you
are allowed to travel whether you can leave the country whether you can have a
good job whether you can be Marisa piant of higher education things like this so
you have total technocratic control of the economy massive central planning and
at the global level this stuff is being implemented as well on the show we
actually did an episode of behind the deep state on agenda 2030 now agenda
2030 when you drill down it is really a recipe for global technocratic
government the new world order is gonna be a global technocracy if these people
get their way sustainable development very very clearly they’re talking about
shifting the entire economic system of the world to quote the former head of
the UN climate machine and I want to talk briefly about Patrick wood we’ve
interviewed Patrick wood before and he’s got two books on the subject of
technocracy he’s actually the guy who really has has popularized this term at
the grassroots level right the elites are very familiar with this term but
even in the freedom movement in the truth movement not a lot of people were
aware of this until Patrick wood came on the scene with these two books at his
first one was technocracy rising the Trojan horse of global transformation
you can see that right here and then over here you’ve got technocracy the
hard road to World Order I actually did a review of this one or the new American
magazine very recently that you can find if you like below before exposing the
tech the move toward technocracy Patrick wood was actually involved with a guy
that we talk about a lot on this show Anthony Sutton I consider him to be one
of America’s finest historians you know the late Anthony Sutton he wrote
incredible books exposing the role of the deep state in the rise of Nazi
Germany the role of the deep state in the Bolshevik Revolution exposing the
Skull and Bones Society that we did a whole episode on in this program and he
wrote a book with Patrick Lee Anthony Sutton Patrick wood collaborated it was
called trilateral is over Washington now if you haven’t read this it’s an
extremely important book we also did an episode of this program on the trial
dural commission where we mentioned that you can go watch that episode if you’d
like very informative and this trilateral commission is extremely
important it’s one of the deep state behind the deep state organizations it
was founded by David Rockefeller but we’ve talked about many times I mean
this is a guy who boasted in his autobiography of being a conspirator
working with a secret cabal against the best interests of his own country to
form a one-world political and economic order and he founded it with this guy
called zib new Brzezinski the national security adviser to everybody’s favorite
President Jimmy Carter note the sarcasm there and in 1973 they founded this
trilateral commission and David Rockefeller had read a book by zib new
Brzezinski called America’s role in the Technotronic age between two ages and
this is basically a full-throated promotion of technocracy so he argues
that pretty much America is obsolete Marxism is maybe the next step in human
evolution and then after that we’ll move toward technocracy where the experts
will will decide things and so their vision was kind of encapsulated in this
term called the new international economic order this was the goal that
the trilateral commission said it was working toward and when you drill down
to it as Patrick wood explains very well this new international economic order is
just technocracy it’s as warmed-over technocracy and now we see this being
implemented by tri laterals by members of the Council on Foreign Relations
which we’ve also explored extensively in this series by all these organs of the
deep state so let me give you some examples globalist John Podesta who of
course is a member of the Trilateral Commission is very very deeply involved
with the elites and with the push for a new world order he was also one of the
key players behind agenda 2030 the UN’s global program to transform the planet
into sustainable development they tell you in there the government should take
control of production and consumption the brain the government shouldn’t
brainwash all children so that they’ll promote sustainable development I mean
that’s how brainwash they need to be the the government should control
consumption and production they should redistribute wealth it’s not enough to
just have national wealth redistribution now we need redistribution among
countries as well not just within country these are all things in agenda
2030 now a Podesta of course was a very very important figure in this and
he’s been a very important figure in the US government for a long time again a
member of the Trilateral Commission he served as chief of staff for Clinton he
helped run Hillary Clinton’s campaign he was deeply involved in the Obama
administration and he’s also of course the guy from spirit cooking right who
could forget the spirit cooking check out the images of spirit cooking you
know he was invited along with his brother to a spirit cooking with marina
abramovic and you can see some of the images from that absolutely disgusting
stuff that these people are involved in now the global warming hoax is also
critical to this agenda to pushing technocracy I mentioned earlier the head
of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change her former head her name
was Christiana Figueres she actually opened one of these climate summits in
2012 with a prayer to the Mayan goddess X JAL a true story actually this was in
Cancun and you know quickly looked up X J said it was the goddess of creativity
the Mayan goddess of creativity turns out it was actually the Mayan goddess of
cannibalism human sacrifice and war what an appropriate false idol to open up a
prayer by the UN climate summit unbelievable stuff and she said in 2015
this is a direct quote this is probably the most difficult task we have ever
given ourselves which is to intentionally transform the economic
