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100 thoughts on “Mnuchin: Trump is very interested in putting money into the economy”

  1. Corporations must stop making goods in china to make huge profits. In return china's using our own products against America

  2. Every bubble has a key factor Dividend Yields are lower than 10 year bond. The market pre-sell off dividend yields were slightly higher than the 10 year bond yield and right now dividend yields are 2.5 times 10 year bond yields this means the correction rally is going to be really high and this is the best buying opportunity especially once WU-TANG FLU passes by May/June

  3. The mission was to stop the economy and possibly break it second mission was to stop the Trump rallies. 3rd was start a mass panic. Mission Accomplished.

  4. Oh please people. Open your eyes and look past the cellophane wrap. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Of course he is interested in the idea, but it has less to do with putting money into people's pocket than cutting funding for Social Security and Medicare. This way he gets to tout about how wonderful he is without telling the whole story. What is the major funding for those programs? Payroll taxes. And how will those programs be funded without them? The Tooth Fairy, I guess.

  5. Hey, you Trumptards do realize that Government interference in our capitalist market moves us deeper into – wait for it – SOCIALISM! Vote Bernie in 2020!

  6. TRUMP /PENCE 2020 LANDSLIDE in Nov 3,2020 for a JOB WELL DONE, they have my VOTE likewise I will CAMPAIGN my Families, Cousins, Friends and Batch mates around the different States of America. 💜❤️💜🇺🇸💜❤️💜.
    DEMOCRATS and MSM MEDIA MOBS interest only is to TAKE DOWN POTUS TRUMP, they have NO SHAME. 🤔🤔🤔👆👆👆.

  7. When you only have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
    The FED counterfeiting the currency caused this massive bubble.
    The COVID-19 virus is only the pin that pricked the bubble.
    Counterfeiting more currency cannot solve a problem created by counterfeit currency.

  8. Trump failures:
    Covid 19 response, economic response, international coordination/cooperation,on and on… still GOP won't 25A him

  9. What happened to when oil prices went down the economy boomed WTH is the deal now it's the opposite oil goes down businesses act like they can't function when shipping and power costs are lower

  10. The idea that abortion funding is stimulus and their opposition to a suspension of the payroll tax speaks volumes about how indifferent the Democrats are to average Americans

  11. Wow the fake economy bubble is popping, u know the one Trump even used in his first campaign, and now he used it, and pumped it more and calls it the best economy of the world 🤣

  12. Sounds like an Obama stimulus package.
    Trump has only increased our debt.
    He has folded under pressure every time it comes to the budget.

  13. He’s brilliant I like him a lot he’s been with Trump since the beginning and I can see why it’s obvious

  14. Президент Бразилии Болсонару заразился коронавирусом, – СМИ
    Канада остановила работу парламента из-за коронавируса
    Чарльз Хоскинсон заявил о смерти мирового экономического порядка XX века
    У жены Джастина Трюдо обнаружили коронавирус

  15. The reason I voted for trump….both times…..woke hotsauce, blexit deplorables….simply, vote red = remove every Democrat

  16. Everything will be great! 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 just relax trumps not stupid! He has hotels and family too remember!

  17. If we could have only gave all those millions to all those Americans instead of Bloomberg spending it on his campaign . 😏

  18. 1987 Republican again. Dont you see the pattern PEOEPLE. Recession is by design for the rich. They just mis calculated. Look at the numbers. Obamas last 3 yrs to Trumps 3 yrs. Look you will see Trump cut Economy in half JUST LOOK…NO TEST KITTS IS MOST IMPORTANT NOW SOMETHING TRUMP DOESNT WANT BECAUSE HIS NUMBERS WILL GO UP. ITS STUPID WHAT THEY USING NOW TAXES TO TAKE YOUR MIND AWAY FROM TEST KITTS.

  19. Well in 2 hours Trump will declare a Medical Emergency and the NWO's departments DHS, FEMA, HHS and the CDC will be in charge of everything and our constitution will be suspended folks. I hope pray for all of us!

  20. George Soros is giving every Italian citizen 5 million dollars and a rocket ship. , to fake a health crisis , just to make trump look bad .

    Can't confirm cases if no one gets tested …. Think about that

  21. I am surly glad everyone is airing on the side of caution but it really sucks that it is effecting all the awesome work that Trump has done over the past three years. No one ever even mentioned about the 34,200 people that died during the 2018/19 flue season right here in the good old USA?

  22. Bernie Sanders is a Communist and Russias bezt friend, Biden is a very sick and crooked politition in bed with China who wants him desperately to be the next US president.Democracy is hanging in the balance.Pres Trump has done nothing but the very best job he could for America while the hounds of hell did nothing but try to get him impeached on false grounds and the fake media army has all done the dirtiest work of lie after lie on this President.But theres only one thing to do in November 2020 vote for President Trump and pray he wins or Our Great Country will be done

  23. Its evil socialism when it helps the average person with healthcare or debt.
    But its a "stimulus" for big corporations.

