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100 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 24th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News”

  1. For all those who think "Trump wouldn't do that! Trump wouldn't cut social security, medicaid, children’s Health Insurance Program, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)" – Here is your President helping the wealthy by cutting funds to YOU! YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR CHILDREN.

  2. Why do white politicians always think if they get on broad with one famous or respected black person – that'll get the votes of all black voters?

  3. Time to bring the supply chains back home may cost a little more but it doesn't break my heart for those companies who lost money in China as we lost jobs here.

  4. The guards did use the skin of prisoners to make books, lampshades. There will always be a critic. Why don't you let the survivors decide?

  5. OMG and other American companies should consider employing American labor, OMG will go out of business because of the coronavirus.

  6. Not reporting the truth about Virus.
    Fear of a Pandemic and Publics reaction..Its here folks..
    Medical companies are waiting in the wings and gain profit for looking for a Solution

  7. Kim Jung un, must be having the last laugh now. This pandemic will end half of the worlds population. No need to test rockets anymore coronavirus will do it for him.

  8. Finally they locks The rat the most powerful man which every channel news said fake news what powerful man buying woman's and forcing those stupid girls which they want to be stars in Hollywood the most corrupt industry in the world and run by the chosen race God put them the to teach people how to be kind like them period

  9. When companies with only profits in sight move all their eggs in one basket, it only takes one cracked egg to wipe off profits. The yolk´s on you..

  10. All this nastiness going on in politics makes me so sad, I'm really grateful I still have two quarts of my boyfriend's doo doo left to comfort me.

  11. The dishonest media makes it seem like Bernie Sanders is talking about this out of the blue when Bernie is only responding to comments said in 1984 about why the Cuban people did not help the American Government over throw Castro. Anderson Cooper, Bernie is still correct about Cuba and about how China has brought more people out of extreme poverty than any other time in history. Bernie will openly criticize these countries leaders as being Authoritarian for how they treat their own people. Mike Bloomberg well defined Xi because and say, “Xi is not a dictator” I order to protect his business interest in China. Cable news is unscrupulous and most of them have no journalistic integrity fortunately journalists like Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti are able point out the deception of MSNBC, CNC, ABC…. so maybe there is still some hope for journalism.

  12. sanders is only 'under fire' about Castro by the media. no one really cares about this made-up controversy. his supporters though are on fire and feeling the bern!

  13. Catherine Johnson (I hope I spelled your name right), I never heard of you until now (that I can remember), I’ll have to read more about you. I heard about you from NBC News broadcast tonight. Nice story.

  14. nbcnews.com/news/us-news/video-shows-police-officer-arresting-6-year-old-girl-school-n1142356 media reports this like the weather no comment likewe dont care NBC if it cares must say nonono no neo nazi police police mmust have better education way better social worker training usa needs social worker offices to which e.g. a woman can report abuse to obviate having to go to a uncaring overworked police station then when sociial worker s says yes there was abuse hten the police is asked to further

    quote {{{{ Fed up with CDC delays and excuses, U.S. laboratory association urgently requests FDA allow state and local labs to run coronavirus tests without CDC approval

    Still think the global supply chain is fine? Proctor & Gamble warns of 17,600 products using 9,000 materials from 387 factories in China… ALL impacted by the coronavirus pandemic }}}}

  15. Sanders blatantly said "we are very opposed to Authoritarian Cuba"

    News never mentions that the head of the Apollo moon mission rocket development Werner Von Braun was the head of Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp or that the Vice President of Bell Aircraft (who had connection to Lee Harvey Oswald through Ruth and Michael Paine) the largest profiteer of the Vietnam War was nazi General Walter Dornberger, or that the secretary general of the United Nations Kurt Waldheim was a Nazi, or that the head of Interpol Paul Dickoph was a Nazi…or project paperclip or that Freemde Heer Ost, Nazi Eastern Intelligence, became the Gehlen Organization which was essentially NATO and the US anti Russian intelligence apparatus during the early cold war. The problem is bigger than creating fictional depictions.

  16. The Chinese are smart will they allow the deaths of thousands of people or find a vaccine for CV. Michael Bloomberg would allow them all to die before spending a penny.

  17. Dear People:

    A toddler can clearly see he's guilty! 100 ??? And that horrible person trying to stop "Justice" just for "Dirty Money" Shame on that Attorney. Evil, pure Evil !!! I would take the bar's suspension and walk out if I knew my client did this to a (100) unsuspecting victim's. Hope they get all his $$$ and that is just a start. JSC

  18. Bernie just said something good done for people under a bad government, "education". Shame on you for making something big out of nothing from a Jew who lost family in German camps. I vote Bernie 100% for character, honesty and message with a new path for America.

  19. Weinstein, like every typical sociopath, claims to be innocent. From Hollywood mogul to Rikers Island inmate. There is justice in this world.
    #MeToo #Karma

  20. This virus was developed in a lab and is a biological weapons test. They already had a name for it. They already have an antidote for it, but will only release it once it hits critical mass, or yields the results they are seeking. It will then come at a price. And I know that viruses do not usually react to medicine, but those are natural ones, not ones like this that is made in a lab.

  21. Smollett needs to be in jail and so glad Harvey was denied his mental crutch while being led away in shackles. Sad they did not hold him accountable for his predatory action.

  22. Those women on H.Weinstein trail are not innocent, when they first came out to look for fame and money. they put themselves up to get what they wanted, after they became famous and made a ton of money, 20 some years later they decided to attack Weisntein to get some more money from nasty monster Weinstein, these women are the members of "Me Too Thugs, Movement". LOL!


  24. Why can’t we hear about stuff that a white person did? Then have them say how people were surprised it was a white person? Oh that’s right white people are smart.


  26. cry me a river after NFL half time…One of my favorites is the football player Rice who slugged his finance and she stuck up for him…stay away from them.

  27. Why wasn't he guilty of all charges. She's fake crying. I don't hire women for my business unless they're family. I encourage all business owners to do the same. Women Can't be trusted. They'll do anything for money.

  28. I'm scared that people will care more about money than they do the health and safety of the people… I feel like if the government starts to lose too much money that they'll just continue to trade and worry more about getting money than peoples health. Idk.. freaks me out.

  29. If you think homophobia is dead just consider that Jussie Smollett is still top news with Weinstein, Corona Virus, economic crisis, presidential primaries, etc.

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