development model of the world for the first time in human history now one of
the quotes that Patrick would relies on in this book the hard road to world
order which again is phenomenal is really revealing as well it actually
appeared in the Council on Foreign Relations magazine crucial deep state
publication and the quote was by a guy called Richard Gardiner he said this on
the road to world order it will look like a great booming buzzing confusion
but an end run around national sovereignty eroding it piece by piece
will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault this was in
1974 by the way and again this quote is really important to understanding what’s
going on here now you know there they are eroding sovereignty piece by piece
and it does look confusing right to the average person who you know watches the
fake media none of this makes any sense why are all these things happening why
does our sovereignty keep getting more and more eroded well once you understand
the agenda you understand what is on here more recently another member of
the Council on Foreign Relations dr. Parag Khanna he wrote a book called
technocracy in America and this this basically proposes a technocratic form
of government for the United States will get rid of the US Senate will have a
executive committee that will make all the decisions and we let the US Supreme
Court modernize the US Constitution to make possible you know the the
replacement of representative government with technocratic government now other
crucial components of technocracy at least a road to technocracy we have
these public-private partnerships where you’re melding government and corporate
power into one all right so the elitist get to make all the profits off the back
of the backs of the taxpayer and they get to finance all kinds of idiotic
projects that the free market would never support right projects to convert
us and do a technocracy another crucial element of this is the erosion of local
government right no more do we get to have elected city councils and county
commissions things like this increasingly and this is happening all
over America probably in your community too
they are moving toward regional government so you’ll get you know a
group of cities will come together under this Council of government or Council of
government to cog happening all across America with incentives and funding from
the federal government and it’s also happening on a broader scale too right
in Europe you have the European Union smashing national sovereignty in Africa
you have the African Union Putin is building the Eurasian Union in the
United States Mexico and Canada they’re working on a North American Union very
very important components of this and so the regionalization of government the
removal of representative elected officials with replacing that with
bureaucratic technocratic forms of government another key component of this
will be the financial side of it right rather than having plain old money will
be moving toward a different type of economy probably some type of
cryptocurrency will be involved and naturally will move toward a cashless
society and the elites have been very very active on this maybe we’ll do a
whole episode on the cashless society in the weeks and months ahead smart cities
of course are another important component of this they’re hurting us all
into cities kicking us all off our land the new york times just had a real
and things saying that single-family homes are actually racist a segregation
we should all live in stack him and pack on magenta twenty-one houses right and
and I think Patrick would does something really important to he he points out in
the book that this is really beyond just you know a physical problem these people
in he’s got a whole chapter in here called worshiping the creation and what
he explains is that these people have actually made technology technocracy
scientism into an idol and they are now worshiping the creation instead of the
create or I he’s got some great Bible verses in there to support that and and
that is where we’re moving right now you are inadvertently probably involved in
this system already right you’re already being surveilled you’re already being
monitored you’re already being controlled so one of the things Patrick
would recommends in his book to help fight back against this is get off the
social media stuff quit using Facebook and Google and Twitter you know give
them disinformation rely on alternatives right don’t give them all your
information don’t let them track you and manipulate you so we’ve got to resist
we’ve got to fight back guys if the deep state gets its way and we end up with
its global technocracy it is going to be the end of individual liberty the end of
Western civilization the end of this you know everything that we hold dear so
it’s it’s crucial that we resist this trend toward technocracy and one of the
ways to start getting involved is to first educate yourself I’m Alex Newman
this is behind the deep state thank you very much for watching now if you
haven’t watched the rest of our episodes go back and do those you know get these
books if you need them great resource if you want to learn about technocracy
watch the interviews we’ve done with with patrick would i get involved in
this fight and and like share subscribe youtube is trying to shut us down now
they just took another one of our videos down without giving us any explanation
that it was a violation of Terms of Service so help us get this information
out guys help us share this with your with your contacts with your family with
your friends with your church whoever it might be help us get the word out you
know we’re not going to be able to defeat the deep state without people
taking an active role in getting educated and educating others so again
do what you can to help us get this word out thank
you very much god bless you again I’m Alex Newman stay tuned for more

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