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100 thoughts on “Navarro on coronavirus: Trump is focused on moving supply chains to US”

  1. All the unscripted speeches and written transcripts of candid interviews by the man this last decade seem to indicate that mister Trump can't focus on anything that isn't about his infallible greatness. Donald Trump will go down in history as The Great American Nero.

  2. Trump's doing a great job and I know no socialist will take the White House. We patriots are 200 million strong and it won't happen. Bernie is in the wrong party and we won't let him steal the Democrat Party. Bernie should be in the Democratic Socialists of America party with his comrades ….

  3. The Navajo Tribe has a company and wearhouse that make Medical Supplies like goggles/gloves/face masks and medical equipment. It's made in America by Native Americans but it needs more buyers sooo…stop buying from over seas, buy American made.

  4. No offense but 80% of the stuff we buy is from other countries.. to be exact probably China. It’s going to be a challenging feat to not only open factories but try to compete with the prices of China and their labor. The idea is right but the execution might be harder then we think. Just being honest here.

  5. Okay, moving supply chains back the states…but who will work in those factories and willing to get pay minimum wage? Where are you going to get the lands to build those factories? …. Like the homeless healthy big man in his mid-30s, who asked me for money at Home Depot, once told me "Chinese people are one of the most hard-working people on Earth"

  6. Hey guys, I just read the replies to my comment. And you know what, it's those defeatist efn attitudes that got us where we are. Wake up and take your country back. Efn wieners!

  7. This Guy's an OG.
    Reporter "People want to hear from the White house"
    Causcasion guy "Alright let's hear from the Whitehouse" *starts talking 😂

  8. you are all so blind statist fools and now Trump time wow I hope this virus gets rid of the human race starting with all the Trumptards first

  9. Many companies that already make things in the US will benefit financially from this catastrophe, and companies that make things in China will be hurt. 🙂 Serves them right for selling out America and financing the most greatest source of evil on the planet.

  10. Could you imagine the nightmare if Obama was in charge…..thank God Pres. Trump has given the green light on stopping the spread of this virus. ….what ever it takes. 😎🇺🇸

  11. It is not a matter of paying more or less now. It's not even about where it is made. It is about whether it's available to buy it when you need it. People in China are told to self-quarantine to avoid infection. Workers are risking their life if they go back to work. Because the whole country of people need face masks, for instance, their factories can not even able to make enough for so many people to use everyday even if all the workers are going back to work. For the sake of disease control, countries that do make face masks would rather keep them for their own people and not exporting to other countries. If one goes to a pharmacy to buy a box of face masks now, 90% chance that it is out of stock. In a time of dire situation, the supply chain is broken.

  12. Global awareness and increasing concern worldwide this shows why we need to be self reliant as a nation for economic sustainability. Self reliance is key to survival and sustainability. God bless America.

  13. 125,000 Indians together with corona virus? I love you trump but are u crazy? Stop the rallies. 47 states have no test kits. 5 00 in USA tested. 11,000 tested in Singapore. WTF? No test kits here

    300,000 Chinese students came back to school last month.

  14. The fact that talking head shows ALWAYS have to cut their time short, even on incredibly important issues like the Coronavirus outbreak, is why people are abandoning TV news en masse. It’s ridiculous, and it needs to stop.

  15. I know of only 1 company in the USA that makes face masks. 7% of the total. The owner said he can’t get new machines on line till April. Now there are 4?!? Huh??

    Well they better hurry up. All penicillin is made in China. There gonna go all this by April?

  16. Oh goody I can't tell you how much better I feel to hear at Trump is personally in charge of all this stuff I guess that means at mass and medication and treatment will be available to the wealthy and at least to those who can afford it why do I get my gut feeling at the people of color are going to be at the bottom of the chain please everybody register to vote and vote Trump said one of his priorities was rebuilding or enter structure yeah how's that going for us why do I get this picture in my head of the wealthy people walking around with the best mass you can buy and all the middle class and poor people and people of color we'll get a napkin to hold over their face how ready is the EPA and a Center for Disease Control and Public Health going to be if we were to have an outbreak here with all their cutbacks God Bless America and good luck please everybody register to vote and vote

  17. Thanks to Obama and Bush, Clinton's it all in China..should have always make are own product in USA
    Trump2020 is are hope to get it back in USA

  18. U.S. and the rest of the world should SUE China and seize assets to pay for this mess that they caused if they don't pay for the pandemic.

  19. Something about this virus is very fishy. Like man made and man purposely put the virus out there for population control by United Nations

  20. If I said rich white globalists sold the American working class out? Would I be racist for pointing out? Because honestly? Fox has never sent an investigator to interview Trump employees. This is why everyone thinks you're full of sht.

  21. Forced vacines with somekind of control chip like they are doing to homess! We need to sue these elitests that developed this virus and put them in jail for crimes against of humanity!

  22. Trump wants to move supply chains to U.S. ROTFLMAO It's one thing to tell your daughter you're going to give her a pony for Christmas, it's another to tell her you're going to give her a unicorn. None of this is going to happen, no matter how much you want to believe in unicorns or that Trump is personally involved in anything but lining his own pockets..

