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100 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi will look back on impeachment with ‘deep regret’: Solomon”

  1. Nancy Pelosi is the "ROGUE" Speaker of the House. She should NEVER apply the title of "ROGUE" to anyone else because that title belongs to HER! It's so disappointing that she has been so influenced by her own party's "ROGUE" Radical Squad and others in the party who hate our President. Instead of using her strength & position to think for herself, support our President (regardless of her personal feelings), and teach her freshmen radicals and the rest of the party, what the United States Constitution & our Republic means to Americans. Pelosi has certainly earned the "ROGUE" Speaker of the House title through her and the party's continued coup-attempt actions they began planning BEFORE THE PRESIDENT'S ELECTION. Even members of their party have admitted it without any guilt! Read the definition of a coup. It certainly has turned into a poorly-staged COUP attempt at that and nothing more, regardless of whether President Trump is impeached or not. What a legacy for the "ROGUE" speaker and the party to leave behind! Pelosi's actions and speech have N-O-T in any way reflected who she claims to be. Regardless of what she claims, she (and her party's coup-planning pals) have repeatedly displayed dark hatred and total disrespect for our President and … the Office. It's beyond comprehension of so many Americans, that she and some of her party members have been allowed to violate our U.S. Constitution over and over and over again with no consequences! Pelosi and the party, together with some of today's social-media-reliant journalists, have set a very dangerous precedent for our future government processes. IMPEACHMENT of this "ROGUE" Speaker of the House for all of this hateful insanity and unnecessary waste of mega hours of time and tax-paying dollars to stage a PRE-planned coup attempt that began well before the President was elected, is NOT adhering to the U.S. Constitution. It has been a demonstration of total hatred, vengeance and mockery against a President that was Chosen-by-the-People of our country, and who happens to be different from some of those PROVEN CORRUPT POLITICIANS! Our President is certainly 'draining the Swamp'! Finally! These actions of the "ROGUE" House Speaker and all party attempted-coup participants HAVE CLEARLY VIOLATED OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION by planning to impeach our President even before he was elected. It's wrong and IMPEACHABLE regardless of party affiliation & should never be allowed in this country! We have learned what happens in other countries to those who stage this kind of coup activity. Legal action should be considered for those who participated in this form of TREASON so this type of hatred & attempted-coup activity will not happen again in our country.

  2. Trish! OMG, a host who knows how to be quiet and let the guest answer a question! Good grief! I thoroughly enjoyed actually hearing what John Solomon had to say. It was so refreshing. Thank you.

  3. Come On People Not Even Ten Minutes After Trump Was Sworn In The Democrats Wanted To Impeach How Can They Say It Is With A Heavy Hart It Is A Sad Day In America. Trump Won And That Ok Act Like Adults

  4. How could those freaks even be in politics makes no sense to me what is wrong with the American people holy crap get real Hey kid

  5. So we're having people from other countries running our country is this a joke or what get them the hell out of here

  6. Like the sparrow in her wandering, like the swallow in her flying, So the curse without cause does not come and alight [on the undeserving]. Proverbs 26:2 AMP
    TRUMP 2020

  7. The solution to the problem.
    All true democrats vote for republicans for the next six years clean house and get new candidates.
    Then all true republicans vote for democrats for six years to do the same.
    That should clear out A LOT of corruption in DC.

  8. Mexico and Hunduras are Democratic, Nancy Pelosi the squad and the House of Representatives should be deported there.

  9. These corrupt politicians are getting rich off of these investigations & impeachment’s, we need an audit to find out where these millions are going, we have to hold these criminals responsible for their criminal actions

  10. No,no,no she will never regret this.She is a servant of Satan and does his bidding with delight. She says she doesn't hate but yet she murders babies. She may be so evil that she thinks she is good.

  11. The GAO said Trump clearly violated federal law. Trump assured us he would end North Korea's nuclear program. He promised healthcare we couldn't refuse and said infrastructure would be his first accomplishment. He said he would lower the deficit. And remember that wall he ASSURED us Mexico would fund? Or did you just conveniently dismiss all of it as you do with all his pitfallls and blame it on those "radical" Democrats? Vote him in again AND let Republicans run Congress. Then when they try to cut or eliminate YOUR Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which, believe me, they ARE planning to do and have already discussed doing, blame it on those "radical" Democrats and see who believes you –or has any sympathy for you then. But go ahead. Don't believe me. Call it fake information. Deceive yourself–until you are trapped by it. Blame the "radical" Democrats. Live in your fantasyland. But remember, you WERE forewarned.

