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75 thoughts on “Markets Open Sharply Lower After Recession Warning | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. Am I the only one that feels like Trump is doing all of this on purpose? Like purposely driving America to the ground. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  2. Donald Trump likes to play the stock market! Now the only thing Donald Trump doesn't have in common with Martha Stewart is being behind bars.

  3. Yeah wait 12 to 18 months, when your portfolio will be 20% leaner by then. 😂 That's her last-word?? What a bimbo.

  4. Yang is right in saying the stock indices are a terrible way to gauge the health of our economy. The wealthiest 10% own 90% of stocks. Most Americans will be numb to what’s going on and won’t notice until the layoffs begin. Ironically that’ll be when 95% of the Trump will realize what a disaster is occupying the White House. But a recession will hurt all of us.

  5. MSNBC is GIDDY and they HOPE America goes into a recession, families (particularly white families) are thrown out on the street, and people suffer and die…just to get Trump out of the White House, they would wish death on innocent Americans. American PRAVDA…

  6. Its to late to get him out of the white house, its over for America, white America should have made an educated guess on your vote. America is on the same path as his Casinos, MAGA. Thank you racial resentment for Obama for electing the Commander and Thief.

  7. The moron in Chief. He thinks China is paying the tariffs which is absolutely not true. And his supporters believe him because they are even stupider than he is

  8. China will never blink and never cave in. They waited 100 years to get Hong Kong back. They will wait another year for Twump to be elected out of office

  9. China is paying Billions and Billions on tariffs
    China is suffering, their Yuan are weaken and going bankrupt
    China's goods will be very very much cheaper
    Will blurr how come cheaper goods will affect Christmas
    I'm getting blurred too
    Will Blurr, Rally CutLow or Dumb is telling LIES truth

  10. And let's also remember Trump's government shutdown last Christmas. His base obviously and sadly believe everything Trump says at his crazy and exhaustive rallies…….

  11. Larry "Great Recession Isn't Coming" Kudlow agrees with Donnie "Not Just Morally Bankrupt" Trump about the Trump tariffs. What could go wrong?

  12. Why does anything that happens recently surprise people, given who is the so-called "leader" 🤮 of the U.S.? People are killing one another in mass shootings, corruption is running amok, racism is being spewed on a regular basis, democracy is becoming a joke, and diplomacy is non-existent. Sounds like a country imploding to me 🙄. I hate to coin an old cliche, but if it looks and smells like 🐶💩, then it is 🐶💩.

  13. Oh Wilber, you POS. So what did you just say. Tariffs don’t work cause we’re paying for them. Guess they’re not going to screw us some more for the holidays. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Joe Biden, backed by Wall Street with fundraisers at the home of Comcast. Sick of MSNBC & AT&T’s CNN’s blatant everyday PR campaign of their corporate sponsors, Joe "Hillary" Biden, with his Declining Cognitive State.

  15. Dems and their media shills are praying ( oh wait, they’re Godless) I mean hoping for a recession – it’s about the only thing they would have in time for election 2020

  16. So where's our "unbiased " media? CHINA is in bed with the socialist dems to drive down the American economy…in China's drive to influence the next election. Dem candidates are on the stump telling China there'll be no tariffs on Chinese products if dems win…COLLUSION!!

  17. Couple hours ago listened again to Econ Prof Steve Hanke of John Hopkins interview a month or so ago. Said Trump and team are business types that dont understand global economics. Wrong about tariffs and several other things.
    Gary Cohn former Goldman CEO and WH ECON Adviser said much the same thing after he resigned. Cohn has made similar statements in last couple of months. THE DON SEEMS TO BE WRONG ABOUT MANY THINGS.
    Misleading this country to disaster.

  18. We should be cool the cost of living is up everywhere People have children and Can’t afford clothes but have alcohol habits they cant afford to spend outside of the normal spending so u can’t say the poor would spend the money Alcoholism is Uppp along with Opioid What would u rather have a bottle and chill

  19. But it’s not About Panicking And reporting panic but truth they reporting in the future To make people get upset

  20. Don’t panic or worry shares are down shares go down u g the whole system collapsed it’s a reason goes up to high buying slows down it was just a tax cut

  21. Could the Tariffs be a front to bring economic collapse so the Chinese and Russian governments can benefit from the gold prices being driven up in an economic collapse? Hasn't China and Russia been amassing Gold Bullion for the past 10 years since the U.S. is no longer on the gold standard? Could this be a front for all that? To bring down Western macro economics while aiding China And Russian rise in global economic power backed by gold? Aren't Gold price going up now? Last I looked 1.5K per ounce from 1.2 k months ago. That's pretty fast. Isn't the yield on the treasury notes at current pointing to a major U.S. recession? Did the Dow Jones Loose 800+ points today? Looks like it's all happening now?

