President Moon Jae-in says one way to overcome
what he calls Japan’s “selfish” retaliatory trade restrictions… is by carrying through
the Korean peace process and by outdoing the Japanese economy with prosperous inter-Korean
projects. It’s the second time he’s issued such a statement
in three days. Shin Se-min at the Blue House. President Moon Jae-in’s confident message
on Japan’s unjust economic retaliatory measures is that South Korea will turn the measures
into an opportunity to push the economy forward. “Japan can never stop our economy from leaping
forward. Rather its export curbs will be a stimulant
in fostering our resolve to become an economic power.” Speaking during a weekly meeting with his
top aides,… the president said he was able to realize once again the importance of promoting
economic growth based on inter-Korean peace. “The recent incident reaffirmed our sense
of the urgent need to create a peace-driven economy. The realization of a peace economy through
inter-Korean economic cooperation will allow us to immediately catch up with Japan’s
advantages.” The so-called peace economy, part of President
Moon’s envisioned plan of peace and economic development reinforcing one another,… and
providing a new growth engine for the regional economy. And the president said his country shouldn’t
be easily swayed on the peace economy, nor give up pushing for it because of the fluctuating
relationship between North Korea and the U.S. He said as a responsible member of the international
community,… his country will continue to uphold the “universal value of humanity and
international norms”, take the lead in establishing peace on the Korean Peninsula and stand strong
on the international stage. “Perhaps confirming that the trade dispute
between Seoul and Tokyo will be a long-lasting issue,… the president urged his administration
to ensure the government’s stated policy objectives are fully reflected when drawing up next year’s
budget. Shin Se-min, Arirang News. ”

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71 thoughts on “Moon says through ‘peace economy’ Korea can overtake Japan’s economy”

  1. Finally Moon declared full surrender to the totalitarian North. By scrapping GSOMIA and US-Korea alliance, Pig Kim Jong-un will reunify the Peninsula (and Moon and his staff will be sent to the gallows).

  2. If South Korea builds economic ties with North Korea before North Korea abandons all its nuclear weapons, the UN will put the same economic sanctions on South Korea as that on North Korea. Then, South Koreans will be as hungry as North Koreans. South Koreans, are you still happy with the Moon administration, repeating anti-Japan demonstrations?

  3. He is finally being crazy 😂😂 Whatever will happen , don't depend on Japan . And Boycott Olympic is also fine . Japan have never asked to attend😂😂 It will take place without Korea.
    So please shut up 😩😩

  4. South Korea is being unifying by North Korea.

    Japan removed South Korea from the whitelist just because South Korea exports toxic elements from Japan, which can be utilized for developing mass destructive weapons to the third parties.

    Good Bye, South Korea. Please continue to support President Moon. Japanese want to cut the diplomatic relation to Korea.

  5. it can be a good chance. north North Korea and south Korea were once together but not Japan. there is other case where this happened and now they are doing ok. if Japan keep doing what they are doing sure it can be way to go. also uas told solve own problem between Japan and s.korea. one thing that usa sayed was will step in if xxxx.
    wonder what would that be. if north korea do go with south korea then uas will step in for sure. Japan may back down or goes nuts…

  6. このニュース配信。




  7. overtake Japan's Economy
    are you stupid?
    Japan is The World's 2nd Biggest Economy dumbass
    and South Korea got this far because of Japan's help if they didn't South Korea would be like North Korea lol
    You're betraying Japan, South Korea

  8. The "Lai Dai Han" are the tens of thousands of children of Vietnamese women that allege they were raped by South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War. Between 1964 and 1973, some 320,000 South Korean soldiers were deployed to Vietnam to fight alongside the United States

  9. Mental illness S Korean morons elected this incompetent moron as a leader after candle gathering which they proud of.

    So don't blame or despise him.
    Leave him alone.

  10. It is said that it does not use the japanese product movement and the japanese product movement, but the thing used in South Korea is a reality that most of the thing is called a Japanese product.

  11. The next thing JP government need to do immediately is, remove South Korea from the list of visa waiver countries. Just so many crimes by South Koreans, industrial spying, stealing techs from JP companies, comfort woman prostitutes, they don't deserve a visa waiver country.

  12. The naïveté of a 5 year old! You idiots don’t understand that you put your wrong presidents in prison.
    Moon is going to build a “ peace economy “ with the 75 year long military dictatorship and do it immediately.
    Does he ask whether he or Kim Jong un is going to lead it? Does he ask whether Xi jinpin is going to let it happen? Or perhaps Donald Trump? Nope! The only objective is to kill Japan no matter what!

  13. He isn't S.Korean but N.Korean. He doesn't care about PEOPLE 's LIFE. He just say people "Sacrifice for Korea" but, this Korea isn't Republic of Korea. it's just North Korea. I don't want to sacrifice for N.Korea. it's our main enemy on history. FUCK OFF MOON

  14. Isn't it top-level classified info that Moon is real nuts? An unified Korea may be largar by population and landmass, but that's all. The North will put legs of the South in terms of any socioeconomic indicators. Political freedom will be curtailed or almost vanish.

    BTW, don't expect, try to elicit any help from Japan.

  15. Why does Korean always put out the words “Japan” in every speech. Never involve us.
    We will take Korea as nothing, crazy parasite attacking host!!

  16. He said, "S. Korea can overcome Japan by co-operating with North Korea."WHAT??  The rumor that Moon Jae-in has Alzheimer-type senile dementia might be true.

  17. A false stance, South Korea should make amends with Japan, Rocket Man is only idle because China told him to be tepid.

  18. Most international media sources say about 200,000 young women were kidnapped by Japanese soldiers to serve in military brothels. However current Abe regime denies it and wants to revision their shameful history.

  19. Japanese do not know about 731 military units as well. They must learn that their history were cruel like Adolf Hitler.

  20. The freedom of cultural and artistic creation and expression must be respected under all circumstances. Shame on Japan…

  21. Abe does not want to unify the Korean Peninsula. Nevertheless, the South and the North need to unify for the development of all their people.

  22. Abe has the intention to attack and hurt South Korea economy by impeding the future economic growth. It is truly disappointing and regrettable that Japan, which has been regarded as closest neighbor and friend, has taken such measures.

  23. Peace economy through inter-Korean economic cooperation will allow us to immediately catch up with Japan's advantages.

  24. Ignoring Korea's continued calls for a diplomatic solution, Abe finally crossed the line. It would be a big disaster of Japan.

  25. Moon Jae-in is almost like an anti-Japanese terrorist. He is being out of control.

    What he wants?? Only his approval ratings and obnoxious love to North Korea. He actually doesn’t care about citizens and future of South Korea.

  26. Sooner or later, South Korean economy will surely collapse. I really hate Korean liars, so I'm very looking forward to see suffering and dying Koreans, who are begging for help to Japan !!!



  28. Help local industries make your own raw materials spare parts etc etc S. Korea have enough stable economy to do so.

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