president moon jae-in reiterated its
imperative to achieve peace on the peninsula for regional and global
stability addressing news agencies from the asia-pacific region he emphasized
the importance of reaching that goal no matter the hurdle standing in the way
Shin Semin shares with us his remarks president moon jaein once again
reiterated that the Korean Peninsula is the starting point in building a
community of peace ma I my team on command oughta watch it Naga say get
another year and she didn’t attack the president and a meeting with the heads
of 32 news agencies from the asia-pacific region called for the
agencies to devote coverage to such efforts for peace president Boone said
the agencies have done their part in delivering what he called historic
scenes like the three rounds of inter-korean summit / year the US
president crossing the border of demilitarized zone into North Korea and
the three-way meeting with the regime’s leader Kim jong-un as for the massive
new trade deal reached earlier this week in Bangkok the regional comprehensive
economic partnership or our cept the president called it a great achievement
he said it served as an important stepping stone toward a reciprocal and
open trade system across the board economic development and an economic
community the Korean leader also reminded the participants of the big
events to be hosted soon in Pusan the korea-asean special summit and the Korea
Mekong summit scheduled at the end of this month the summits he said will be
very significant coming soon January personally I Sharon
Gardner Congo Google happy overall 1364 you can get someone to come you
know calm down burning or eunhyo going on you know the different are you got a
question with us and because the event will greatly add to peace and prosperity
in the Asia Pacific region the president asked for their full attention
Semin Arirang news

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