The economy’s really tight at the moment. So what can you as a small
business do to increase sales? That’s the topic of today’s Tip Tuesday.Hi. I’m Ingrid Moyle from
Heart Harmony Communications, and today we’re going to look at three
ways that you can increase sales to your business when everybody’s got their
purses shut tighter than a drum. First thing people still need to buy. They still need to buy to run their
businesses and to look after their homes. The thing is that you need to help your
clients and potential clients know that you are safe and trustworthy. So the first thing that you need to do
is increase the perceived trust of you and your business. Now the way to do that, or one of the ways is to have a look at
your website and look at it through the eyes of a potential client. Is
your website looking trustworthy? Do you look like a legitimate
business? So things to look for. Have you got a modern design? Is all of the spelling that you’re
using in your website correct? Is your language not
overly salesy – you know, would you like steak knives with
this? Direct response tends to reduce, particularly in Australian markets during
tough economic times that people don’t respond quite as well to it. You
want to have a look at testimonials. You want to make sure that you’ve
included testimonials on your website from happy and satisfied clients.
Okay? That’s your number one. Increase the trustworthiness
on your website. Number two, you need to show your face
in tough economic times. People look for that relationship and
so they want to know who is the face behind the business. So put
your face on your marketing, increase the use of your photos on
your website, on your marketing, on your brochures. Make sure
that people know who you are, the face behind your
business. Number three, people need to know a bigger why, why they should spend with
you and not someone else. They want to make sure that they
are getting value for money. And so what you need to do with all of
your marketing is be really clear what value you add. You need to know
that you do make a difference, and you need to be able to articulate
what difference that is to your potential clients through the words that you use
in your marketing and how you interact with them. So three things:
Increase the trustworthiness. Show your face and make sure that
you can articulate your value. There you go. Three things you can do to help keep your
business humming during tough economic times. This is Ingrid Moyle from
Heart Harmony Communications. If you’d like our video,
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