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100 thoughts on “Mike Rowe reacts to op-ed calling on him to run for governor of California”

  1. Bloomy must be living in fantasy land. Best economy ever and he denies it. Lowest unemployment across the board. Lower taxes for most people. More money in peoples pockets. Biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday ever.

  2. Nope. Not one Republican governor could ever get Cali to give them money for their policies.
    Even Schwarzenegger was admired for his policies, but he complained afterwards that he was refused
    any money to implement them, rendering him virtually useless.
    Even Newsome barely gets money, and only for his tragedies.
    Mike Rowe, personable guy, can’t charm, threaten, negotiate money out of those Cali pockets,
    not smart enuf…

  3. Haha! So according to FOX News, Being a billionaire is a good thing if you are a Republican but a bad thing if you are a Democrat. Also, there is a growing list of rich conservatives who claim to hate California who, for some reason, choose to live in California. Mike Rowe, Tomi Lauren, Ben Shapiro and on and on. Not very compelling.

  4. I REALLY HOPE HE RUNS!!!!! Been here for over 40 years and I am sadden about how this State is such a Disgusting Disaster!!!!!

  5. No. Mike Rowe needs to run for the Presidency in 2024 as a Republican. I've studied his background, and watched several of his shows/narrations, etc. This guy would be a FANTASTIC outside of the Deep State/Swamp. If he has the courage and stamina by then, he really should run to serve his country. Afterall, the Presidency is the dirtiest/toughest job.

  6. Phony narrative best economy ever this is such a joke this is the typical Democrat trying to lie to you and tell you the opposite of what’s happening

  7. Conservativism in Cali leadership rolls would have to be injected slowly in order for the population to accept it without over amping.

  8. Bloomberg wants Cali values for the rest of the country. Look at San Fran and LA, needles and crap all over the place ( literally ) no thanks.
    Side note: Mike wouldnt have a chance in Cali, he makes to much sense for them.

  9. The drugs " epidemic " … that's the doosy.
    Americas children cannot continue to be deceived, and then wallow in their own choices and then cast out in their own garbage .
    America has to truly care again …the infrastructure of one's enter most being .❤❤❤👣🕊🗽🧭🏥🌬🌎
    It has to be something SHORT, QUICK,AND RIGHT ON SPOT .
    The mind is a beautiful thing to LOOSE .
    Its cut out for you Mr. Mike Rowe …go for it .🥰🚨🏥🧭🌬🗽🌎
    These generations have to be raise up , straight from the birth canal .

  10. He can win California but none of the people will be willing to pass any of his potential good ideas. By none of the people I guess I’m saying leftists. Good conservatives need to unite and save the state.

  11. No Mike don't run for Governor of California. The time isn't right. The Legislature will not cooperate in any meaningful way and will resist you by any means possible. Leadership can only go so far and if the led feel you are wrong then all you'll do is butt your head against a wall in futility.

  12. The money for all of us to be had goes like this: A person becomes wealthy and the first thing they do is to find a corrupt accountant who hides that money for them in offshore accounts and creates awesome shell corporations to where very little taxes have to be paid. This is all legal because the rich want it so and they spend additional monies to protect that loop hole. Monies that could create better revenue for the middle class, who BTW purchased 90% of America's GNP, who are "not" tax exempt and go to jail if they are. So as soon as we as a nation come together and publicly crucify these investors on Wall Street and close all shell corporations, we will continue to suffer….

  13. Just look at how the man's dressed. Casual buttoned shirt, blue jeans, and work shoes. He's not trying to dress himself up as some elite with those overpriced suits. He's a real working-class guy with a good head on his shoulders. He's showing more integrity just by sitting there than damned near all the politicians currently in office.

