Hi friends, this is Ramya from wildturmeric. In this video, I wanted to share my aunts amazing hair growth pack. This is a protein hair pack that strengthens the hair follicles, prevents hair loss and
gives an amazing shine to our hair. A few weeks back, one of the long time
subscribers of wildturmeric channel asked me a high protein hair pack recipe
without using eggs, that’s when I realized that I have not shared my
aunt’s hair pack. She’s been using this high pack regularly and she has amazing
hair. Protein rich hair packs does wonders to hair if used regularly and I
would highly recommend them if you are suffering from hair loss. This protein
hair pack made with urad dal as a base is an amazing alternative to egg hair packs
and is perfect for vegetarians and vegans who don’t like to use eggs. The first ingredient we need for the pack is urad dal. Urad dal is called black gram in English. It is the dal we use for making idli’s and dosas along with
rice. It’s very very high in protein and is wonderful to use as a hair pack. We get whole black gram with the black skin intact. We also get skinned black gram that is white in color and finally we get skinned black gram that is split. My aunt always uses skinned whole urad dal so I continue to use that and I would suggest
the same to you too as it grinds to a smooth paste perfect for using in hair
packs. You can get split whole urad dal in all the departmental stores in India.
If you don’t get whole urad dal, you can use skinned split urad dal too. The second ingredient we need is fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds conditions the hair well
along with treating dandruff and all scalp infections. The only problem with
fenugreek is it’s very cooling and people who are prone to sinus infection
should be careful while using it. For me, fenugreek agrees so well and I can leave
it on my scalp even for hours without any problems but since we’re using only tiny amount of fenugreek seeds in this pack it will
not cause any problems but still if you’re prone to sinus infection, don’t let this hair pack on for more than 15 minutes especially if you’re using it for the
first time. The final ingredient we need is hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus flowers
have hair growth promoting properties and does wonders to our hair if used regularly. My aunt always uses fresh hibiscus flowers. But if you don’t get fresh flowers, you
can use dried hibiscus powder too. The previous night you’re going to apply the hair pack, take quarter cup of urad dal in a cup.
Add in two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds. Finally, add in enough water so both the
ingredients are fully immersed. Let them soak overnight. The next day morning, strain the
water from the soaked urad dal and fenugreek seeds and take them in a cup. Now remove the petals from three hibiscus flowers and add to the cup. If
you don’t have fresh hibiscus flowers, add a tablespoon of hibiscus powder. Finally add in quarter cup of water to
the mixture. Now grind this mixture to a smooth paste. The paste should be thick
but spreadable. My aunt usually massages her hair with little bit of
unrefined coconut oil the previous night and the next day she applies this hair
pack all over the scalp and hair, waits for 20 to 25 minutes before washing it off. And I would suggest the same too. Try to apply this hair pack at least weekly once. If you are experiencing severe hair fall, try to
apply this hair pack weekly twice. I hope you found this video useful. If you like to support me and this channel, please share this video with your friends. It’ll
mean a lot to me. If you like to get detailed information on herbs on days, I
don’t post videos, press the notification button. Thank you for watching this video 🙂

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100 thoughts on “My Aunt’s Triple Hair Growth Protein Hair Mask For Silky, Shiny, Thick Strong Hair (Vegan Hair Pack)”

  1. This protein hair pack is good make hair thick ( induces hair growth ) i have noticed small small hair growing i have used once in week….gives good result

  2. Hello didi …my hairfall is very much it's like from root and my hair is dry and frizzy tooo plz plz help me out I my very much tensed……..my hair has become thin plz help me

  3. Hii Ramya dii I have oily Dandruff like itchy fungus sclap can I use this pack ar not rply me dear….thanks a lots hope u will rply me …

  4. After applying this shall i wash my hair with shampoo or not ?please do reply Ramya 🙏if we can wash with shampoo will it be effective or not ?

  5. Hi Ramya, i followed this method for continuosly 3 weeks.I can see the difference in my hair,its stops hairfall,regrowth my hair moreover my hair looks shine..thxs a lot..way to go girl !!

  6. Hi…i have to oil my hair overnight and then to apply this pack without washing with shampoo or do I need wash oil then to apply … please reply.

  7. Used this pack today and I'm loving the volume my hair shows naturally and the lovely texture. I will use it once a week for a month and hope to get rid of my terrible hairfall

  8. I tried this without urad dal.i used hibiscus leafs
    Hibiscus is too good. .
    I should try this too.
    No doubt ,you will get thick, long hair
    Hibiscus is so silky works like shambhoo
    If you r having sinus issue use it for 15 min, that too during summer. Very chill.

  9. Hello mam! I live in a hostel and I don't have an access to any equipments. Can i use grounded ingredients soaked previous night of washing hair?

  10. Hi akka,today first time I applied this pack ,really very awesome ,my hairs r very soft and bouncy. I am following ur tips this newyear onwards

  11. Hi Ramya. Tried this hair pack today and experienced severe hair fall. Why is it so ? Could you please give me an alternate because am suffering from severe hair fall.

  12. Dear mam u alwys make beautyful video but its a request to u mam pl make a video for very very dry skin ….how to handle dry skin problem nd make glow

  13. Hi Ramya… I tried this hair pack , this is really amazing… my hair fall problem stopped Upto 60 % with the 1st applying itself .. I hate egg hair pack bcos of its strong smell… but now I got super cool protein pack from u .. thanks a lot … tons and tons of respect for you dear …😘😘😘

  14. Super mam… I tried this pack yesterday it was mind blowing… No word to say… It's like magic on hair.. My hair looks like thick…. I am really impressed …. Thank u so so much mam….

  15. If you use a audio processing s/w for this video use a low pass filter to high frequency sounds which will make your voice even more soothing to hear.

  16. Hi ramya
    Dried hibescus petals can be used instead of fresh hibescus flower ?
    I apply homemade hair oil at night and next morning I wash my hair with shampoo, so can i apply this mask after oiling my hair?

  17. I have tried this hair mask, hair wash karte time bahut hair fall hua. I have done oiling before applying this mask phir bhi hairfall hua. Please ramya suggest me any remedy for hairfall.

  18. I tried it's Osum hairfall is gone thank u much mam can u pls make a mask for dandruff pls I have lots of dandruff in hair pls

  19. Hi ma'am this pack is very difficult to remove completely from scalp even after applying oil the previous night. What to do ? How to remove it completely ? Please reply

  20. Hi Ramya, really glad to know about hair pack 🙂, but I have one question related to this pack. Can I use fresh curry leaves instead of hibiscus flowers?

  21. Those who are reading comments….apply dosa batter 8n ur hair….as there are many videos about rice water n rice paste. …now urad daal or methi Dana has also come here…..so apply dosa idli batter for long n silky hair………

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