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100 thoughts on “McConnell praises Trump’s Soleimani strike on Senate floor”

  1. The trurh is, the swamp cannot be trusted with sensitive information. If the dumb Dems were briefed before the attack on Soleimani, the attack would of failed. Because the Dumb Dems would of leaked the information. Go away Dems you don't belong here.

  2. On the night of President Obama's 2009 inauguration, the most powerful Republicans in Washington gathered to plot a strategy to ensure that the president and the Democratic Party accomplish nothing, that Obama be a one term president.
    Now, how do you accomplish that? You do it by purposely, intentionally, sabotaging the citizens of the United States of America, to make sure Obama has no legislative victories that help the people of the U.S. And if you purposely and intentionally sabotage the people of the U.S., you are guilty of treason and deserve to be executed.
    In 90 years, the filibuster was used 272 times, yet during Obama's 8-year tenure, Mitch McConnell used it 432 times to block Obama from nominating judges and all of his legislation.
    In 2016 Mitch McConnell threatened Obama, warning him that McConnell would see it as partisan politics if the President were to protect the United States against an attack from a hostile foreign power. McConnell refused to join the President in a show of solidarity against the Russian attack. This is on McConnell. The Russian attack on our election and the current, ongoing destruction of our democracy are Mitch McConnell’s legacy. This traitorous pig does not deserve to retire and live happily ever after.

  3. This is going down in history as the most untrustworthy, incompetent and just plain scatshow of an administration. How the hell did these idiots get into office position?!

  4. Come on, just arresting Mr. Trump and sending him to Iran. US vs Iran war would end fast. USA wont spend billion dollars on this dangerous war. If USA keeps Mr. Trump in power then a deadly war will go on very fast, and forever, thousands Americans, US troops, and Iranian troops will enjoy hell altogether.

  5. Ha, the Democrats win again, they have enough violations to impeach Trump. John Bolton will testify against Trump even though Bolton got what he wanted, which is war with Iran, and Trump doesn't get to pull troops out of the Middle east. Trump is backpedalling pretty hard and fast.

  6. Iran I feel sorry for you if you think you can have a war with America. This war will be fought with technology. Not solders. This is not 1990. Iraq.

  7. Looking around the world the Democrats are the only group denouncing the killing of the Iran general, remember this when you vote.

  8. The US has provoked a war again with no evidence Iran was planning to attack. This is an act of war and is aggression to already hostile Middle East. Trump is a puppet to a heiraechy who have exposed themselves multiple time over last couple years as cowards. Once again the US has failed to create a war and Trump will fail to get re-elected without any backing for his latest provocation. America is failing as a democratic country and the world is cutting ties with them everyday that goes by.

  9. The people of the left that support the demon rats, wake up they are defending Iran over the American lives, what the hell does that tell you, just follow the money Obummer gave Iran billions of dollars, why?

  10. Saw Schumer reading his statement yesterday, literally "SIX WORDS TO THE PAGE" !!!
    Bobbing his head like the Bird that "drinks water".

  11. Mitch does not show a lot of emotion when he speaks, but when he gives that sarcastic little grin, I can just imagine the Dems walking away with their tails between their legs. Like a dog who knows he did something wrong.

  12. If there was an imminent national security reason ( a person pointing a gun at you is an imminent threat, owning a gun and spewing hate like most fox viewers is not)
    Why would Mcconnel deny trump the opportunity to present documents and witnesses to clear his name. Everything the House has thus far presents trump as holding the Ukraine funds for personal reasons and trump obstructing congress. Mcconnell needs to let all documents and witnesses that would exonerate trump be examined in the Senate, or trump is just plain and simply guilty as sin.

  13. Watch out a drone could strike you too MOSCOW MITCH although they promised to hit an "asset" your probably safe🤣

  14. Pompeo claims that the assassination of Suleimani makes the world a safer place for Americans. ON THE SAME DAY the White House advises all Americans to leave Iraq as soon as possible. This begs the question: is the USA being run by morons or by cynical bastards who believe they are speaking to morons?

  15. He tortured children!.. he was a monster to society!.. Now I see why you I love him so much birds of a feather flock together🐓

  16. I'm sorry but these Demonrats have NO IDEA what the f–k they are doing working in Washington and representing their state that they were elected from. They are a DISGRACE to the HUMAN RACE! The only thing they ARE doing is showing the entire COUNTRY AND the WORLD how very ignorant and unable to do their jobs or any job every time they open their mouths. Also, showing the rest of the WORLD how divided this country is and how susceptible we are to attacks from other Countries with our weaknesses. These PERSONS that got into positions in Washington by election had to have rigged the entire process with MONEY of their own or someone else's. It is the ONLY EXPLANATION of how uneducated Imbeciles could ever get a position governing a Country and it's People??? I cannot AND WILL NOT ACCEPT any other possibility. I don't think any of them put together have ONE WHOLE BRAIN… Cleaning the Swamp is an oxymoron because it cannot be cleaned. These people are not NORMAL they are INSANE and need to institutionalized, PERIOD!!!

  17. Right on Mitch McConnell at least someone tells it like it is while the rest hide under the ROCKS they came from…

  18. looks like so far, 384 mentally Ill people found this channel and gave it thumbs down! For all you 384 American hating loons just look at the over 5,800 thumbs up to your 384 thumbs down! And you still don't get you are mentally Ill and on a loosing side of the issues? Blahahahahah Dumb sheep!