  14. California is the equivalent of the Soviet Union in 1990 it is a basket case and it has been infiltrated with illegal aliens so do yourself a favor and run like hell Mister Rowe

  15. Does Bloomburger🤪 live in the real world. No he’s wealthier than ……. and does he even know what he’s talking about? The average person is so much better off under Trump and he’s trying to sell us a story that the economy is not doing well? Oh wait, as Mark Dice would say, HES A DEMOCRAT. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THEM. God forbid any of them get into power in 2020. Especially become president. America will be flushed down the toilet. 😡. ❤️🇺🇸

  16. Bloomberg is a communist. he's also the biggest liar I've ever heard I've watched so many his videos. This guy thinks he can buy all of us true Americans.

  17. If Mile Rowe runs for Governor of CA, I would actually consider moving back to CA just to put him in office and to remove Gavin Nuisance! CA is in a lot of trouble under this unhinged Globalist who hates America and Americans!

  18. 3.5% unemployment?? What does this communist/fascist Bloomberg think he could do better, have communist or mafia connected unions run his country. LMFAO

  19. That little 3rd guy was triggered 😂 Mike Rowe easily best candidate to run for California But why would he want to subject himself in that manor. Dealing with little leach people like this 3rd guy on the couch non stop all day. And im not saying the good people of California are dependents, But the well is drying up.

  20. I would literally leave my conservative homeland, move to California to vote for Mike, and then move back to my homeland. California needs help, a lot of help.

  21. He's already grasped more about whats wrong and how to fix it than the people currently running it… That says something.

  22. California property is mostly owned by The Chinese. That’s why rent is so high. Most HOA around is mailing addressed outside of the country.

  23. If the economy were HEALTHY, and people did what they are doing now, the BUMS would be DIRT BROKE!!!!! And BLOOMBERG is claiming that they would be RICH! YEAH RIGHT! Lets let everyone in from mexico, and pay a UBI of a MILLION dollars a year! And we can watch the entire US collapse into a country that is WORSE than venzuela is today! We can tax dell, gates, the apple CEO, and Oracles CEO, the wallmart CEOs, etc…. 90% of their revenue, and WATCH as unemployment SKYROCKETS as dell, microsoft, apple, oracle, and wallmart go under do to new leadership, etc…..

  24. Bloombake didnt do his job while as a mayor for NY. He failed. Rowe, better not join the rats because you will be roasted for good. Hehe

  25. BTW CALIFORNIA DOES NOT HAVE A SURPLUS!!!!!! Until they have their roads up to snuff, have the people reasonably taken care of, stable power, and a stable economy, they can't claim to have even TRIED to cover all of their costs, so they really don't know WHAT their financial position is. From one of health, stability, education, and employment, I can tell you it isn't very good. If they REALLY think their economy is so great, they should improve education, clean up the streets, and stop turning off the power, etc….

  26. Ike Rowe please do run for governor of California, they need you so much! We moved our home & business out of California several years ago that heavens, otherwise we would not have been able to survive. We still have family & friends there & they too want to move because of what the state has unfortunately become! They would definitely stay if you were governor!!!

  27. What's not to like about this guy? Humble, has common sense, intelligent, experienced, charisma. I could see him becoming Governor Rowe.

  28. I want him to run because he actually speaks to the little guys and has an understanding of what the regular citizens really want

  29. Bloomberg will get eaten alive, People are doing better but for California and New York. Bloomberg is trying to take credit for Trump's lower healthcare cost but the cost is going down everywhere over the states.

  30. If California has a "surplus" how come the school busses are falling apart and the school food tastes like trash and we have 10 fundraisers a year to pay for school projects!!??

  31. The only way you're going to fix California is but a republican in there or take it out of the hands of their local government

  32. Mike is ok, belvedere is nice. If he wants to run and fix the state I can introduce him to the godfather of tech. He lives 2 blocks from him. Nick the dogwalker

  33. I LOVE Ainsley. She's GORGEOUS, but EVERY? substitute for her contributes more and displays more confidence than she does. Find another job for her. I"m partial to Katie Pavlich and I like very much Lisa Boothe. I think Jedediah Vila is the sharpest, but not the hottest. 😉

  34. If Bloomberg was so concerned about a wealth gap, he would set an example by donating his billions to a program that would evenly distribute those funds to Americans.

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