  23. Is this how they give us all the "Mark of the Beast"?! I do not consent! God, please save us! They keep pushing their vaccines. It's so obvious this is their agenda to control our souls. If Trump pushes this I will never trust him again. I thought he was trying to free us. They lie!

  24. The problem w/ moving manufacturing back to the US if we don't have enough people "labor" to handle the capacity. Not to mention the salaries and benefits to be paid. But there are so many companies who are short labor. And some Americans don't want to work in manufacturing. AMZ is always crying out for drivers and workers in its centers, can't get enough people. And DJT has stopped immigrants from coming to the US. Not enough people to work. He's going to have to lift up that immigration ban.

  25. Even IF Trump actually fueled the coronovirus, as groups are claiming, I am sure he didn’t think it would return to US shores – very sad, very very sad

  26. The evil us government is killing millions of innocent people in the Middle East and accusing China of not having human rights? Chinese restrictions on YouTube, facebook, Twitter, etc. those company is right, all these companies to work for the CIA, to subvert other countries regime, when America's invasion of the Middle East helped incite people to overthrow the government, the western media control of world opinion, play all kinds of tarnishing China's video and fake news. The Chinese people can at any time to check the number of virus infections and cure, American propaganda please stop lying! There is no real freedom of speech in the United States, as long as the speech against the United States and Google account will be deleted

  27. If the freaking FNC was in power control they wouldn't go about finding the solutions that President Trump. Instead, their top schemers would first only think of themselves and how that could be an opportunity to enrich themselves more

  28. Move it all back or move it anywhere but China. It's insane to depend on a dictatorship country that dwells on lies and deception. Makes no sense to do business with your adversary. Send a bill to China to pay for the damages done by the coronavirus world wide.

  29. Our supply chain needs redundancy I've said this over and over for the last 2 years, for the sake of National Security we cannot depend on China as much as we do we've got to have other resources.

    China is not our Ally and we owe them too much financially it is not in our best interest to maintain that relationship as we are.

  30. 3:25. I was reading through the comments and I didn't see this addressed as I thought it would be — China nationalize 3M in China to prevent it from sending masks to America.

    They literally TOOK an American company and prevented it from serving and protecting its mother country .


    I wonder how many other 3M companies are scattered around the world are they prepared to ramp up production to make sure that the United States is well supplied.

  31. Trump DROPPED THE BALL in Coronavirus he should have stopped all passenger flights into and out of China a Month ago an restricted all food related imports from China also NO IMPORTS of medical related product from China! Make them here in the USA !!!

  32. @2:51 "you've got the cheap labor, you've got lax environmental regs, and of course you have unfair trade practices" … sounds like 'Murica

  33. best way to fix the problem with not having the goods in america is pass a law. If you want to sell it here it has to be made here. (not just assembled) This would include meds, autos, equipment of all types, everyday house items, clothing, just about everything we use to make that is now made in China. Bring all of our mfg's home. Make it here, sell it here, buy it here. nuff said

  34. This is a Trumper propoganda channel disguise as a fair channel. Goebbels would be proud of you and maybe when Trump comes home, you can start licking his arse again.

  35. Has Ivanka Trump given up her latest patents in China yet for: wedding dresses, child care centers, sun glasses & …. VOTING MACHINES, manufactured in China for export to the U.S. Are they on Trump's Tarriff list?? Has Foremost Maritime Corp., the family shipping company of Elaine Chao, Moscow Mitch McConnell's wife, stopped trading with China?? Here is wagering that Tarriffs & viruses haven't put a dent in their trade with China one bit. It probably helped it. Because Foremost Maritime is based in the tax-haven Marianna Islands & its ships are all Liberian flagged. That's Mitch & his wife, Elaine Chao for you.

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  37. Consider the components of the Corona virus outbreak.
    1) Initiated in China where all the inhabitants live under a dictatorship fraught with human rights and freedom violations.
    2) Details of the measures China has taken in dealing with the virus are shotty and minimal. This is an international concern during peace time. It has nothing to do with national security, military deployment or anything other than humanitarian concern.
    3) Someone can be a carrier of the virus for two weeks before exhibiting any symptoms. This is an aspect rarely seen if ever seen before. Can viruses be engineered to accomplish such a trait?
    4) China controls much of the medicinal production facilities and is lagging in delivering needed products to the U.S. Even facemask shipments are being delayed.
    5) Consider the timing of this virus. Trump delivers tariffs and restrictions on China and within a short time the virus appears?
    My conclusion is, this could be an attempt at a sort of biological warfare. I can't be the only one who has considered the possibility.
    Finally, if this is the first step in establishing secretive warfare, what other steps might already be in the offing?
    Please let me know if you think my theory is incorrect or incomplete in anyway.

  38. why would we have any thing made in another country?? do we really trust these people ?? do not buy fresh fruit from any other country i wouldnt buy any meds from them either, could be tainted???????

  39. A certain percentage of necessary goods,,,ie. steel, drugs ect. must be made within the USA. If initially the cost is higher that can be subsidized by import tax on the same goods being produced…..

  40. Think he is missing the point in blockade of spread. India's Pakistan, is US's best shot at stopping whatever China has developed. There classified jets are not to be disregarded.

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