  19. Can't we push for these articles of impeachment to be presented under due process also as for pelosi can she be arrested for interfering in a criminal investigation or something

  20. In my lifetime the evil in this country are the dam Democrats. You exterminate fermin, drain scum from sewers and swamp. IMO because of control of Congress, media, educational system, illegal immigrants voting, cheating, lying, lining own pockets check the demorats bank accounts etc. With this power a scheming well planned political power grab starting under obama and hillary was supposed to ensure our countries demise. Unfortunately and good for the nation the corrupt scum demons ( Democrats) were Trumped!! How about that rant. Someday Hillary may be held accountable along with Obama and others.

  21. How many times did Obama send airstrikes into foreign lands… without congressional approval… 2000(+)? Just trying to put things into perspective (Double Standards)! Hate for One Man…Seriously!

  22. No one can beat the level of stupidity of Obama administration to give $B1.7 of cash. $B150 plus $400 M for releasing 10 hostages (sailors). President Trump so far released 24 American hostages by negotiations without paying a dime. Those money that was paid to the Iranian government went straight to Soleimani.

  23. "Don't let Obama play the Iran card in order to start a war in order to get elected–be careful Republicans!"; Donald Trump – 2012
    "Now that Obama's poll numbers are in tailspin — watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate."; Donald Trump – 2012
    "Remember that I predicted a long time ago that President Obama will attack Iran because of his inability to negotiate properly-not skilled!" Donald Trump – 2013

  24. Sick Mich…you a failure and fool…USA does not need a dummy like you..TrUmpo…just like sick turtle Mich both need to be flushed!
    rockers are hitting US bases, no blood is on your hands….RESIGN

  25. Mitch McConnell is just a worthless, miserable, and pathetic excuse for a Grim Reaper because he doesn't care that he broke the hearts of the sweethearts he may have in Moscow of Russia whose plea for him not to will any harm on anyone was in vain as he decided to welcome mass murders needlessly. Unlike him, I prefer to read souls before doing anything further and treat them according to the karma that they possess and the karma that their owners prefer that others have instead of just claiming them out of corporate greed because that is the true responsibility of the Grim Reaper status. All Mitch McConnell is to me is a fake and nothing more.

  26. MOSCOW MITCH FLIPS. One day after Mitch said he wanted to see Trumps evidence, Mitch now says, "oh, who cares, lets just have a war." Both Moscow Mitch and Don the Con are corrupt pathological liers turning America into a sht-hl country.

  27. Now you know why the Armageddon obsessed evangelicals worship the Great Deceiver, DJT. Dear Lord, I pray that you put every one of their sons on the front line, for only then they will learn the true meaning of following the red state King of Fools.

  28. now come on mothers throughout the land, pack your boys off to tehran
    come on fathers don't hesitate, send your sons off before its too late,
    be the first one on your block, to have your boy come home in a box

    and its 1,2,3 what are we fightin for?
    don't ask me i don't give a dam, the next stop is Tehran
    and its 5,6,7 open up the pearly gates. 
    Well there aint no time to wonder why…WHOPEE we're all gunna die.

  29. Don’t like McConnell but LOVE how he’s been an absolute thorn in the Dems’ sides since the ACA was passed.





  31. If the world keeps quiet now..thy will assassinate the russian general someday..a Chinese leader someday..whr r the sanctions like the scripals incident

  32. I don't know how anyone can take the Dems seriously. They are serious as a heart attack. But they are not serious people.

  33. We have a President who has more than once disrespected our war heroes and celebrated murderers and crooks. We need to be rid of some leaders, starting with bone spurs Trump and then cleaning up the isles on both sides of Congress, with a focus on warmongers and corruption. And sadly there are more of them (like this numbskull Mitch) on the GOP side than the DEMS, but they exist in both. We can be certain hawks in politics, or in the media, or anyone talking tough about having a possible war with Iran, have never been shot at, lost a buddy, or lost a close family member in war.

  34. Wow! McConnell has managed to get his head out of tRUMP's butt long enough to repeat his master's lies! I'm impressed!

  35. You go President Trump! Great job you're doing in every thing as our leader of the free world and the United States!

  36. زبان سرخ سرسبزمیدهدبرباد…..همه حرفها صحبت ها چه به خوب یابداززبان جاری میشودخوش به حال کسانی که زبانشان دراختیارشان است……ازت آبرو خوش بختی بدبختی همه وخیلی چیزهای دیگرنشئت گرفته ازچگونه تکلم کردن است

  37. Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham are Zionist agents. Treason! Israel first, Saudi Arabia first! Wake up America! Zionists are running America.

  38. Senator McConnell this trial that was in the Congress in the house they didn't care what Republican said or done they win at their way now we're going to watch what you do you've left it open for them to get witnesses I hope that doesn't occur and you know in the Clinton trial the witnesses were videotaped depositions I mean you sound pretty good as far as sticking up for the president but I can see little thing in the back of your mind that's leaving the Democrats open for their witnesses and statements and that's going to that's going to enable it to be milked out forever so don't be a fool McConnell we're all watching you and I'm proud of what you're saying most of it but I am deeply concerned about your last little statement about and we will agree to hear from witnesses that is Democrat and you talkin and I hope that you're smart enough

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