  22. You think the shares will drop more or go up or stable It’s Negotiating it’s Zerkzies type negotiations to prevent problems that we always wished would be resolved The stocked dipped without Tariffs what’s the answer if one is necessary

  23. Stephanie, the "hoarse whisperer" is a liar and you condone it. Shame on you! Shame on you for supporting lies against Bernie Sanders. You know who the "hoarse whisperer" is don't you.

  24. Stores have already placed their orders to China for Christmas delivery… unless they haven't in which case their shelves will be empty… welcome to the union of soviet states of america. Tariffs which US customers pay on import have raised lots of money for tax cuts for the wealthy. I've even been able to invest in the development of driverless Trucks! Yes, lots of money collected from Americans to pay losses in the Trump base. Works for me…

  25. THE WAKE UP CALL from Dr Robert Reich last year is WORTH A REVISIT:

  26. The markets will rebound, they always do. The fake newsters keep talking recession hoping that enough people believe it and it really happens. Screw the country as long as it takes down Trump, just like Bill Maher says. What msnbc fails to understand is that most of its viewers are jobless free-stuffers anyway and don't care about the economy.

  27. Huawei is irrelevant, given that China has trump's number: There is absolutely nothing behind his words. He's all bluff and blunder, so they can play him EVERY WHICH WAY. #TrumpFail

  28. Wilbur Ross- Another corrupt turd dropped into the DC swamp to transform it into a putrid cesspool. If tariffs worked they would have been employed generations ago. No nation will negotiate at the end of a gun barrel. Trump pulled the trigger and nothing came out but blanks.

  29. I would LOVE to see Christmas take a huge hit. The Holiday is crammed down our throats for months. People are forced to work for greedy corporations on Thanksgiving Day. Humbug. A failed Trump economy following the GOP tax cuts for the elites and big businesses would be a great Christmas gift for our country.

  30. trump thinks the market crashing because of just the China issue.  So sad.  That means he knows nothing at all and is about to smash into a brick wall and the glass bottom of the stock market has many cracks in it.  Just watch what happens before Thanksgivings in the economy

  31. Did notice how beautiful Kayla is? She is a doll, even wearing glasses. Kayla got upstaged badly. MSNBC is trying to make it sound like Trump is the only president that had an 800 point drop in the market. China has been robbing us blind for years, Kayla is a doll. Trump just trying to do something about it. They should have a Kayla Tausche show.

  32. Do to the "Occupant at the whitehouse" America is heading for another recession that obama took America out of.
    Would be funny.
    This moron is running America into the ground and his nazi cult followers are to blinded by their racism to see it.

  33. He will be buying low as the market drops . Watch the manipulating of the market. The wealthy can afford to play this high stakes game while the rest of the world looks on.

  34. https://badgerherald.com/news/2019/02/26/economic-hardships-lead-to-skyrocketing-suicide-rates-among-wisconsin-farmers/

  35. Trump has NO idea on how tariffs work. Now I get rich on the downturn in the market.. hahahahaha I’m buying gold with Aussie dollars today.. 🖕

  36. What? You mean tariffs haven't actually cracked China? Geez, who would have guessed that a regime that supports the most despicable despot on the planet won't care if their economy or people suffer?

  37. Republicans: "We didn't want to disrupt the Christmas season……..due to our utter ignorance in causing the trade war with China, which is already costing Americans plenty".

  38. China has not paid for anything, nor will they ever pay. We are paying for it. The only effect of this trade war is slow market and a world economy crash.

  39. It is like listening to kids…The news people and most of the democrats have no experience in reality, live obviously in denial or are plain STUPID!!!!???? Are you all not aware of the fact that MOscow Mitch, Trump and HIS ENTIRE so called Administration are criminal THieves, THugs, psychopathic Gangsters???? All these people need to be taken either into custody where are being locked up for the rest of their days or get the chair right away. They are not at the least interested in the country or its people!!!! All they are interested in is to line their own pockets and it seems people like Mosow Mitch think they live forever??? I don't think so as their gasket is already waiting for them….hopefully!!!!

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