We’re here today to talk about water and specifically I want to talk about two
things: 1. Our metering and billing systems for water
services and 2. the extraordinarily large bills that a very small number of Calgarians have received City Administration and Enmax both believe that our metering and our billing systems are sound and solid they can be relied upon they check these systems regularly and, they’ve checked them again in every one of these extraordinary incidents however, clearly, there are some incidents so I have asked City Administration and Enmax to check yet again in 2016 we changed our protocols so that Enmax proactively monitors every single customer’s account and if they see a spike that is outside of
a normal range they will call the customer immediately so the big changes we’re announcing today
are (that) we are doing a third party independent investigation to make sure that our meters and our billing
systems are still state of the art and the second (thing) is a system where you won’t have to negotiate with Enmax or with The City if you have this situation if we figure out the problem and you fix the
problem you don’t have to pay the bill… you’ll just pay what your monthly usage was

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