    Socialism for the rich, rigid individualism for the poor.

    The GOP voted down PTO bill to help sick Americans, but they are giving huge bailouts to companies.

    Remember to vote these corrupt hacks out of office folks. Your countrymen are sick and dying, they can't take time off of work to recover, spreading the virus even more. But they want to help companies instead. It's disgusting. Any real patriot would want to protect and help their fellow countrymen.

  24. Average American are gonna feel the hurt, you are lieing just like your boss the American people ain't as stupid as you and trump

  25. I don't ge it we have no money to feed or house our poor people insured the uninsured but we alwas find trillions to give to the rich this type of socialist Republicans don't have a problem with

  26. That's what he's relying on to get re-elected isn't he? Maybe if he stopped addressing the nation the dow would stop tanking.

  27. The Dems want support for families, reps want help for industries. They care about the stock market more than our lives. If people are taken care of, the economy will be fine. Fumbling the testing has made people more worried. Too little, too late

  28. Lying con-man criminal traitor f**king MORON tRump and his corrupt administration of low life republicans are destroying our country!

  29. The Central Banking system has been running on fumes for a long time and they needed a smokescreen to bring it down so they can remain in charge of the new system.
    If it all fell apart without an event, people would be revolting.

  30. Why cannot the Cowardly piece of s*** put money into the citizens of this country. Or putting it in his pocket is more important. Fucktrump

  31. Trump just put 1.3 trillion dollars in the stock market and it disappeared in 1 hour. Why are we trying to help.the rich. Help the people trump!


  33. Don't do that. Do that later. All the funds right now should go to the CDC or sick leave for Americans. Donnie is so in over his head. You all really know how to pick em. God help us all.

  34. Cuts and chump change ain't gonna work …were incorporated & it's time we get paid like these crooked POLITICIANS

  35. Unlike 2008, consumers were holding because they were broke including the banks. Today they have jobs and money. If they are holding, it will be temporary.

  36. yeah we have seen this before, they will give the money to large companies who will keep it for themselves. The loans they give to small business will be garbage and if nobody is out shopping they won't be able to pay back those loans. Paycheck to paycheck workers will get hit the hardest when they start getting laid off ,they barley make enough money to get by has it is let alone trying to do it on unemployment.

  37. Stop panic, I have nothing to fear as I live in America. 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍President Trump will protect American peoples, I’m fully respect & 100% trust Our President Trump. 🙏❤️🇺🇸👍 Barrack Hussein Obama, Crooked Hillary Clinton and Democ🐀Rats + deep state + SNBC, CNN Media the Wuhan Virus the diseases is from their own mouth!! They spreads diseases out to scares American peoples, they wants to take down our good economic for China Communist!! Wake Up American peoples!! Freedom is not Free. The Clinton Dynasty & Barrack Hussein Obama sold our country to China Communist!! President trump bring back America start in 2016. 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍President Trump always America & American First 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 President Trump make America great again 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 But Barrack Hussein Obama, Crooked Hillary Clinton and Democ🐀Rats + deep state + SNBC, CNN Media want to take down United States of America!! God Bless America & God Bless President Trump & his Family !! Remember, this is back fire you idiots deep state Democ🐀Rats, no body doing good business like President Donald Trump & 2020 Trump will get elected again because American peoples we need President Trump to be Our leader 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 Because he is American Patriots he fights for us and he is Our voice 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 American & America First 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

  38. Trump needs a bail out for his crappy hotels 🏨 The health of the people doesn’t matter what matters is money for the rich . Don’t bother looking for a virus test if your poor you are disposable. Trumps friends and family get the help

  39. They should stop taxes alltogether and legalize drug industry. Just heroin from Afghanistan could support government spending. Let it be our national industry and end all nonsense once and forever.

  40. Trumps campaign will say “I have a beautiful stock market crash, a perfect recession, 12% unemployment rates, perfect”

  41. he is also unknowingly working overtime to bankrupt this country. thank you, used to be conservatives. yes he does know more about bankruptcy And blaming others than anyone else🤔

  42. Report: Fox Producer Admits Networks’ Pro-Trump Coronavirus Coverage Is ‘Really Irresponsible’fox news just as guilty as the orange mennace in telling lies

  43. You're very simple and cheap stimulus package Banks let anybody skip one payment on all loans cars houses credit cards add a payment to the end of the loans they won't lose any money it puts thousands of dollars in a most people's pockets immediately if you don't have any payments you don't need the money

  44. Oh Boi the media is exploding, maybe all this is happening for the purpose of making money for the media and the White House ? 00 Very clever.

  45. Why not 0% federal taxes, social security, Medicare from now until the end of the year for all the working people….nope the Americans don’t get bailed out, just the corporations… that’s America for you.

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