  12. We have the best President ever 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 God Bless America God Bless Our President Donald Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸I’m very proud of my President 🇺🇸❤️🙏🇺🇸❤️🙏🇺🇸❤️🙏 President Donald Trump 2020🇺🇸❤️🙏👍

  13. The most Wonderful Amazing President Ever 🇺🇸❤️👍🇺🇸❤️President Donald Trump 2020🇺🇸❤️👍🇺🇸❤️🙏

  14. The caption makes it sound like many many years from now she'll look back and regret all this nonsense. She won't live that long. She's older than dirt.

  15. Nasty Nancy has threatened our President. She has said on national TV, "Donald Trump will not be our next President, One Way or another". That is a Threat, does that mean bodily harm..??? The Impeachment, with no basis for such has always been a conspiracy, which is against the Law in America.

  16. I can't stand The wicked witch of the west.She deserves whatever comes her way.she needs to take a long walk on a short peer and end it all and go straight to hell.I would not blink an eye

  17. This needs to end and the real criminals prosecuted! Including Clinton’s lies to the senate investigation re: her laptop!

  18. Articles of SHAMpeachment:

    We The democRATS of the United Swamp do hereby SHAMpeach the President of the United States for the following reasons:

    (1) We hate his guts.

    (2) He's exposing our crimes and corruption.

    -Crazy Nancy
    -Zillion Buck "You don't make that on a Congressional salary" Chuck
    – Bull Schiff

  19. For all the investigations that Nancy has beat, she probably won't be to upset with one loss. Especially when Soros or one of those nasty people hand her a fat satchel of cash for trying. Then the dems will go to their next stunt.



  21. Pelosi should be embarrassed. What a weak worthless claim against Trump. She should be tarred and feathered for what she has put this country through


  23. Nancy.. is a strange animal indeed. She doesn't respond to life or circumstances, or even facts, the way the rest of us do. She has masters to serve, and simply doesn't have the time nor the capacity to waste on reflection or regret.
    But for ALL the barking about Ms. Nancy by all of conservative media.. NOT A ONE OF THEM.. not Hannity.. not Levin.. not Limbaugh… Not One of them will deign to expose how she became one of the richest member of congress on a 174k salary. She certainly didn't do it with a savings account that paid .01%. Fascinating, no?

  24. She will be remembered by every inane partisan based presidential impeachment going forward, the Pelosi Precedent. Oh, and the human waste that is awash on the sidewalks outside her gated mansion!

  25. I dont. Know about the rest of you but im sick of being pushed around by a bully media and being shamed called names, racist, because i love my country and want health-care for all of the country.

  26. Let's hope the people decide enough is enough, and all these Democrats lose their position. Let them be unemployed, and can't get a job as an attorney because everyone can't trust them.

  27. This impeachment has to happen so the truth will come out. “Know the truth and the truth will set you free”

  28. USA was admired till madame Pelosi showed she is not a '' law maker ''- she is an impeachment No reason maker !
    big embarrassment for Demo, who will elect them again?

  29. Just like the disgraced republicans in the House of Representatives. The lawless republican senators will lie to god and be derelict in their duties and should be removed from office. Pay attention knee dwellers.

  30. pelosi is incapable of regret. she will rationalize every mistake she makes and the liberal media will spin it as truth.

  31. Nancy Pelosi, before the entire world proved without a doubt that she is ignorant and very low class. a ton of Botox, expensive attire and many wigs does not improve this devious being.

  32. The only regret she's going to have will be that her little stunt didn't work. I haven't seen remorseful behavior out of any prominent Democrat in decades.

  33. Yes she colluded with Russians bribed Ukraine paid $130k to a porn star
    Lev Parnas Rudy Giuliani and god knows what else she did
    Let’s blame her that’s our defense

  34. The video title is wrong because criminal congenital lying maggots have no conscience. These scumbags think that they are the ruling class.

  35. The Democratic party is no longer Democratic. They are extremists. The real Democrats need to boot them out and reclaim themselves.

  36. Nancy Pelosi is being pushed around because shes senile. It's a circus. They've ruined their party for a long time coming. TRUMP 2020!🦁🇺🇸👌🏼

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